A walkthrough of Killa and their success
20 January, 2022

A walkthrough of Killa and their success

A modern way to obtain nicotine. Killa nicotine pouches is a 100% nicotine-free snus that is an excellent complement to cigarettes and a good alternative for you who are trying to quit smoking. Killapods are very popular in Europe and it is the high nicotine strength combined with exciting flavor combinations that makes Killapods unique. The pods have a nicotine strength of 16 mg/g, which applies to all products in the range. It is about twice as strong as traditional Swedish snus.


Why Killa nicotine pouches?

  1. High nicotine level. Killapods gives you a good dose of nicotine, which is something many experienced snus users appreciate. The strength is twice as high as a traditional tobacco pouch.
  2. Killapods flavors! The seasonings are one of the absolute biggest benefits. There is a wide range with everything from Blueberry to tobacco flavors. The flavors are really fresh and get the highest rating from many of our customers.
  3. Depth! Many other competitors offer one or more products at the same level of strength. Nicotine pouches from Killa all have the same strength but come in lots of flavors. It provides a depth few others can exhibit when it comes to the strong nicopods category.

In addition to all flavors having the same nicotine level, they all also have the same slim format to the pouches. This makes the level of comfort high when using Killa pods. The nicopod is comfortably under the lip and both taste and nicotine are absorbed as soon as you place a pouch under the lip. A box contains 20 pouches, and speaking of the boxes, they are a class of their own. Really nice design that will arouse interest from people around.


Killapods flavors

Here is a compilation of all the cool nicotine pouch flavors. Take a look to find out which end you should start with.

Killa 13 - Perhaps the most modern you can find when it comes to nicopods. Here you get flavors of energy drink. The flavors are very reminiscent of "Red Bull" energy drink and this in combination with a hefty dose of nicotine makes Killa 13 a favorite. Imagine a real Redbull Vodka together with a nicopod with the same taste. When the nicotine hits, you will be the shining star of the dance floor.

Killa Cold Mint - We find the best seller just like most other brands in a nicopod with a taste of fresh mint and menthol. The mint flavors of Killa Cold Mint are cooling and intense. The cooling taste together with a high nicotine content of 16 mg/g takes Cold Mint to the top list of Snusdaddy's bestselling nicopods.

Killa Spearmint - Another of our bestselling Killapods. Here, too, you get a refreshing taste of sweet mint and icy menthol. For those of you who love classic mint flavors of the highest quality, this nicopod is a given choice. A milder mint experience compared to Killa Cold Mint.

Killa Apple - As the name suggests, this is a fruity nicopod with a taste of sweet apple. This is a taste you will not find anywhere else. The flavors are sweet but at the same time give a fresh feeling. Along with a high nicotine level, Killa Apple is a must have when it comes to nicotine pouches.

Killa Watermelon - There are a plethora of melon nicotine pouches but there are few who can match this Killapod. A taste experience that is difficult to compare with anything else. When you put a pouch under the lip, the thoughts will take you to a wonderful summer day, the flavors of watermelon together with hints of mint create a fantastic taste experience. Maybe the best of all fruit pouches if you ask me.

Killa Blueberry - Another unique snus taste. This exciting flavoring with blueberries and notes of mint fits really well under the lip. The flavors are mild and together with a high nicotine content, it does well when you want to unwind in the evening. Why not have a cup of tea with this Killa pod when you round up the day on the couch.

Killa Pineapple - If you like fruity nicopods, this is perhaps the fruitiest of them all. The flavors are tropical, and it is both sweet and sour at the same time. A seasoning that may raise some doubts but when you try this Pineapple Killapod you will be pleasantly surprised. Why not replace the dessert with a Killa Pineapple?

Killa X-Cold Mint - This is also a nicopod that stands out from the crowd. Nicotine pouches are 100% tobacco free products, but Killa X-cold mint still has a clear taste of tobacco spiced with hints of mint. We think it's fantastic, a tobacco-free product that gives you the feeling of a tobacco pouch made of Swedish snus.

Killa Cola - A cold Coke on a hot summer day. It's strange enough the feeling you get when you put a Killa Cola under your lip. The flavors are powerful, and you will probably find yourself trying to feel how much carbon dioxide there is in it. Killapods are innovative and modern, which is also reflected in this nicopod.


