Oden's Snus
13 December, 2021

Oden's Snus

Today we will dive deep into strong snus pouches from Oden’s snus. Oden’s snus is available in lots of flavors, but I will select a number that we will go through in a little more detail. This Swedish snus has become a big seller in the global market. Oden’s snus is manufactured by GN Tobacco, which is also behind the extremely strong snus Siberia snus. Oden’s snus is strong snus even if it does not quite match the strongest snus in the form of Siberia -80. What characterizes snus from Oden's is the high nicotine content together with a strong flavoring.

If you like strong snus and want a large selection of flavors, Oden’s is the obvious choice.


  • Oden’s Cold Dry Extreme

Strong and aromatic tobacco mixture with clear and cooling aromas of real mint oils. Extremely strong nicotine experience in dry portions and with lower moisture content in the snus. Also runs smaller than regular White Portions - and lasts even longer.

Normal-sized portion format for a familiar snus feeling behind the lip. This Swedish snus will become a favorite if you like strong snus with a clear mint taste. The nicotine content is as high as 22mg/g, and it will absolutely blow your mind.


  • Oden's Cold Extreme Portion

Strong and aromatic tobacco blend with clear and cooling aromas of real mint oils. A mixture with classic, strong Swedish snus aroma - peppery, spicy and with hints of bergamot. When you put in a pouch of Oden’s Cold Extreme Portion, you will wake up, you will be taken on a journey in terms of powerful flavors of mint snus while you receive a proper dose of nicotine. The nicotine content is at 22mg/g. If you are looking for a large selection of fresh Swedish snus, you should buy snus online with us at Snusdaddy.


  • Oden’s Lime Extra Strong Portion

Fresh flavors of fresh lime without removing the classic tobacco taste that is always present in the background. A fresh snus with a very high nicotine content of as much as 18mg/g. Far from classic snus both when it comes to taste and strength. A Swedish snus that deviates from the norms in several ways. If you use the strongest snus in the form of Siberia -80 for everyday use, Oden Lime Extra Strong Portion can be a good alternative if you want a little variation from your mint snus.

You get a normal-sized portion format for a familiar snus feeling under the lip.

If you want to know more about the extremely strong Siberia snus, you will find an article about it on Snusdaddy Journal. There we also go through the general snus flavors and much more in the category Swedish snus.


  • Oden’s Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion

Oden’s Pure Wintergreen Extreme Portion has a base of tasty tobacco spiced with clear aromas of wintergreen and hints of bergamot. Here you get a mix of classic Swedish snus with extreme strength in the form of a nicotine content of 22mg/g. The taste of wintergreen is something you will find among many bestsellers when it comes to snus. This is something that GN Tobacco has embraced when developing this beast in the form of a really strong snus. Regardless of which snus you test from Oden’s, two things are common to all snus flavors, a lot of taste and a high nicotine content. If you are interested in more snus flavors that are heavily flavored, you should check out Nick & Johnny snus and Jakobsson's snus.


  • Oden’s Melon Extreme Portion

Oden’s melon Extreme Portion is snus with a taste of tobacco, aromatic cantaloupe, honeydew melon and notes of bergamot. This snus from GN Tobacco has a very high nicotine content of 22mg/g. A Swedish snus that has become very popular thanks to the strong snus with its strong flavors. The snus from Oden's is consistently strongly flavored and all varieties are categorized as strong snus or extra strong snus. If you are looking for something more traditional snus, we recommend that you read about the General snus flavors in Snusdaddy journal. If you want something tobacco-free, you will also find a guide to LYFT flavors or the best ZYN flavors.


  • Oden’s Cola Extreme Portion

Oden’s Cola Extreme Portion is a Swedish snus that has a taste of tobacco, sweet caramel, and notes of bergamot. An Oden’s Cola Extreme Portion is the perfect accessory for afternoon coffee. The sweet caramel does very well with the tobacco flavors and the high nicotine content of 22mg/g makes you wake up even during the darkest winter days. An exciting flavor composition for this Swedish snus from GN Tobacco. If you are going to buy Swedish snus, you will find both the best selection and the lowest prices with us at Snusdaddy. We offer a large selection with everything from the strongest snus Siberia snus to nicotine pouches from Nordic Spirit and ZYN nicotine pouches.


  • Oden’s Vanilla Extreme White Dry Portion

Oden's Vanilla Extreme White Dry Portion has a tobacco flavor with vanilla flavors. A Swedish snus from GN Tobacco but an extremely high nicotine content of 22mg/g. A strong snus with dry portion bags with a slightly drier content than regular White Portions. This provides a snus that flows minimally and can be enjoyed even longer. Intensity in this snus from Oden's is extremely high as both taste and nicotine content are very strong.

If you like clear flavors and are looking for a real nicotine kick, Oden's snus is for you. If you want more snus inspiration, you can take a look at Snusdaddy journal, where we go through the Nordic Spirit flavors and a guide for what to think about when you buy snus online.


  • Oden’s Licorice Extreme Dry White Portion

Oden's Licorice Extreme Dry White Portion is a snus from GN tobacco where the classic tobacco taste is accompanied by a wonderful shade of licorice. This licorice snus has a balanced taste together with a really high nicotine content of as much as 22 mg/g. The portion bags are dry which also have a lower moisture content in the tobacco mixture for a snus experience that runs extremely little and makes the snus last even longer. Normal-sized tobacco pouch for a familiar snuff feeling under the lip.

Oden's snus produces highly flavored snus with a high nicotine content. GN Tobacco, which produces Oden's snus, also produces the strongest snus, Siberia snus. If you have questions about ordering snus to USA, you can read more about this in the Snusdaddy journal.


  • Oden’s Double Mint Extreme White Dry Portion

Oden's Double Mint Extreme White Dry portion is a strong snus with prominent flavors of peppermint. This is a snus that will be felt under the lip. The clear taste of peppermint together with a nicotine content of a high 22mg/g makes Oden's Double Mint snus an incredibly intense experience. One of the most intense mint snus that you can find with us when you buy snus online. Like the other snus flavors in Oden's Extreme White Dry series, the portion bags and tobacco mixture in Double Mint are also extra dry. This gives a dry portion that flows very little and can be enjoyed for a long time.

Oden’s Double Mint, together with Oden's Cold Dry Extreme, is the best-selling snus from Oden's snus.


That's all for now. We have gone through the flavors of the strong snus from Oden's. Feel free to read about Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches or General snus flavors in one of the other posts in Snusdaddy journal.


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