Nicopods UK
02 January, 2022

Nicopods UK

In this post I will go through a bit about the nicopods market looks in the UK. I will talk about nicopods in general and delve a bit deeper in sometimes including VELO flavors and ZYN flavors. Nicopods UK is a relatively new phenomenon that has gained a firm foothold as a smokeless alternative. Nicotine pouches are discreet and can be used anywhere. For example, you can put in a VELO Freeze before you have a meeting with the boss. In this way, you avoid nicotine withdrawal and can sit and discuss calmly without thinking about when you have the opportunity to take a break for a smoke. Nicopods are excellent to use while eating or drinking. Why go out and smoke a cigarette when you can sit at the bar and put in a nicopod from Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches. In the UK, VELO nicopods and Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are by far the most popular. The ZYN flavors are by far the most popular when it comes to nicopods in the US, but in the UK, it is VELO and Nordic Spirit that are holding the strongest position. If you want to get closer to Swedish snus, you can always order Siberia chewing bags. These are very similar to traditional Siberia snus but with the difference that they should be chewed on instead. Siberia chewing bags are just as strong as the extremely strong Siberia snus.

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If you order nicopods online from Snusdaddy, you have delivery to the UK in 1-3 weekdays via UPS. If you want faster delivery, you can choose UPS express, then you have your nicopods to the UK the very next day.

Buy VOLT nicotine pouches at Snusdaddy and get the best price on VOLT nicopods. Nicopods London or nicopods Manchester, Snusdaddy delivers within a few days at the best prices on the market. If you want to test the Americans' favorite, you can order ZYN online to find the best ZYN flavor. We always have Nordic Spirit Mint in stock, so if you want super fresh nicopods, they are with us. Right now, we are sending some free nicopods samples with every order, so make sure that you order snus online as soon as possible.


VELO Freeze / LYFT Freeze

VELO Freeze is marketed as LYFT Freeze with us as it is LYFT nicotine pouches that is the brand that applies in Sweden. However, this will change when LYFT becomes VELO during 2022. Then you will find LYFT under the name VELO nicotine pouches with us as well. LYFT Freeze is a frosty experience with both an intense seasoning and a hefty dose of nicotine. Tobacco free Swedish snus when it is at its best.

LYFT Freeze is our absolute bestseller when it comes to nicopods UK. If you’re looking for the best price on VELO online, then Snusdaddy is the given choice. Check out our bulk discounts when you buy nicopods online to get an even better price.


Siberia Chewing Bags

Another bestseller whose content is more similar to traditional Swedish snus is Siberia chewing bags. Here you get the same high nicotine content and intense flavors as Siberia snus. The only difference is that the portion bags are slightly coarser to withstand being chewed on. Siberia Chewing bags have become incredibly popular in the UK as the high nicotine content can be compared to really strong snus. Best price on Siberia snus or rather Siberia chewingbags can be found with us at Snusdaddy. Siberia chew is made from GN tobacco and has an extremely high nicotine content.


Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint

Nordic Spirit nicopods has become a real success when it comes to Nicopods UK. These nicotine pouches may not be a big seller in Sweden but in the UK, they have taken the market by storm. The mild mint taste together with a hefty dose of nicotine makes these nicopods comfortable to have under the lip and something that works both at work and when you are at the local pub with your friends. You can find the best price on Nordic Spirit at Snusdaddy, and you get a box of Nordic Spirit nicopods for 3.6gbp. Swedish snus at its best. Order snus online to get the market's best prices and free shipping within Europe via Snusdaddy.eu.


VOLT Nicotine Pouches

An exclamation point when it comes to nicopods UK. This news from Swedish Match is starting to establish itself on the streets of London. With cool modern flavors such as VOLT Dark Frost and VOLT Deep Freeze, VOLT makes an excellent complement to LYFT Freeze or other mint nicopods. The cans come in a cool design and the content is of high quality. Snusdaddy has the best prices on VOLT nicotine pouches and if you order nicopods online you will always get fresh products together with lightning-fast delivery.


If you have any questions regarding an order of nicopods to the UK, you are always welcome to contact us. We can guide you around the LYFT flavors or help with a special nicopod mixpack that contains your best nicopod flavors.

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