History of Killa nicotine pouches

Killapods are known for their colorful boxes with cool motifs, playful seasoning, and extremely high nicotine strength. But did you know the background to the rise of nicotine pouches was due to the desire to develop an alternative to smoking? Smoking harms not only your own health but also your surroundings and the environment. This was something NGP Tobacco took hold of and decided to do something about it. They simply wanted to find a healthier alternative to cigarettes. That way, Killapods started its successful journey and also manufactures the bestseller Pablo nicotine pouches. Today, NGP Tobacco has focused on not only reducing the use of cigarettes but also offering a product that contains nicotine but is completely free of tobacco. Nicotine pouches are the perfect product as you can get nicotine without exposing your body to tobacco, tar, or carbon monoxide.

Killapods is the non-smoking alternative for you who want to take a first step towards a healthier lifestyle.


The special formula of Killapods

Are you a novice when it comes to tobacco-free snus or an advocate of classic Swedish snus, I think broadening your horizons with a taste journey through the Killapods flavors will not hurt one bit. But what is it then that makes Killa nicotine pouches so special? And what is the secret behind their enormous success in the otherwise so conservative snus market. Here are some facts that may give you some of the answers.

  • Creativity and touch when it comes to seasoning. NGP Tobacco, which is behind this success story, has dared to think outside the box when it comes to flavoring its snus. The flavors have an unimaginable presence and combined with the natural seasoning, they are hard to resist. Sharp, smooth, intense, or mild, regardless of seasoning, they have found a perfect balance completely without the feeling of artificial taste. The secret behind this is that NGP Tobacco only uses the best when it comes to ingredients and quality is what permeates the entire production chain.


  • Pure Nicotine! Carefully selected tobacco leaves of the best kind are used when extracting the nicotine, which will then fill Killapods with life. It is distilled and atomized to be able to release the nicotine quickly and efficiently when you put a Killapod under the lip. This leads to an even supply of nicotine throughout the period of use, which can be up to an hour. However, the nicotine buzz is greatest during the first 10-15 minutes of use.


  • Comfort! For those of you who are new to the world of nicotine pouches, you may not understand what comfort has to do with it. But the feeling and the overall comfort when you place the pouch under the lip is an incredibly important element for the overall experience. This is something NGP Tobacco has taken hold of and they use an extra soft portion fabric that gives a silky-smooth experience. This means that you avoid chafing and instead leave 100% of the experience for enjoyment. The moisture level in Killapods is carefully balanced to 60% to give maximum flavor, last a long time and not be too dry so they stick under the lip.


Benefits of ordering Killapods online

You can find them in stores around the world, Killa nicotine pouches has really established itself as a player to be reckoned with. The alternative to shopping in a physical store is to buy Killa pods online and have them delivered to your door. With Express Shipping via UPS, you usually have delivery in 1-2 working days. Then you might be wondering why you should order nicotine pouches online when you can buy them at the local tobacco shop. There are three simple reasons for this.


  1. Best prices when you shop nicotine pouches online

Imagine the local tobacco trade and multiply its size by 1000. Then you might understand the size of Snusdaddy's quantities when it comes to buying and selling nicopods. Large purchasing volumes provide the opportunity for low pricing. If you want the best price on the market, then you should shop Lillapods online from us at Snusdaddy. With us, you also get a volume discount if you order 30 or 50 cans.

  1. Order mixpack or nicopods

If you want to expand your views outside Killa nicotine pouches, you will find a huge selection in our web shop. We provide over 300 varieties of both nicopods, Swedish snus and loose snus. We have everything from classic General snus flavors to bestsellers such as Lyft Freeze and Lyft Ice Cool. If I were to buy snus online for the first time, I would definitely put together a mixpack to explore the fantastic world of Swedish snus and nicotine pouches.

  1. Super fresh nicotine pouches

As I mentioned above, we handle large volumes, which means that we can keep prices down. But large volumes also mean that we can sell our stock often, which means that we always have fresh goods on the shelves. A fresh nicotine pouch gives a more comfortable feeling under the lip, it tastes better and releases nicotine at a smoother pace. We also store our products according to instructions, which means that we optimize the conditions to maintain both taste, degree of moisture and strength.

I hope you enjoyed the reading and hopefully learnt something new about Killa nicotine pouches. Just in case, we’ll do a small recap. One can of Killapods contains 20 pouches with a nicotine content of 16 mg/g. The content is 100% tobacco free, and you will find 9 exciting flavors of Killa. It is entirely up to you how long you enjoy a pouch, but we recommend 15-30 minutes for maximum effect of the nicotine and optimized taste experience. Killapods were initially developed as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes. This is to save both the smoker and its surroundings from all the negative effects that cigarettes have.


Until next time,