Buying Snus Online Guide
10 December, 2021

Buying Snus Online Guide

In this post, I will go through everything you need to know about Swedishsnus. We will go through different types of snus, their sizes, strength and of course how to easily buy snus online. I will also go through what different snus brands there are out there and of course, Snusdaddys favorite snus flavors. It will be about traditional General snus flavors, but we will also dive into the pit of strongest snus in the form of Siberia snus. I will help you with tips and recommendations when you order Swedishsnus online. If you are a first timer ordering snus online, you can feel safe ordering from Snusdaddy.com. We will guide you through it

To begin with, there has been an incredible development in the snus market in the last 10-15 years. The snus has gone from having only the traditional taste of tobacco that has been spiced sparingly to the fact that you can get your snus with exactly the taste or strength you want. Today there are hundreds of different snus flavors and you can choose between anything from normal strength snus to strong snus. Today there is everything in between and a little more.

 We always have fresh Swedish snus that is delivered safely and securely with UPS to your door.


  • Loose snus

Loose snus has been around for over 200 years and it does not differ much from what it looked like then compared to now. Loose snus is made in three different variants where the manufacturing process differs slightly. You can either grind the snus coarsely, medium or fine. It's not harder than that. Then it is up to the user to shape their loose snus into the desired shape and size. Loose snus usually has the traditional taste of tobacco and is perhaps not something you should buy as the first can if you are new to snus. If you are curious about loose snus, you can order snus online at Snusdaddy.com

What are Snusdaddy’s favorite brands when it comes to Lössnus?

  1. Ettan Lös (premium)

A classic loose snus which is also one of the oldest brands when it comes to Swedish snus. Ettan has a robust and full-bodied taste of tobacco that also has a slight smoky taste. Ettan is Swedishsnus tradition quite simply. A premium snus that is priced accordingly.

  1. Knox Dark Loose (medium price)

A more modern loose snus that is slightly wetter than the traditional brands. The taste is also more intense and has a slightly smoky aftertaste. Knox Dark has the traditional Knox snus flavors, and this is a really good loose snus that is a little lower in price compared to Ettan. You can order snus online at Snusdaddy.com.

  1. Kronan Lös (low price)

An affordable snus with a clear tobacco taste. Even if the price is lower, Kronan aims to deliver a lot of quality for the money. Kronan is also a classic brand when it comes to Swedish snus and for the experienced snus user, it is a given choice to have in the fridge.


Loose snus is best stored in the refrigerator, but the freezer also works if you buy snus in bulk to get a lower price.


  • Original Portion

In the 1970s, there was a demand for pre-packaged snus portions. This led to Swedish Match developing Original Portion. This was the start of what would become a billion-dollar industry where the ground tobacco is packaged in bags that are then moistened to give a similar experience as loose snus. The color is dark, and both the taste experience and the nicotine release are to be equated with loose snus.

If you are buying snus online and want some guidance on what to choose, here is Snusdaddy's top 3 Original Portions.


  1. Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion (premium)

A real classic from Swedish Match. The snus flavors are classic and have a light tobacco character with hints of citrus, juniper, lavender and cedar. Göteborgs Rapé is perhaps best known in the White Portion format, but if you want an Original Portion of the highest quality, Göteborgs Rapé Original Portion is a given choice.

Visit snusdaddy.com to order snus online and you will find a huge selection of both classic and new manufacturers of Swedish snus.

You do not need the General Snus Locator, Snusdaddy sells snusonline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  1. Nick and Johnny Americana Xtra Strong (premium)

A slightly different snus with flavors of cherry, wintergreen and cinnamon. If you do not recognize the name, it may be because the product was previously named Captain Yankee but has since a few years changed its name to Nick and Johnny.

Nick and Johnny Americana are, as the name suggests, a bestseller when it comes to Snus USA.

We have American customers who order snus online daily and Snusdaddy is responsible for tax and customs clearance to the USA. Nick and Johnny Americana Xtra Strong is a strong snus with its 15mg nicotine per gram of snus. It is not the strongest snus in the world but a well-balanced strength and a qualitative Swedish snus.


  1. Granit Strong Portion (low price)

Do you like Swedish snus from Fiedler & Lundgren and at the same time want to get a lot for your money when you buy snusonline?

Granit Strong Portion is a strong portion snus with a clear tobacco taste with hints of bergamot, spices and salt. In Granit Strong Portion you get the classic flavors from the Granit snus series but with higher nicotine. Find your favorite snus online with us at Snusdaddy.


  • White Portion

The year was 1998 and Swedish Match was once again pioneering when it comes to developing the Swedish snus. This time it was White Portion that was launched. What made the difference from Original Portion was that they did not moisturize the portion bags after manufacture. This gave a slightly drier snus pouch that flowed less and had a longer duration in terms of taste and nicotine release.

If you are looking for the market's best prices on Swedish snus online, you should check out Snusdaddy's best snus flavors when it comes to White Portions.

  1. Knox Blue White Portion (low price)

When it comes to Swedish Snus, Knox Blue White is the most popular snus type in Sweden. High quality, well-filled portion bags and fresh flavors at a really good price. When you read this, it feels obvious that this edition from Skruf Snus has become so popular.

In terms of taste, it is a clear tobacco taste with hints of juniper and citrus. If you have not tried Knox Blue White, it is a great time to order a batch of this Swedish snus favorite. Order a batch for US $2.94 per can.

