The history snus, 19th century and onwards, a short summary
04 August, 2021

The history snus, 19th century and onwards, a short summary

Swedes began putting snus under his lip around the beginning of the 19th century. Many farmers were then growing tobacco on their farms. They ground the tobacco using coffee grinders. In connection with this, the commercial production of snus also started where brands such as Röda Lacket, Generalsnus and Ettan (Ljunglöfs) were born. Virtually all Swedish snus factories had snus divided into different qualities, No: 1 No 2, etc. Ljunglöfs Ettan became a nationwide quality product and is still today one of Sweden's largest snus brands.


At the beginning of the 20th century, snus was very popular in Sweden, which had a population of about 6 million, and snus averaged about 1.2 kg per inhabitant. After the Second World War, there was a decline in snus popularity when the American trend, especially for cigarettes, broke through. Around the 60s and 70s, the popularity of snus increased again in connection with the publication of several reports in which the health risks of cigarette smoking were demonstrated. In the 70s, the modern variety of snus, the portion snus, was also born. The first flavored snus was launched in the 80's by Catch. At the end of the 20th century, the white version of the portion snus was launched. The advantage is that the white "prill" gives an even distribution of both taste and nicotine. Today, the white "prill" is the most popular variant of snus.


During the 2000s, the development has been enormous, many new snus manufacturers have appeared on the market. Swedish Match, which were enormously dominant, now faced competition from several other players. Skruf and Gotlandssnus were formed in the early 2000s. Recently we have seen manufactures like v2 Tobacco, Gajane, Ag snus and Kurbits just to name a few. The number of varieties and flavors is increasing tremendously. Snus nowadays is flavored in all sorts of manners, especially healthy flavors such as melon, mint, elderberry, but also other classic flavors such as whiskey, coffee, vanilla, and many more. The portion snus is made in different sizes so that each individual can find their perfect size for the selected taste they want.

The latest development is All White where the pouch does not contain any tobacco at all. The seasoning gets an even bigger space. The names of the brands are also more modern than Ettan and Röda Lacket. Here we now see names such as, Lyft, Zyn, Loop, Klint etc.

The snus has now become a product for everyone and the snus box itself has today become an accessory that is matched with the personal style.



Fun Fact

Around 1850-1930, about 1 million Swedes emigrated to America. Many of these Swedes used snus and brought this tradition to the other side of the Atlantic. The main street in many Swedish-American districts was called the snus boulevard by the Americans. Snus became an identity mark for the Swedes in America.