Kapten Snus
01 December, 2021

Kapten Snus

If you have not tried Kapten snus, you have something left on your bucket list of snus. Here you get a really rich pouch that comes in different exciting flavors. Kapten Mint is by far our most popular variety, but Kapten Vargtass is a very exciting taste that is inspired by the classic Swedish drink with a taste of vodka and lingonberry.
Kapten may not be the strongest snus on the market but a really good large portion. If you like a little bigger prills that stretch a little extra under the lip, Kapten Snus is your new favorite snus. The flavors are generally quite traditional where the tobacco taste appears regardless of which flavor you choose for your Kapten Snus.
Kapten Snus is made as white portion of snus and in this post I will dive a little into the Kapten Snus Flavors.

  • Kapten Strong Mint
    This is a high quality Mint Snus. The taste of Mint is well balanced and the taste of tobacco is always there in the background. If you are looking for a flavored snus such as where the flavoring does not become too noticeable, Kapten Mint is the choice for you. The well filled, soft pouch makes Kapten a favorite snus for many Swedes. If you are a traditional snus user who only uses the classical General Snus Flavors, Kapten Mint can be the perfect entry point for flavored snus.
    Here you get incredibly high quality for the money as Snusdaddy is currently selling Kapten Snus from an incredible 2.07USD per can.
    The strength of Kapten Strong Mint is in the higher scale with a nicotine content of 15mg/g snus.
    The captain himself says that a traditional snus has been flavored to get a modern twist.
    If you have not tried Kapten Snus, it is a must for you as a snus enthusiast. Snusdaddy sends snus and nicotine pouches to the whole world and Switzerland is a country where we see that the use of Kapten Snus is increasing sharply.
    If you like Kapten Strong Mint but want to supplement with something from the same manufacturer but with more flavor of mint, Sisu Extreme White Dry Portion is for you. There you get one of the strongest snus from AG Snus with its high 20mg nicotine per gram of snus.


  • Kapten Extra Strong White Melon
    The character of this Melon flavored snus differs from most on the market. The taste is well-balanced and is also something for the really avid snus user. The melon taste is pleasant from this Kapten Snus. The tobacco taste remains and the melon elevates the flavors to a fantastic snus symphony.
    As I mentioned earlier, this may be something for you who normally stick to the more traditional General Snus flavors. You will still feel a clear taste of tobacco but with a twist that AG Snus says themselves.
    It is not Jacobsson's Melon and really no Siberia Snus but a good enough snus that should be included in most snusers best snus mixpack.
    The snus portion is of the larger kind as well and gives a wonderful feeling. The strength is strong and has a nicotine content of 20mg/g.
    Snusdaddy probably has the market's lowest price on Kapten Snus, so pick up a couple cans when you order next time. You will not be disappointed with this quality snus.
    If you are more into nicopods, we have a wide range with everything from Nordic Spirit Mint to Lyft Freeze Mint.
    If you like stronger stuff, you will find the entire range from Gajane with Siberia Snus at the forefront. Forget Kapten Snus Locator and also General Snus Locator for that matter. Snusdaddy has lots of steaming fresh snus in stock.


  • Kapten Extra Strong White Vargtass
    I mentioned it in the introduction but here you have a Vodka snus. Sure, it has been flavored with a little Swedish lingonberry, but Kapten Vargtass is a snus for the cold Nordic winter. With flavors of Vodka and Lingonberry, this snus can amaze most Siberia snus users. Maybe not the strongest Snus on the market in terms of nicotine but you will get a real kick out of 20mg/g snus.


  • Kapten Extra Strong White Salmiak
    If you are a licorice lover, there are lots of different licorice snus. The captain has succeeded very well with his licorice snus as the taste does not take over at all but it is very reminiscent of a Traditional White Portion with a twist which in this case is salmiak.
    Here, too, you get really full portion bags. If you are a double snus user who prefers to take two snus bags at the same time, Kapten Snus may be the solution for you. The White Portion Snus bags are slightly larger and fuller than traditional white portion bags. This suits the avid snus user well who wants the feeling of a real tingle under the lip.
    This is also not included in the category The Strongest Snus, but like other products from Kapten Snus in this post, the nicotine content is 20mg/g.


  • Kapten Extra Strong White Portion
    Have you tried the General Snus Flavors in search of the Best Snus Flavor. Are you not completely satisfied but simply want a traditional Snus at a damn good price.
    Kapten Snus offers a white portion with a clear tobacco taste. If you like traditional snus, I think you have found a new friend in the form of this Kapten.
    You get a full strong snus at a very good price. Quality snus at low price feels like the optimal combo. Kapten Extra Strong White Portion is in stock for delivery to your door within a few days. The nicotine content is also here at 20mg/g, probably not the strongest snus but one of the best snus flavors if you are looking for traditional snus,

    See ya