General Snus Review & The Best Flavors 2022
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
07 December, 2021

General Snus Review & The Best Flavors 2022

General Snus should have been a household name in the US and UK by now. Unfortunately, as good as it is, it is still widely underrated. And if there's anything that a nico-lover like us can't stand, then it is snus like General not getting the respect it's due.

So to set things straight, we have written this review for you. We'll look at everything that General is and what makes it so special. So without dawdling about, let's get straight to it.

History of General

General is one of the oldest players in the market. It was made by Swedish Match and is known for its strong nicotine content. Swedish Match launched General in 1866. Technically, General is one of the oldest players in the nicotine/snus industry.

This brand came about thanks to the enigmatic John A Boman. He toiled for four years to find the perfect snus flavors. Being the perfectionist that he was, our savior John realized that he needed around 22 different varieties of tobacco leaves to make the perfect snus.

John also realized that he would have to drip in a few drops of bergamot to perfect his blend. That was the official birth of General, the brand that we all love. Over the next few years, General grew into a giant in Sweden and spread worldwide.


General VS other manufacturers

Regular snus manufacturers are limited by their flavors and format. General is perhaps the first snus manufacturer to have no such limitations. Furthermore, when it comes to quality, nothing can beat General. All General products are made in state-of-the-art factories. They use the finest tobacco leaves mixed and flavored with notes of tea, hay, and leather.

General believes in progress, which is why they have different generations of products. They are constantly evolving and modernizing their products. For example, General now has G4 products. But no matter how modern the production methods are, their products retain the traditional taste of tobacco. General can compete with powerhouses like Kronan, Oden's, and Killa.

Even though it doesn't amount to much practical use, the visual representation of General is exquisite. Every can of General screams "Class" and "Elegance." 

It's like the Rolls-Royce of Snus. How could anyone not like this? For the sheer beauty of their cans, we rate General a solid 20 out of 10.

General snus strength

Another thing that separates General from their competition is the variety in strength. Typically, snus products are designed for hard-core or experienced users of nicotine. General is one of the few producers that caters to the needs of the broader consumer base. Their products are categorized into three main strengths:


  • Low/Weak: 
    Experienced users of snus products won't even feel the nico-kicks from these pouches. These are made for novice users. These products have a concentration of 4 mg/g.


  • Medium: 
    These are meant for moderately experienced users of tobacco products. They are classified as normal or regular strength products. The nicotine density of these products can vary between 7 mg/g to 10mg/g.


  • Strong: 
    If you are a novice user, you shouldn't be barging into this category. These products have a nicotine density of 11 mg/g to 13 mg/g. Underestimating this bag could give you a fair share of problems.


  • Extra Strong: 
    On our danger scale, we give this category 4 stars out of 2. All in all, novice and moderately experienced users should avoid these products like fire avoids water. These products have a nico concentration of 14 mg/g to 16 mg/g.

General format

General products are meant for everyone, everywhere. It is one of the reasons why their products come in all kinds of different formats. Their main portion formats are:


  • Original Portion: 
    These bags are based on traditional serving sizes of tobacco. These are perfect for you if you want to enjoy the classic taste and potency of snus products.


  • Mini Portion: 
    These are slim bags that fit discreetly under your lip. Their strength is usually lower compared to the other formats.


  • Large Portion: 
    These are by far the largest and most potent portion bags from General. They have double the strength, taste, and fun.


  • Loose: 
    This format is an attractive option for people who prefer the traditional snus experience. Loose snus comes in a moist or semi-moist mush that you must turn into a ball and place under your lip. It's like playing with dough.


  • Raw: 
    General offers raw tobacco options for true hard-core snus lovers. We wouldn't recommend this for everyone because everyone can't bear its taste or strength.

What's the price for a pack of general snus?

The price of a pack of General varies between $3.33 and $4.18. The price changes based on your preference. For example, some flavors and strengths cost more than others. Snusdaddy offers attractive discounts on large orders, so you can save a considerable amount. You should look through our General Products to find out more about prices.

