Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches Review (Updated 2022)
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
29 November, 2021

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches Review (Updated 2022)

We updated this review: 20/07/2022


Nordic Spirit is just what you need if you're a nico-fan looking for a good nico-brand. These pouches come from the land of snus products, Sweden. Over the last few years, this brand has gained a considerable foothold in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom.

Some questions we have been getting about this brand are:

  • What makes it so attractive?
  • What separates them from the rest of the producers on the market
  • And most importantly, why should you use these nicopods?

These are some of the questions we will address in the following review of the United Kingdom's favourite nicotine pouch.


Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches VS Other brands

The problem with the nicopod industry is the lack of diversity. Most of the nico brands use mint-based and spearmint flavours. These nicopods are really good, but sometimes, we crave something different. You can't just keep on consuming the same old flavour forever!


Naturally, people find a vape, e-liquids, and other nicotine products more attractive. But these products are pernicious to your health. For example, vaping can harm your lungs. This is where our Nordic favourite comes into play.


Nordic Spirit is a Swedish brand known for its progressive and innovative flavours. They have a wide variety of flavours that range from exotic fruits to the good old classics.


The sheer diversity and quality of their nicopods can trump even Velo, ZYN, and Zafari. So you can use these nicopods indefinitely without starving your taste buds.


Nordic Spirit Format and Nicotine Strength

Now you're probably thinking that all these flavours must come at a cost. Maybe these nicopods aren't as strong as the other products on the market? Or maybe their quality is terrible?


We thought the same thing until we tried one. It as strong as (If not stronger) most Velo and ZYN products.


The strength of these pouches are great

Most manufacturers make their products for a specific type of user. For example, Killa Pods are meant for experienced users of nicotine. If you're a beginner, you can't use them. However, Nordic Spirit nicopods are perfect for both beginners and experienced users of nicotine pouches:


  • Regular: 
    These bags have a nicotine concentration of 9mg per gram. These products are ideal for slightly experienced users.

  • Strong: 
    These bags have a high nicotine concentration of 14mg per gram. Beginners shouldn't really be messing around with these bags.


Technically, any concentration above 4 mg per gram is considered strong. If you have been smoking for a while, then you won't have any problems with the nicotine hit of the "Regular" Nordic nicopods.

They have two pouch formats you'll love

These pouches have two basic formats or portions:

  • Standard: 
    These are the normal full-sized portions that deliver a burst of flavour in a short amount of time. Most nicopods come in this format. These bags are ideal for smokers who want an excellent nicotine replacement therapy product.

  • Mini: 
    These are smaller and more discreet options. Like most slim formats, they fit snuggly when placed under the lip. These give you a mild nicotine experience.


Each pack contains around 15 to 20 pouches. All of these are made with the same basic materials. These pouches are made using a gum base and plant-based materials. You won't have to worry about your gums or the discoloration of your teeth. But please do not chew on these bags. You don't want the white nicotine powder in your throat.

The best Nordic Spirit Flavours

There are numerous different Spirit flavours. We recommend our nico-fam to try all of them, but if you can't try them all, then at least try the ones that we are recommending.

We've handpicked the best flavours just for you:


1. Nordic Spirit Watermelon Review

You don't get to see watermelon-flavoured nicopods every day. This exotic flavour will have you swirling through the forests of Brazil and the mountains of India. These nicopods have a density of 9mg/g. Just about anyone can use them without any problems.


 If you really want to boost your nico-experience, tune into some Bob Marley or Burna Boy songs. You'll feel as if you're on a tropical beach on a hot summer day. 

Nordic spirit Watermelon review


2. Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Review

There are nicopods, and then there are NICOPODs. This is the latter. Pop one of these and experience the refreshing flavours of exquisite sweet berries, with obvious undertones of bergamot. It's like watching Frank Sinatra on stage with the Wolverine.


Unfortunately, this nicopod has a content density of 14 mg/gram. If you're a novice nicopod user, you should avoid this product.

Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Review


3. Nordic Spirit Elderflower Review

The aroma of this pouch will remind you of blooming lilies. The taste of this pouch will remind you of the bittersweet joys of spring. When you pop a bag of this, you'll take a trip down memory lane with rose-tinted glasses on the ever-moving chariot of nostalgia.


The density of this bag is 14mg/g. If you want to take things up a notch, enjoy this nicopod with a cold margarita.

Nordic Spirit Elderflower Review


4. Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense Review

If you want a fresh blast of spearmint enshrined in the heavenly cocoon of white powder, this is your nicopod. Enjoy the winds of winter, and watch the fragile snowflakes dance to the tunes of a ruthless gust.


These nicopods have a concentration of 9mg/g, but it feels way higher. The taste is a bit like Sisu Strong or Killa Cold. You might even be reminded of White Fox Nicotine pouches.

Review of nordic spirit intense flavour


5. Nordic Spirit Mocha Review

This Mocha flavoured bag should be your prime choice from one coffee lover to another if you want to experience the taste of coffee mixed with nicotine. This is the perfect option for you if you're experiencing a slow working day. It will slap you awake like a warhorn on the battlefield.


In addition to the flavours from freshly brewed coffee, it also has notes of Vanilla, Caramel, and Fudge. The content density of this bag is 9mg/g.

Review of nordic spirit mocha flavour


6. Nordic Spirit Elderflower Mini Review

These pouches are miniature versions of the full-sized Elderflower bags. These pouches have all the fruity sweetness of Elderflower and a dash of lime. They fit also fit discreetly under your lip. You can pop it in without anyone noticing.


You'll feel like a modern-day ninja. These nicopods have a content density of 9mg/g. It's enough to help you zone in or tune out with its signature tingling sensation.

Review of nordic spirit elderflower mini


7. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Review

Now, we've discussed all of the unconventional flavours. But if you want something more classic, then we have Smooth Mint. This pouch combines all the goodness of traditional snus with the modern minty smoothness of Menthol, and Peppermint.


It is one of the most demanded and sold pouches in the UK. And why wouldn't people want this pleasant nicopod?'

Nordic spirit smooth mint review

8. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Mini Review

We've covered you if you want a more discreet version of Nordic Spirit Mint. These pouches come in discreet boxes that fit well in small handbags or the inside pocket of your jacket.


The only drawback of the small size is the nicotine content. These bags have a content density of 9mg/g. The mint-based taste of these bags maintains the same potency as full-sized pouches.

Review of nordic spirit smooth mint mini

Here is the full summary of our rankings of the best flavours from Nordic Spirit:

  1. Watermelon
  2. Berry Citrus
  3. Elderflower
  4. Spearmint Intense
  5. Mocha
  6. Elderflower Mini
  7. Smooth Mint Strong
  8. Smooth Mint Mini


Are there side effects of using Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches?

These bags are tobacco-free and are made with safe, natural ingredients.


As such, they have no hidden side effects. However, nicotine is addictive, and people under 18 should stay away from it. Also, Mocha flavoured bags are caffeine oriented. If you have caffeine sensitivity or allergies, please avoid those pouches.


Where can you buy Nordic Spirit Pouches?

You can buy all of your Nordic Spirit bags from Snusdaddy from the comfort of your home. We have nicopods for all of your cravings at the most affordable prices. We also offer excellent discounts on bulk orders.


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So browse through our catalog, start your journey with us, and eliminate your tobacco addictions.


We look forward to packing your order. 


Erik at Snusdaddy