Islay Whisky Loose

Islay Whisky Loose

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Islay Whisky Loose is a normal strength loose snus with a great taste of whiskey. The tobacco is stored in whiskey barrels and seasoned with whiskey from the Scottish island of Islay. Islay Whisky Snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco, which is also behind many other big sellers when it comes to Swedish snus. Most known is the extremely strong Siberia snus. But Oden snus is also manufactured by GN Tobacco.

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  • 10% 10-pack 46.30$ ( 4.63$ /piece)
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  • 16% 100-pack 432$ ( 4.32$ /piece)
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Temporarily out of stock

Islay Whiskey is a snus from GN Tobacco that is produced in Sweden's central hinterland with a manufacturing process with old Swedish snus traditions. The snus is produced from tasty tobacco from Nicaragua and South Africa, among other places.

Here, the snus is allowed to sweat slowly in a heating room instead of pasteurization, which is the usual preparation process of tobacco today.

By using this method in the manufacturing process, the quality of the snus is maximized, which gives a clearer and cleaner tobacco character. When the snus is then finished, it is flavored with single malt whiskey. 

Read more about the producer GN Tobacco here.

BrandIslay Whisky Snus
TasteTobacco with notes of whisky
More Information
ProducerGN Tobacco Sweden AB
Nicotine mg/g12 mg
Snus Weight/Can50 g