Favourite Nicotine Pouches Brands
07 December, 2021

Favourite Nicotine Pouches Brands

Are you new to Nicotine pouches and wondering at which end to start? In this post I will guide you through the world of nicopods.

At Snusdaddy, you buy your nicopods online at the lowest prices on the market. We offer free shipping within the EU and fantastic low shipping costs to the rest of the world as well.

Here you will find nicotine pouches from many different suppliers and you will find nicopods with a taste of mint from, among others, LYFT and ZYN. If you want to challenge yourself and try something exciting, there is LOOP Habanero mint or LOOP Jalapeno Lime. Before we go into the nicotine pouches broadly, I thought I would specify Snusdaddy's favorites within each brand.


When it comes to LYFT nicotine pouches, there are lots of exciting flavors to choose from. You can also weigh in the nicotine level that is in everything between 6mg/g to high 16mg/g. Depending on how used you are to using nicopods, the nicotine level may play a role in your choice. Personally, I like strong nicotine pouches, not the strongest nicopods but the strength should clearly be above average.

Enough about LYFT in general, let's choose Snusdaddy's best nicotine pouches from LYFT.

LYFT Freeze X-Strong. In my opinion, it is a complete nicopod that is also high on my list of the best nicopod regardless of brand.

The cold from the menthol together with the intense flavors of peppermint gives you a powerful experience of both taste, cold and nicotine. But with a nicotine level of 15.6mg/g, you might want to sit down when you grab a LYFT Freeze. Buy LYFT Freeze online from us at Snusdaddy.com or Snusdaddy.eu. LYFT Freeze is perfect both when you are sitting in the office on a Tuesday in October or at a party in Marbella in June. LYFT Freeze is simply a complete nicopod if you ask Snusdaddy.


Here comes the next dragon in the nicopods industry. ZYN is a brand manufactured by Swedish Match and has its absolute main market in the USA. ZYN USA sold approximately 46,000,000 cans during the third quarter of 2021. ZYN USA is huge, but ZYN nicotine pouches have not really had the same impact on the European market. If there are many LYFT flavors, there may be even more ZYN flavors.

I will also here turn to mint snus or rather mint nicotine pouches when I choose my winner in the best ZYN flavor. A fresh and healthy experience of nicopod hardly flows anything and lies comfortably and discreetly under the lip.

ZYN Cool Mint Extra Strong is what Snusdaddy chooses if he can only use one ZYN flavor for the rest of his life.

Reminiscent of LYFT Freeze with the cooling menthol and a slightly more edgy taste of peppermint. The strength of LYFT Cool Mint is above average but still stays at 11mg nicotine per gram of pouch.


Nordic Spirit is perhaps the brand most strongly associated with nicopods UK. In the UK, Nordic Spirit is immensely popular in the rapidly growing market for nicopods. I think the background to the strong growth of nicopods UK is because it is simple and discreet. In the past, cigarettes have been used to a greater extent, but as it becomes more and more taboo to smoke together with the fact that it is complicated, more people choose the much simpler task of putting a nicopod under the lip. To smoke a cigarette, you most likely must put on your jacket when going out for a cigarette, especially during the gray periods in the UK. You can easily place a nicopod under your lip, whether you are sitting at the bar or on the plane.

As for Snusdaddy's best Nordic Spirit flavor, it's Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint.

This is a softer taste experience compared to the above products from LYFT and ZYN. There are elements of menthol in this nicotine pouch as well, but it is not as prominent as, for example, LYFT Freeze. In Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint, it is instead a sweet peppermint that plays the main role. Soft and smooth taste of mint is what best describes the flavors of this Nordic Spirit flavor. The nicotine level is 14.5 mg/g, which makes this edition from Nordic Spirit an extra strong nicotine pouch. Buy Nordic Spirit online at Snusdaddy.com or Snusdaddy.eu.


ZoneX nicotine pouches is a brand produced by Skruf snus. Skruf snus is a well-established snus brand that has several bestsellers on its CV. As the name suggests, it is with snus that they have reaped the most success. Skruf snus is, for example, behind the smash hit Knox snus, which is the best-selling snus in Sweden. Knox Blue is perhaps the edition that is most often seen on Swedes' desks.

But we will deal with nicotine pouches and Skruf snus ZoneX flavors. ZoneX is perhaps not the most well-known brand when it comes to nicopods, but a really good alternative that can definitely compete with both ZYN and LYFT.

Snusdaddy always has a box of ZoneX close at hand and it is usually ZoneX Cold Blast Extra Strong that is used. ZoneX Cold Blast Extra Strong is thus the taste that Snusdaddy considers to be the best ZoneX flavor.

Here you get a box of strong nicopods with a taste of menthol and peppermint. A flavor combination that gives both the cooling effect of menthol and sweetness the mint. The strong mint adds an extra dimension to this extra strong nicopod and this makes ZoneX Cold Blast Extra Strong Snusdaddy's favorite flavor when it comes to ZoneX nicotine pouches.

The nicotine level is at 15mg/g nicopod.


Volt nicotine pouches are the latest addition to Swedish Match's venture when it comes to nicopods. VOLT is a more modern alternative compared to Swedish Match's bestseller ZYN nicotine pouches, which are more traditional in both design and seasoning. Volt nicotine pouches come in several exciting flavors, but the taste that Snusdaddy is in love with, is VOLT Java Shake Extra Strong. Just as the name suggests, this is a nicopod with a taste of coffee. But it is other flavor nuances that make the difference and why Snusdaddy rates VOLT Java Shake Extra Strong as the best nicotine pouch when it comes to coffee taste. The taste of them roasted the coffee beans together with a smooth cocoa and a pinch of salt.

This is also strong nicopods with a nicotine content of 11mg/g pouch.


