Why Are Premier League Footballers Using Snus? WADA and PFA Alarmed
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
03 April, 2023
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Why Are Premier League Footballers Using Snus? WADA and PFA Alarmed

Snus use has been on the rise lately, because of its potential as a stimulant and substitute for cigarettes. More people are using snus now than ever before, and this statistic remains true for people from all walks of life, including professional football players from the Premier League.

The use of snus among pro football players is apparently quite prevalent. This fact was highly criticized by the FA (Footballer's Association) and global magazines. Today we're going to look at the impacts and roots of snus among footballers. You'll be surprised by most of the things that we'll discuss. 

Roots of Snus in the Premier League

Many players in the Premier League, League 1, Championship, use Swedish snus. Big shots like Karim Benzema, Manchester United Defender Victor Lindelof, Charlie Adams, Newcastle Defender Jamaal Lascelles, and Arsenal Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are some professional footballers who use snus.

The legendary Striker Jamie Vardy of Leicester City Club is another snus user. At Euro 2016, he was photographed with a can of Thunder Snus in his hand. Later in his autobiography titled “Jamie Vardy: My Story,” he admitted to using snus. He wrote about it in the following words:

“I used to have the odd fag on a night out at Fleetwood, but one of the lads introduced me to snus when I signed for Leicester, and I found they helped me chill out.” 

He further stated:

“A lot more footballers use them than people realize, and some lads even play with them during matches.” 

This piece of information was further backed by Stoke City Midfielder, Charlie Adam. In a BBC Radio 5 Live Podcast, Charlie Adams explained that smokeless tobacco use was quite prevalent in English Football. Charlie also stated that snus was introduced to the local players through Scandinavian players. 

Footballer in premier league using snus

Scandinavia, Snus, and Football

For reference, snus is a part of Swedish, and Finnish cultures. The influx of Scandinavian players could have led to the increased usage of Swedish snus and other smokeless tobacco products. According to Charlie Adams, it was a norm in EFL clubs, that no one had any problem with.

However, when mainstream magazines caught wind of the affair, things took a turn for the worst. Some magazines used sensational headings like “Banned Stimulant Use In Sports Is Alarming” etc. It gave the notion that snus was some high-end doping drug, that could turn an average bloke into the boy scout Captain America.

How Prevalent is Snus Use in the Premier League?

According to credible research, one in five professional footballers use snus. The study was conducted by Loughborough University and the PFA. According to the same research paper, 42% of male respondents had use snus at least once in the past. 

More than 50% of male respondents said that they had said some sort of nicotine dependence. Surprisingly, more than three quarters or 75% of female footballers used some form of nicotine. From this research, snus use in football is very prevalent. 

List of Footballers Who Use Snus

Here is a list of prominent football players who use snus:

  • Jamie Vardy
  • Victor Lindelof
  • Karim Benzema
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
  • Jamaal Lascelles
  • Dele Elli
  • Marcus Rashford

Which Snus Do Footballers Use?

Here are some popular snus brands that most football players use:

  • Siberia Snus
  • General Snus
  • Ettan Snus
  • Oden's Snus
  • Lundgrens Snus

Siberia is one of the most popular brands among footballers. For example, Marcus Rashford and Dele Elli have both been pictured with Siberia cans. 

Lee Johnsson using snus on the football field

Does Snus Effect a Footballers Performance?

Snus is a tobacco product, portioned into small tea-sized bags. You take a pouch and place it between your top lip and gums. The mucous membranes of your mouth absorb the nicotine from the pouch, and you experience the “nicotine buzz.” 

The absorption of nicotine releases dopamine and serotonin, which leads to a rush of adrenaline. The main effects of snus and other nicotine-based products include reduced stress, increased alertness, and a slight increase in motivation. It's like having coffee in the morning and waking up. 

Some papers and magazines were trying to paint snus as a doping agent because of these effects. However, what they failed to highlight was that caffeine and energy drinks like Red Bull can have the same effect on the human body. 

If anything, Jamie Vardy should have been more concerned about the 4 to 5 red bulls he chugged down before every game instead of the snus bags. Another fact that most papers glossed over was the reason and value of snuff use. 

Snus is a substitute for cigarettes and other heated products. And it doesn’t contain the 7000 toxins that an average cigarette contains. Most players who use snus are trying to avoid cigarettes. 

WADA Never Banned Snus

Snus is on the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) watch list, but it isn't banned. And the most amusing part is that Caffeine is also on WADA's monitoring list. With more research, we could see a ban on snus, but for now, athletes can use them legally. 

The negative sentiment related to snus use has prompted multiple clubs to discourage snus use. One example of this was Pep Guardiola and Manchester City. In an interview with the press, he stated that a doctor had talked to his squad about the negative effects of snus use. 

However, officially snus is not and have never been banned by WADA or the PFA. The information on different websites about snus ban in the Premier League has been clickbait. The PFA was concerned about footballers using snus increasingly. 

Snus has been banned from sale in the UK since 1992, but you can use snus if you source a product for yourself. You can buy snus and nicotine completely legally from Snusdaddy.

What Effects Does Snus Have On Athletic Activities?

Snus increases alertness and concentration. A study conducted by WADA in 2013 stated that snus and other Nicotine-based products could increase performance by 13% for long-term users. You can read more about this from our own in-depth guide on snus and exercise. Due to its effects, snus may be banned in the future.

Furthermore, snus isn't a completely safe alternative to cigarettes. Yes, it is healthier than cigarettes, but snus still has some risks. It's one reason why the PFA wants to educate football players of the dangers related to snus use. Another thing that you need to be aware of is the addictiveness of snus. 

Due to the high nicotine content, snus is very addictive. You should only use snus as a substitute for cigarettes, and sparingly. Excessive recreational snus use could lead to addiction. You could also try using tobacco-free nicopods, which are the safest alternative to cigarettes. 

Future of Snus and Nicotine Pouches in Football

WADA has one multiple occasions stated that they're monitoring the effects of snus. If snus provides an unfair advantage to users, the WADA will ban them. As of now, there has been a blanket ban on snus in different Premier League clubs.

Premier League players using snus is an open secret, and even the top five clubs are aware of it. However, the ever-growing usage of snus could spur a change. We could see a complete or partial ban of snus and nicotine pouches in the league. 

Do Footballers Use Snus Alternatives Like Nicotine Pouches?

Yes, some footballers use tobacco-free nicotine pouches. These pouches are quite effective and better compared to snus because they do not contain tobacco. These nicotine pouches are made with synthetic nicotine.

Nicopods come in varying strengths and flavors. The flavor variety and ample nicotine concentration help players hooked on snus. You don't need to worry about quality either because the nicopod industry has some big names like:

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