Buy LYFT & VELO Ice Cool In Qatar
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
08 January, 2022

Buy LYFT & VELO Ice Cool In Qatar

LYFT Nicotine Pouches have become extremely popular recently around the world. LYFT Ice Cool is perhaps the most in-demand LYFT Nicotine Pouch in Qatar. And realistically speaking, why wouldn't it be in demand? It has the freshness of a thousand mints jam-packed into each can. You pop a bag of Ice Cool, and the sweltering heat of Qatar will run away.

What are LYFT Ice Cool nicotine pouches? 

LYFT is a tobacco-free nicotine stimulant like ZYN, Velo, and Zafari. LYFT pouches consist of fibers from eucalyptus and pine. They also contain an added nicotine extract derived from the best tobacco plants. 

It has recently become quite popular worldwide. A product of this brand named LYFT Ice Cool ماسو has also become very popular in Qatar. Most people use these pouches to experience strong nico-kicks without relying on tobacco.

LYFT is a great brand, which is why it has a wide range of flavors and strengths. The most popular flavors are:

  • LYFT Ice Cool Mint Strong
  • LYFT Freeze X-Strong

LYFT Ice Cool Mint Strong in Qatar

LYFT Ice Cool Mint Strong is a completely tobacco-free Swedish snus that contains nicotine and copious amounts of excellent flavor. The prominent mint flavor and sweetness are derived entirely from plant-based ingredients.

This Ice Cold pack has 14 mg/g of nicotine in each bag. This should be the go-to product for people who want an effective and cutting-edge mint snus experience. The flavor and strength of this product are so enticing that half of Qatar wants to get their hands on a pouch.

Please note that LYFT is now VELO, so below you will find the new version.

Buy LYFT Ice Cool Mint Strong in Qatar

LYFT Freeze X-Strong in Qatar

As the name suggests, this isn't a nicopod for the faint-hearted. LYFT Freeze X-Strong has an intense signature LYFT mint flavor coupled with ice menthol. Realistically, Freeze is just like Ice Cool, but more intense. The nicotine content is exceptionally high at 16 mg/g. The nicotine strength may not measure up to White Fox Bluemint, but the cooling experience makes it feel more potent than it actually is.

This is the strongest nicotine product from LYFT to date. Its strength and flavor have made it a top-rated nicotine product around Qatar. Its fresh taste dances on your taste buds like waves of energy and rejuvenation. It's like experiencing the first snow of winter in the coldest corner of the world.

Please note that LYFT is now VELO, so below you will find the new version.

VELO/LYFT Freeze X-Strong

Why should you choose LYFT قطر or LYFT Doha?

LYFT nicotine pouches have been proven to contain fewer harmful substances than cigarettes. Nicotine pouches satisfy your craving for nicotine without exposing you to the health risks of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. That's why many users have chosen to use LYFT and other snussz in their NRT. Nevertheless, here are some reasons why we choose LYFT: 

  • You can enjoy a strong nico-kick without tobacco.
  • The nicotine kick from LYFT comes faster than traditional Swedish snus.
  • A wide range of flavors.
  • You can get your nico-kicks from the versatile slim format pouches.
  • It comes in chalk white bags that don't stain your teeth.

LYFT becomes VELO! How will I find LYFT?

In 2022, all LYFT products will change their name to VELO. If you're searching for LYFT Freeze Qatar or Ice Cool Qatar, you'll soon have to search for VELO Ice Cool Qatar instead. The name change may seem weird, especially to Swedes, but overall, nothing else will change. The quality of the products will remain the same, and so will the range of flavors.

From 2022, LYFT will change its name to VELO nicotine pouches in all markets. For people living in Qatar, this means that all international shopping platforms in Qatar will rebrand LYFT products as VELO products in 2022.

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Where can you buy LYFT Ice Cool pouches in Qatar?

You can buy your nico products from a convenient online supplier like Snusdaddy. Or you could wander in the intense heat of Qatar from grocer to mall searching for your favorite nicopods.

When you buy LYFT nicotine pouches from Snusdaddy, you get special offers, fast shipping, and seller insurance all in one purchase! You also get the opportunity to enjoy snus and nicotine pouches from credible snus brands.

We stock all our products straight from the company, so they are fresher than the morning dew. We also believe in transparency and quick delivery. All of our products are delivered through UPS and Postnord. You can monitor your parcel from when it leaves our warehouse in Sweden until it arrives in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. 

Do we ship LYFT Ice Cool in Doha?

We will ship your LYFT Ice Cool to Qatar, Doha, and all the other Gulf countries. With Snusdaddy, you can enjoy LYFT Ice Cool in Qatar and Doha at amazing prices. You can also try out a plethora of other LYFT flavors, like:

  • LYFT Ice Cool
  • LYFT Royal Purple
  • LYFT Easy Mint

You can also enjoy other strong snus with exotic flavors that range from melon and mint to wintergreen and desert mint. If you need any information about the flavors or recommendations, then please join our nico-fam through the Snusdaddy journal. You are welcome to contact us if you are placing an order from Doha, Al Rayyan, Umm Şalāl Muḩammad, or any other place in Qatar. 

How long does it take to deliver LYFT in Qatar?

Usually, it takes 3-5 days from order to delivery, but it could take less time to deliver to Qatar or the surrounding areas (!يستغرق 3-4 أيام من الطلب إلى التسليم في قطر). We dispatch all orders within the first 24 hours because we know the wait for your nicotine products can get grueling.

We want our nico-fam to receive their products as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the delivery of the products in your locality, please reach out. We would be glad to be of help.

Order LYFT Ice Cool Qatar at the Best Prices

In addition to our fast delivery policy, we also offer all of our products at the best prices on the market. We ensure you get your LYFT Ice Cool قطر pouches at the most affordable price on the market.

You can buy a 50-pack LYFT Ice Cool package for $4.12 per can. Can it get any better than that? Occasionally, we offer spectacular discounts on our products, so you could get a can for as low as €3.71 if you buy in bulk. So you get more for the price of less.

Do you have LYFT Freeze in stock?

This is the second most common question we receive from our Arabic snus-fam. It would be weird not to keep a stock with a product like Freeze. You can order as many cans of Freeze from Snusdaddy as you like.

A tiny prompt will inform you if a product is unavailable. If the product is unavailable in the worst-case scenario, then don't worry; we replenish our stocks quickly. Keep an eye on the product page, and order your cans as soon the stock is replenished.

See you soon