  1. Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White Extra Strong (premium)

Finally, it's here. The bestseller Nick and Johnny crushed ice is now also available as extra strong. Here you get a mint snus of high quality. The taste is fresh taste of mint and wintergreen. With its 12 mg of nicotine per gram of snus, the snus is now stronger than average. If you hurry to order snus online through Snusdaddy.com, we now have a Christmas deal on Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice with up to 50% off. This is a Swedish snus of the highest quality that always has a place on Snusdaddy's desk.

  1. General White Portion (premium)

A real classic with pure flavors of tobacco and bergamot as well as notes of tea, hay and leather. A Swedish snus that is ingenious in its simplicity. Add the stylish silver box that breathes premium right through. If you use your General Snus locator to find your General White snus, you can stop looking. Snusdaddy.com has the market's best prices on Swedish snus, so order snus online with us at Snusdaddy. We also have the entire range of General snus flavors if there is another General flavor you are looking for.


  • All White Portion

All White portions have a lower proportion of tobacco or are completely tobacco free. One effect of this is that the snus pouches can be made whiter than regular White Portions. The nicotine content is not affected, but it may take a few seconds before the user feels the effect as the bags are dry and need to be slightly moistened before the nicotine can be absorbed by the body. All White or nicotine pouches have become incredibly popular. In the EU, where Swedish snus is banned, it is nicotine pouches without tobacco that have taken over. Make sure you read about the best nicotine pouches right now to get a better picture of what you might be looking for. Here comes Snusdaddy's best Nicopods.


  1. LYFT Freeze

Are you looking for a maxed-out nicotine experience? Then LYFT Freeze is the Nicopod you are looking for. With an icy cold feeling of menthol and an intense peppermint.

LYFT Nicotine Pouches will in 2022 change its name to VELO. This means that you will then find this favorite under the name VELO Freeze. When it comes to Snus London, it's Velo Freeze that counts. With us at Snusdaddy.eu we send LYFT Freeze with free shipping throughout Europe. Nicopods at low prices and free shipping. If LYFT Freeze is not for you, you can check out our entire range of nicopods and find just your best LYFT Flavors. We sell LYFT Slovenia, LYFT Netherlands and LYFT Germany with free shipping.


  1. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint

This news from Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches gives you one of the freshest experiences on the nicopods market. A well-balanced amount of menthol together with the slightly sweeter peppermint gives a nice balance and a mint nicopod of high quality. Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint also has hints of anise and saltiness that are reminiscent of the origin in the form of Swedish snus. Nordic Spirits nicopods provide a stable nicotine delivery with a kick that comes in a flash.

Nicotine pouches from Nordic Spirit have a chewing gum base that gives a soft and comfortable feeling under the lip while the nicopods keep its flavor longer.

Nordic Spirit is a modern Swedish snus completely free of tobacco.

Are you curious about Nordic Spirit nicopods and want a Nordic Spirit free sample? Contact us in connection with your order and we will make sure to arrange this.

We can also arrange LYFT free sample or ZYN free sample as well. We love to guide our customers when they order snus online. We are happy to make recommendations for both nicotine pouches and Swedish snus.


  1. LOOP Mint Mania Extra Strong

Nicopods from LOOP are available in a large variety of both flavors and strength. LOOP nicopods also use their Instant Rush technology, which means that their nicopods quickly release both nicotine and taste. The snus cans are made of an environmentally friendly material that is made of 100% plant-based plastic. This makes LOOP the first producer of nicotine pouches with 100% environmentally friendly cans.

LOOP Mint Mania is a super strong nicopod with an icy taste and a refreshing scent of mint.

Do you want to include some LOOP free samples in your next order? Get in touch with us and we will arrange it. We are happy to send you nicopods free samples or nicotine pouches free samples to broaden our customer's experiences when it comes to Swedish snus and nicotine pouches.


  • Strongest Snus

I write it as a singular because there is only one king of the hill when it comes to the strongest snus. Siberia -80 snus is the strongest you can find with us at Snusdaddy. We provide both Siberia -80 White Dry and Siberia -80 black. Siberia -80 black is an Original Portion that releases the nicotine even faster than Siberia -80 White Dry. On the website, Siberia -80 snus is under the category "Don’t go there". It is no coincidence; Siberia snus is extremely strong and even the most experienced snus user will get a nicotine experience beyond the ordinary. If you are looking for Siberia -80 in the EU, we can unfortunately not sell this. However, we have Siberia chewing bags on Snusdaddy.eu which is the equivalent in the form of chewing bags. If you want to broaden your horizons when it comes to extra strong snus, you are welcome to contact us. We have lots of quality snus in the category strong snus, although no one can compare with extremely strong Siberia snus. Order Siberia snus online with us at Snusdaddy and we will deliver steaming fresh Swedish snus to your door within a few days.


That's all for now. But do not forget, at Snusdaddy you will find everything from the strongest snus in the form of Siberia snus to the General snus flavors. We also have a huge range of nicopods with brands such as ZYN Cool Mint and Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense. If you are ordering snusonline, we are here to help. And do not forget 2022, LYFT changes nicopods name to VELO nicotine pouches.

Do you want to order Swedish snus in bulk? Contact us and we will find a really good price for you.


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