CUBA Black Cherry Slim

CUBA Black Cherry Slim

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Enjoy the harmonic flavor of sweet and sour, citrusy cherries with CUBA Black Cherry Slim. Let the 43 mg nicotine kick bedazzle your senses and surround you in joy.

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  • 10% 10-pack 44$ ( 4.40$ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 129$ ( 4.30$ /piece)
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Buy CUBA Black Cherry Slim - Sweet and Sour 

CUBA Black Cherry is the sweet and sour affair of flavors that screams deliciousness. From the very first moment that you place this pouch in your mouth, the flavor streams out like a river of goodness. It's very hard not to get swept up in it, especially with the strong nicotine kick.

Each can has around 20 pouches, with 43 mg of nicotine per pouch. While the taste of this nicotine pouch is stellar, we wouldn't recommend it for first-time or novice nicotine users. This snus product is included in our Don't Go There category, and we would recommend it only for veteran users. 

Since every CUBA nicotine pouch is made with plant-based fibre and white nicotine, you won't have to worry about stained teeth, spit, or coughing fits. Order your CUBA Black Cherry pouches online today at low prices to enjoy the fruity flavors on full blast.

How To Use CUBA Cherry Black Nicotine Pouches

Here's the right way to use CUBA Black Cherry Slim:

  • Buy CUBA Black Cherry Slim pouches online at low prices.
  • Use fast shipping to get your pouches quickly.
  • Open the lid and let the aroma entice your senses. 
  • Place the CUBA Cherry pouch under your upper lip. 
  • Take the nicotine pouch after 30 to 40 minutes.

Remember, this nicotine pouch belongs to the CUBA Black Line and delivers 66 mg of nicotine per gram, which is exceptionally strong for new users. 

Brief CUBA Black Forest Berries Slim Overview

Manufacturer Nicotobacco
Primary Flavor Cherry
Secondary Flavor None
Flavor Rating 9 out of 10
Nicotine Strength 42.9 mg of nicotine per pouch
Adequate For For long-time nicotine users
Format Slim
Does CUBA Black Forest Berries Produce Saliva? No, it is dry and does not produce saliva
Does CUBA Black Forest Berries Contain Tobacco? No, it offers a tobacco-free nicotine experience
Best For Fresh and fruity nicotine flavor lovers
Complimentary Snacks A cola or any citrus drink

StrengthDon't Go There
TypeAll White
More Information
Nicotine mg/g66 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch42.9 mg
Snus Weight/Can13 g
Weight/Portion0.65 g