How long does a bag of General last?

A bag of General may last anywhere between 27 minutes to 57 minutes. Some bags may work for even longer, like 2 hours. Some bags have a moist content, which leads to a quicker release of nicotine. Naturally, these bags end quicker. Some portion pouches have a slow nico release. You'll have to look at the portion material to understand how long a bag will work.

The best general snus flavors

General is recognized for its quality snus products and traditional values. General allows you to enjoy the delicious flavor of tobacco with a few modern spins. We've collected the best flavors for you, so you won't have to go through the trouble of searching for them. The best flavors of General are:


  • General White Portion
  • General Original Portion
  • General Mackmyra
  • General Portion Extra Strong
  • Genera Harvest White

Review of General White

This is an all-natural product for the die-hard fans of General. You could even call this a reiteration of General Classic because this product is made with all the classic ingredients. It has a spicy tobacco taste with notes of bergamot and hints of tea, leather, and hay.


General White is a full-sized portion snus product with a long-lasting flavor release, unlike any other product. The bags come in a lovely silver snus box that adds a bit of flair to your personality. All in all, it's a perfect product. 

Review of General Original Portion

Since we are discussing the best products, we must include this wonderful snus. The unmistakable tobacco flavor of this product is complemented by the notes of tea, hay, and leather. It has all the features of White, but higher nicotine levels and quicker flavor release.


General Original Portion has a nicotine concentration of 8.5 mg per gram. These products are better for solitary use because they run more. You don't want to be spitting and nodding off at a formal dinner table. Also, if you like this, then try out General Onyx too. It's another well-rounded product with delicious flavors. 

Review of General Mackmyra Original Portion

It was initially intended as a limited-edition product. After its success, General decided to continue it. The spicy tobacco aroma, mixed with dried fruit, cedar, whiskey, and subtle hints of tar and malt, has made General Mackmyra a heartthrob worldwide. It's like consuming snus with lemon and citrus flavor.

The design on each pack is lovely with its exclusive exterior and orange color scheme. The design is a tribute to the whiskey producer Mackmyra, who flavored this snus. These bags are pretty juicy, leading to a rapid release of flavor. The nicotine content of Mackmyra is 10.5 mg/g.

Review of General Portion Extra Strong

If you like snus products with a dash of mint, but extreme strength, then General Portion Extra Strong was made for you. The strength of this product is almost on par with the best of Siberia Snus. One bag of this will snap your senses like a twig in half.

The best part is that you can enjoy the nicotine rush with the signature taste of General. You'll notice notes of bergamot, green herbs, and licorice. Every bag of this product has 15.5 mg of nicotine per gram.

Review of General Harvest White Portion Limited Edition

This is another limited-edition snus from Swedish Match. The flavors are completely natural without any additives. General Harvest snus is made from the finest raw tobacco from Southern Brazil. It's like Swedish snus with a light tobacco character. This product has a unique earthy taste with tinges of cocoa, rose hips, horseradish, and nuts.


If you want a premium product that tastes just like heaven, you need to try out this snus. Among snus products, this is a unique offering that only a few lucky people get to enjoy.

Who should use General snus?

Anyone looking for premium snus products may use General. These snus products are ideal for people who want to move to smokeless products but hate alternatives like tobacco-free nicotine gum. The only people who shouldn't be using General products are children under 18, people with underlying conditions, and pregnant women. Also, please stay away from pouches that are too strong for you. Please reread our strength and portion review to find a product based on your needs.

Where can I buy general snus?

There are two ways to get your favorite General or Swedish snus. The first way is to drive to your local mall or mart and manually look for your favorite nico/snus products. You'll waste precious petrol and your time. The worst part is that you may not even find the products you're looking for.

Instead of going through all that trouble, why don't you order snus online from Snusdaddy? You can buy Swedish snus, US snus, General products, and all your other products from a verified seller. At Snusdaddy, we have the best products at incredible prices. We even offer discounts on large orders.

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Keep on snusing,