Don't miss these 6 snus alternatives when buying snus on a budget
20 January, 2022

Don't miss these 6 snus alternatives when buying snus on a budget

The year 2022 is already here and thus also January, which is usually called the poorest month of the year.

Maybe you have spent far too much of your money on Christmas presents for family and friends, or shopped at the after Christmas sale, or maybe bought a little too expensive champagne to celebrate your New Year. This is a common occurrence, and something you might feel in the wallet at the end of the month.

Then it is an excellent location to shop snusonline and test one of the more affordable snus varieties. Whether you live in Seattle, California, or Berlin and are looking for Swedish snus, we deliver to you at Snusdaddy.com.

In this blog post, we will therefore focus on low-priced snus with white pouches and present a number of good alternatives that do not hurt too much in the wallet. Who knows, maybe you will get inspiration to try something new to order online now when the sale is in full swing on Snusdaddy.com.


1. Kronan White Portion

Kronan White Portion has always been one of the most affordable cheap snus, but since the manufacturer Swedish match increased the number of pouches from 22 to 24 and also made them slightly larger, Kronan snus has become something of a favorite for us at Snusdaddy.

Kronan White Portion has a dark tobacco character with hints of violet, citrus and green herbs. Its large and white pouch is dry on the surface, which promotes a low flow and long-lasting taste.


2. Sisu Extreme White Dry portion

This Danish-produced snus is named after the Finns' well-known character traits Sisu, which are said to include strength, stubbornness, and perseverance. Just as the name goes, this snus is very strong and through the manufacturer AG's snus' new unique manufacturing process, it gives a real kick directly when deposited, which also lasts for a longer time. The appearance of the box may not be the most important thing when choosing snus, but Sisu Extreme White Dry Portions blue and white colors are really nice and really adds a plus to this snus.

If you want a strong affordable snus with a taste of mint and menthol, Sisu Extreme White Dry portion is a very good alternative.


3. Kapten Extra Strong White Portion

Just like Sisu Extreme White Dry Portion, this is made by the Danes at AG snus.

Kapten is a relatively new product on the market, but the manufacturers AG snus have been making snus for five generations, so to believe anything other than that it is quality snus is to be mistaken.

Kapten Extra Strong White Portion in particular, is a traditional snus with a taste of bergamot and tobacco and with a modern touch that makes it an incredibly pleasant snus experience. It contains 50% more nicotine than regular Kapten White Portion and together with the above mentioned qualities, it makes this snus one of the more affordable products when shopping for snus online via Snusdaddy.com.


4. LD White Portion

LD's classic white portion is made in the small town of Vårgårda, which is located in Västergötland. The factory is beautifully situated right by the river in Vårgårda mill, whose history dates back to as far as the 15th century. Over the years, wheat, oatmeal, and rye flakes have been produced here, but nowadays snus has taken over the production.

LD White Portion white bags contain the classic flavors of tobacco and bergamot and if it is the classic Swedish snus taste you are looking for, this is an incredibly good alternative.

The first thought that comes to mind when baking an LD White Portion is "can this quality really be this cheap?" and the answer to that question is yes. The manufacturer Nordic snus never ceases to amaze us at Snusdaddy.com.


5. Kaliber White Portion

When the manufacturer Swedish match 2011 developed the idea with Kaliber, the plan was simple. They were to make an uncomplicated and simple portion snus with a tobacco-like taste. No more, no less. In our opinion, Swedish match has succeeded incredibly well when they made this Swedish snus with a taste of tobacco and small hints of citrus. This in itself is not surprising as Swedish Match is the market leader when it comes to snus production and has many of the market's best-selling brands.

Like the other varieties we have presented, this bag is white and dry, which means that the flow decreases while the taste is extended.


6. Smålands Brukssnus White Portion

The Swedish snus manufacturer Skruf is based in the Småland city of Sävsjö. Unsurprisingly, their idea was to launch Småland's Brukssnus in 2012 to create a traditional snus at a Småland price. By a Småland price is meant cheap and it is based on the old "truth" that people who grew up in the province of Småland are stingy, or at least very economical.

With a generous nicotine content of 14 mg/g, you really have to say that you get a lot for your money when you buy Swedish snus and choose Småland's Brukssnus White Portion.


What is the difference between original portion and white portion?

Loose snus was invented about 200 years ago and varieties like Ettan, Generalsnus and Röda Lacket are examples of varieties that were made then and which you can still enjoy today and order at Snusdaddy.

However, it took just over 150 years until the original portion was developed in the 70s. The reason why they started packing them in bags was that during the 60's a question had arisen from a retirement home in Gothenburg. The workers at the old people's home experienced difficulties for the older men to bake their loose snus and then wondered if it could be simplified in some way. They then came up with the smart way to package the loose snus in around 20-25 small bags to make them easy to place and prevent the loose snus from going around in the mouth. In 1973, therefore, Smokeless was launched, which was the first original portion. Smokeless then changed its name to Tre Ankare and is a snus that still exists today and which you can buy online at Snusdaddy.com

In 1998, in another 30 years or so, the Swedish snus manufacturer Swedish Match launched the white portion variant. These three variants are what you can call the basis of the Swedish snus range.

The biggest difference between the original portion and the white portion is that the original portion is moistened, which makes it darker in appearance. The post-moisturizing makes the snus runnier and the taste and nicotine are activated quickly. White portion is thus not pre-moistened and is dry on the surface, which means that the taste and nicotine are activated more slowly and it gives a longer, but smoother taste and nicotine experience.


How to order snus online?

Whether you live in Rio de Janeiro, New York or Sidney and are looking for Swedish snus, Snusdaddy.com delivers snus to you and the steps to order are very simple and easy.

Browse to Snusdaddy.com and look around among our incredible selection of over 300 types of different snus. We have everything from loose snus to white portions, original portions, nicotine pouches, chewing bags and mini portions. Snus is available from all well-known brands such as Knox, General, Göteborgs Rapé and Lundgrens, but you can also find snus from lesser-known brands.

If you have a hard time deciding, look around in the blog Snusdaddy journal where our writers suggest everything from classic snus varieties to new snus varieties, rankings, and guides all to help and inspire you in your process when choosing snus.

Once you have put your snus in the shopping cart, we recommend that you take a look under the candy tab. There is a small selection of well-known Swedish sweets that are excellent for eating while you snus. Right now, there are four varieties: Ahlgren's Bilar, Gott & Blandat, Djungelvrål and Turkisk Peber. But keep an eye out because soon we will add more varieties.

When you are satisfied with all your choices, you go to the online checkout. There you choose the payment solution and fill in your contact and delivery information. Now you are done, and your snus will be delivered shortly, maybe even faster than you have time to learn to say the word “Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung” which is the longest word in the German language and meaning "motor vehicle indemnity insurance".

Once you have received your snus and placed all the cans you are not going to use for the day in the fridge, just sit down and enjoy the snus at will.