Swave nicotine pouches are made from Gotlandssnus. Tobacco-free nicopods that are delivered in a slim format. The flavors in Swave nicotine pouches have a similar theme with strong flavoring and tropical hints of fruit.

Snusdaddy enjoys the latest addition to the Swave family in the form of Swave Red Surfer. A limited edition with flavors of citrus, vanilla and hints of sour red berries.

The seasoning is strong and the Swave flavors are generally characterized by being very strong. Both taste and aroma surpass it most in intensity when it comes to nicopods. But Swave red surfer is a great nicopod that is a little moister than most nicotine pouches you can find on the market. This gives a comfortable feeling under the lip with the compromise that it flows slightly more than, for example, LYFT nicopods.

The nicotine content is 11mg/g.


White fox nicotine pouches are the ones to beat on the market when it comes to strength. For those of you who like strong nicotine pouches, White Fox is for you. At present, White Fox is the strongest nicotine pouches you can find on Snusdaddy. White Fox Black, for example, has a nicotine content of 34mg/g.

It's even a little too strong for Snusdaddy who stays away from both the strongest snus like Siberia snus and the strongest nicopods like Black Fox.

White Fox Blue, on the other hand, is something that is appreciated and a crispy mint pouch, and with a nicotine content of 16mg/g it is more fitting to Snusdaddy's taste.

Order White fox online at Snusdaddy.com or Snusdaddy.eu. If you live outside the EU, you can always order snusonline at Snusdaddy.com.


VID nicotine pouches from Kurbits snus is a hidden gem on the market. VID nicopods is relatively new and the flavors are intense with hints of soda which makes this nicotine pouch an experience to remember. A tickling feeling together with a strong seasoning is what stands out with VID nicotine pouches.

Snusdaddy has tested all VID flavors and it is VID Watermelon that appeals to him the most. The taste of Watermelon is clear and if you ignore the nicotine content of 12mg/g, you can almost think that this is a candy pouch. Sweet and fruity taste whose aroma fills the room. Maybe no nicopod you use daily but an exciting complement to the slightly more traditional nicopods.


KLINT nicotine pouches is another newcomer on the market. With their stylish cans and qualitative content, they have established themselves at a furious pace. KLINT flavors are pure, and they are tasty pouches without any gibberish. KLINT gives you a premium feeling in both taste and appearance.

KLINT Freeze Mint is KLINT 's strongest nicotine pouches and just as the name suggests, it is about a cool taste of menthol and mint. KLINT Freeze Mint is a strong nicopod with its 11.2 mg nicotine per gram pouch.

For the ones wanting a discreet and stylish can in your new handbag, KLINT nicopods is something for you. Buy your nicopods online at Snusdaddy.eu or Snusdaddy.com.


In Japanese, "Shiro" means "white". The name therefore becomes appropriate for this all-white product from AG Snus. Here you get a tobacco-free alternative to snus. Shiro nicotine pouches were launched as early as 2009 and have since launched several exciting flavor combinations. Are you looking for nicopods flavors that are reminiscent of famous drinks like Piña Colada, Mojito or Cuba Libre? Then Shiro may be for you. Or why not combine the best of both worlds. Shiro nicotine pouches along with some proper drinks.

If Snusdaddy must choose from Shiro flavors, it will be Shiro Sweet Mint that the choice falls on. The mild and sweet mint taste does not take up too much space and can be kept in the mouth whether you eat or drink. The strength is moderate with its 6mg/g.


Another snus factory is a company that likes to think outside the box when it comes to nicotine pouches. LOOP nicopods stand out both in terms of taste combinations and the appearance of the cans. The LOOP flavors is a section in itself, but with flavors like Habanero Mint and Jalapeno Lime, you can safely say that you are a pioneer in the world of nicopods. LOOP may not make the strongest nicopods, but the design of the boxes is clearly a class of its own. The nicotine pouches from LOOP are delivered in a rough box where the text on the boxes looks different for almost every box.

Snusdaddy always has several LOOP flavors close at hand and almost has trouble choosing a favorite.

But since we've talked a lot about mint nicopods earlier in the episode, it may be time for something else. LOOP Jalapeno Lime is a lovely nicopod. The fresh taste of lime together with the heat of green chili gives a combination that is difficult to resist. The green and white box also stands out and will catch long glances from your table neighbors at the restaurant.

If you are going to test a new brand of nicotine pouches, it is LOOP that Snusdaddy recommends. Buy nicotine pouches online from all main brands at Snusdaddy.com or Snusdaddy.eu.


A brand-new brand that was launched on the Swedish market in the beginning of 2021 and offers nicotine pouches with a slightly lower nicotine content to be available as nicotine pouches Finland and nicopods Canada. Available in exciting flavors such as Sauna Tar and Desert Mint.

Snusdaddy focused on Zafari Sunset Mango Strong which contains nicotine pouches with a taste of fresh mango. A healthy experience and it’s not at all as sweet as you might think when you see the can. Zafari Sunset Mango is your perfect partner on a tropical summer day. At Snusdaddy you can buy your nicopods online. Zafari Sunset Mango Strong has a nicotine content of 6mg/g.


We learned that White Fox nicopods were nicotine pouches with a high nicotine content. Killa nicotine pouches are in the same class. Killa Cold Mint is their bestseller that has its market in Europe and perhaps especially when it comes to nicopods UK.

As for Killa nicotine pouches, Snusdaddy does not have much experience. He has only tested Killa Cold Mint and this extremely strong nicopod was more than Snusdaddy could handle. The Killa nicopods have a distinct flavor and Killa Cold Mint has a prominent menthol flavor along with traditional mint.

The nicotine content for Killa cold mint is 16mg/g.


Talk to you again soon!