Nick & Johnny Snus
13 December, 2021

Nick & Johnny Snus

Nick & Johnny is a tasty quality snus from Swedish Match. If you do not recognize the name, it may be because the product was previously named Captain Yankee but has since a few years changed its name to Nick & Johnny.

Nick & Johnny is the snus that challenges the traditional perceptions of snus. Five different flavors where some are close to tobacco in the flavors while others have taken a whole different road. What they have in common is a consistently high nicotine content.

For those of you who like slightly wetter pouches, there are three flavors with traditional portions. Nick & Johnny Americana, Red Hot and Crushed Ice. I will go through these flavors further down in the post.

For those of you who prefer mint snus in White Portion format, Nick & Johnny is also available in Chrushed Ice White Portions. If you are interested in White Portions with clear flavors of spearmint, Nick & Johnny Green Ice is your given choice. Nick & Johnny Green Ice is the only flavor that comes in slim format. Nick & Johnny is a Swedish snus of the highest quality. It was launched as early as 2006 and the idea was to target the Norwegian snus market. With flavors like cinnamon and chili, it makes Nick & Johnny stand out, as Swedish Match does not produce any other snus with these flavors. Buy your Swedish snus online with us at Snusdaddy and you can pick up a mixpack of your best snus flavors.


Nick & Johnny Americana Portion Extra Strong

Nick & Johnny Americana has a dark and spicy tobacco taste with clear notes of cherries and almonds. You will also find hints of violet, wintergreen, and raspberry in this very tasty snus. The portion bags are in large format and the surface is moist to release both taste and nicotine quickly. This is a strong snus with a nicotine content of 16.5 mg/g. A Swedish snus that has become a big seller in the American snus market. A different snus that is of high quality and has a taste combination that evokes a little Christmas feeling. You can easily buy Nick & Johnny Americana from us at Snusdaddy. We always have fresh snus ready when you are buying snus online.


Nick & Johnny Red Hot Portion Extra Strong

Nick & Johnny Red Hot Portion Extra Strong is a strong snus with a spicy tobacco taste. The tobacco mixture is flavored with clear hints of cinnamon and cloves along with hints of bitter orange and chili. A Swedish snus that could just as easily have been called Christmas snus. The scent is reminiscent of a wonderful Christmas Eve from childhood. The sweet spicy flavors from cinnamon combined with carnation and bitter citrus from the orange give off both fantastic taste and aroma. A large portion with a moist surface that emits both taste and nicotine in an effective way. The nicotine content in this Swedish snus is 16.5 mg/g. If you are looking for something more traditional, you will of course find General snus flavors with us when you order snus online. If you want a tobacco-free alternative, brands like VELO have nicotine pouches, all the LYFT flavors and of course the best ZYN flavor as well.


Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice Portion Extra Strong

Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice Portion Extra Strong is a strong snus with clear flavors of mint and wintergreen. A modern Swedish snus that is a bestseller to all mint snus lovers around the world. The USA is the market that clearly buys the most Nick & Johnny, but it is a snus that more people open their eyes to, which is completely understandable. A quality snus from Swedish Match with healthy balanced flavors. The boxes have a modern and youthful design.

The nicotine content of this snus is high at 16.5 mg/g.

If you are curious to try other mint snus, we have lots of options. For example, White Fox Bluemint or SISU Strong snus. Order snus online and you will get fresh snus directly to your home.


Nick & Johnny Chrushed Ice White Extra Strong

A soft and balanced tobacco taste with hints of mint and wintergreen. A strong mint snus in full-size portion bags that gives a full feeling under the lip. A slightly White Portion that has a drier surface and flows less than, for example, Nick & Johnny Chrushed Ice Portion Extra Strong. The nicotine content in this snus is high with its 12mg/g.

A fresh mint snus with a pleasant strength and low salivation thanks to the White Portion technology. If you want a mint snus with a higher nicotine content, we have, among other things, extremely strong snus Siberia.


Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim

Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim has a character of light tobacco that has a strong flavoring of spearmint and peppermint. A Swedish snus with a mild and sweet mint taste. The tobacco pouches come in slim format, which means that the pouch is narrower than a traditional snus. Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim is the only snus from Nick & Johnny that is made in slim format. The surface of this tobacco pouch is dry but with a moist tobacco mixture to reduce the salivation and prolong the taste experience. The nicotine content is 11mg/g.


It was all from Nick & Johnny. Hope you enjoyed reading. Are you curious to dig deeper into the world of snus? Well, then we have more exciting reading in the Snusdaddy journal. Why not learn a little more about nicopods in the post about Snusdaddy's favorite nicotine pouches? You will also find a post about ordering snus from the US.


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