Democrats Drop Vaping Tax From Senate Plan as They Negotiate Bill Details
13 December, 2021

Democrats Drop Vaping Tax From Senate Plan as They Negotiate Bill Details

Democrats in the Senate have withdrawn the proposal for tax increases in the tobacco area in the US, which risked hitting Swedish Match's growth product ZYN, reports the Wall Street Journal, which cites sources with insight.

The proposal for tax increases on e-cigarettes, vaping liquids, and nicotine bags, such as ZYN, was part of the funding of the Democrats' budget package "Build Back Better" of 2,000 billion dollars. Democrat Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, also a member of the finance committee, is said to have pushed hard to get rid of the proposal for tax increases, according to the WSJ.

The idea with the Democrats' original proposal was that the tax on tobacco-free nicotine products would be in line with the tax that is currently levied on ordinary tobacco products.

Republicans have also been negative about the tax increases, arguing that the burden would fall on lower-income households.

If this information is correct, it is very positive news for all users of nicotine pouches.

Some states have their own taxes, but so far, a can of ZYN has been significantly cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Had this tax become reality, ZYN would have been significantly more expensive than cigarettes in virtually all states.

In California, the price of a ZYN box would increase from today's $6.50 to the areas of a jaw dropping $11.

So far, it has been a much cheaper alternative to cigarettes that have made many smokers start using ZYN, but if it had become more expensive than cigarettes, it would have been more difficult.

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