LOOP från Another Snus Factory!
16 November, 2021

LOOP från Another Snus Factory!

LOOP is a relatively new brand in the snus market. The launch took place in 2019 with the ambition of being a little different.
For example, they were the first on the market with an environmentally friendly, recyclable can.
Another example is the design of the cans. The LOOP logo comes in a variety of looks. If you order 10 LOOP Mint Mania Extra Strong, all boxes can have different motifs in the logo.
Another thing that makes LOOP stand out is their unique seasoning. Why not try their LOOP JALAPEÑO LIME EXTRA STRONG with flavors of green chili and lime.
LOOP has become a real success when it comes to nicotine pouches. With their innovative products and modern seasoning, it has become a big seller in both the UK and Iceland.
LOOP is a perfect complement to traditional snus such as General White or Ettan.
It is nicopods of the highest quality that will be a major player in the market in the future.
Another Snus Factory, or ASF as they are called, is a hand-picked team with long experience from the Snus market. That is probably one of the reasons for this success story.
LOOP has also become a must have product in the e-sports world.
They simply turn to the millenniums, which will be the next major target group in snus and nicotine pouches.
Snusdaddy sends LOOP worldwide. We regularly ship LOOP HABANERO MINT EXTRA STRONG to UAE and Dubai.
For the party district in London, LOOP MANGO TANGO STRONG is a must.
If you have questions about LOOP or our other products, we are happy to help.