Best Siberia Snus 2024: The Best Flavors & Strength Ranked in Order
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
02 January, 2022
7 min

Best Siberia Snus 2024: The Best Flavors & Strength Ranked in Order

Siberia is a brand known for its high nicotine content and amazing flavor quality. Each flavor is unique and loaded with enough nicotine to provide an intense experience. We've listed the best Siberia snus products in this ranked guide to help you choose more easily.

The list also includes guides on usage and how to ensure safety while using them. Siberia is an unusually strong brand, with an average nicotine content that exceeds 20 mg per pouch. Using them without caution could cause problems like nicotine overdose.

Quick List of Best Siberia Snus

Siberia Product Nicotine Content Format
Siberia -80 White Dry Portion 43 mg per gram White Dry
Siberia -80 Black Portion 43 mg per gram Standard
Siberia -80 Brown Portion 43 mg per gram Standard, Raw
Siberia -80 White Dry Mini 19.5 mg per pouch Mini
Siberia -80 White Dry Ultra Slim 43 mg per gram Ultra Slim

For a more detailed overview and buying options, scroll down for our full list.

What is Siberia Snus?

Siberia Snus is a strong snus brand that guarantees great taste and high nicotine concentrations. Each one of their products provides a powerful nicotine kick. The Swedish manufacturer GN Tobacco owns the brand and vouches for its quality.

Siberia is more of a modern spin on classic Swedish snus, with brand-new flavors and a tobacco twist. The average nicotine content in Siberia portions is 5 times more than most nicotine pouches and 3 times more than other snus brands. It's the perfect pouch for hardcore snus fans.

What Makes Siberia Snus Special?

Siberia is unique because of its unusually strong pouches, which are perfect for experienced snus users. The Siberia brand is known as one of the world's strongest snus brands, alongside Pablo and FEDRS.

Most snus portions are designed for new and slightly experienced users because that demographic is easier to attract. Siberia appeals to the hardcore snus fans who aren't affected by the standard nicotine strength of everyday brands like General.

Who Should Use Siberia Snus?

Only people who have been using snus for a long time should use Siberia snus. Over time, people build up a tolerance to nicotine, which means they can't experience that nicotine buzz again. With Siberia, you won't have to worry about this because the buzz is guaranteed.

These pouches are perfect for experienced users of nicotine, who want a strong buzz and nothing else. However, these pouches contain copious amounts of nicotine, which could cause problems like nicotine poisoning for novices.

Best Siberia Snus: Use With Care

We checked every Siberia pouch and ranked them according to their flavor and experience. Here's the complete list of all the popular Siberia snus portions:

1. Siberia -80 White Dry Portion

Siberia -80 White Dry is an extremely strong snus packed into discrete portions. It's one of the strongest snus portions and rightfully should be feared. The pouch contains about 43 mg of nicotine per gram, which is more than enough to send you into a woozy fit. 

The pouch is filled with the rich flavor of tobacco and mint, which makes the nicotine experience even better. The bags are dry and white, which means they provide a long-lasting nicotine and flavor release, while giving you an extra strong kick. 

2. Siberia -80 Black Portion

Siberia -80 Black Portion has an ominous matte black can that represents its unreal nicotine concentration. The pouch has roughly 43 mg of nicotine per pouch, which makes it a bit too strong for everyday users. The flavor revolves around tobacco and hints of herbs.

The strong flavor is packed into full-bodied pouches that feel great. With a Siberia -80 Degrees pouch, a standard nicotine kick transforms into a tornado of feelings. These pouches aren't for the light-hearted or new users, so please consider using them with care.  

3. Siberia -80 Brown Portion

Siberia -80 Brown Portion is an amalgamation of pure tobacco and spearmint. This pouch guarantees an extremely strong nicotine and snus experience that would leave a novice gasping for breath. The pouch contains moist, brown, pasteurized tobacco, that is mixed with herbs and spices.

The tobacco flavor is substantiated by mint flavors, which amplify the overall nicotine level. It's a great pouch for hardcore snus lovers who want nothing more than flavor and a whirl in their head. 

4.  Siberia -80 Black Mini Dry

Siberia -80 Black Mini Dry is a small portion but packs a big punch. The pouch contains a super strong dose of 19.5 mg nicotine, which is more than what standard snus and nicotine pouch brands contain. The pouch has the same flavor and composition as the standard Siberia Black portions.

The Mini Dry format makes these pouches much easier to use. You can place them under your lip and no one will even notice them. 

5. Siberia -80 White Dry Ultra Slim

Siberia -80 Ultra Slim White Dry is a great snus portion that guarantees extreme discreetness. The pouch contains 43 mg of nicotine in ultra slim format pouches that are barely noticeable under your lip. 

The White Dry format makes these portions great for everyday users, who do not like an unnecessary mess. We highly recommend these pouches to everyone who wants to enjoy the brilliance of a Siberia Extremely Strong White Dry portion in all its glory. 

Choosing the Right Siberia Snus Portions

Siberia is not a snus for beginners, so please consider the strength of the pouches before using one. Experienced users who have never used Siberia portions before should stick to the mini dry formats.

Apart from this, you should consider the experience. The tobacco portions (brown and black) offer an overwhelming experience. However, these portions are also very messy and often leave drip.

You should stick to Siberian white portions if you dislike drip. For the most discreet experience, you should consider the ultraslim or mini dry portions. These are much easier to hide and barely make a dent under your lip.

How to Store Siberia Snus Portions?

You should store Siberia snus portions in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture loss. This applies more to brown portions, which contain more moisture. Exposing these portions to heat could rob them of moisture and make them stale.

Apart from this, you should use your portions within a month of opening the can. These pouches will lose quality over time and they start decaying the moment you open the can. Read our detailed guide on how to store snus for more information.

How to Use Siberia Snus Portions?

Here's a quick 7-step guide to help you use Siberia snus portions:

  1. Buy Siberia Snus online at Snusdaddy.
  2. Receive your pouches and check the quality.
  3. Remove the seal and take out a portion.
  4. Place the portion under your upper lip.
  5. Enjoy the overwhelming nicotine kick.
  6. Remove the portions after 30 to 40 minutes. 
  7. Throw the pouch in a trash bin.

For the best experience, rinse your mouth after you're done using a pouch. It will flush your buds and remove residues of any lingering tobacco. 

Where Can You Buy Siberia Snus Online?

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Frequently Asked Questions About Siberia Snus

Is Siberia Snus stronger than regular snus?

Yes, Siberia Snus is significantly stronger than regular snus. With an average nicotine content exceeding 20 mg per pouch and some varieties containing up to 43 mg per gram, Siberia Snus is considered one of the strongest snus brands available. This high nicotine concentration makes it suitable only for experienced users who have built up a tolerance to nicotine. Regular snus typically contains much lower nicotine levels, usually ranging from 8-16 mg per pouch.

How long does a Siberia Snus portion last?

A Siberia Snus portion typically lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. However, due to its high nicotine content, some users may find it too strong to keep in for extended periods. It's important to listen to your body and remove the portion if you experience any discomfort or unwanted effects.

Can beginners use Siberia Snus?

Siberia Snus is not recommended for beginners. Its extremely high nicotine content can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous for those not accustomed to strong nicotine products. Beginners should start with milder snus or nicotine pouches and gradually work their way up if desired.

What flavors are available in Siberia Snus?

Siberia Snus primarily comes in mint and tobacco flavors. The most popular varieties include the -80°C White Dry (mint), -80°C Brown (tobacco), and -80°C Black (tobacco with herbal notes). The exact flavor profile may vary slightly between different products in the Siberia line.