VELO, conquering the market with high quality nicotine pouches.
Erik Rosengren - Snus Expert
16 March, 2022

VELO, conquering the market with high quality nicotine pouches.

Let's review VELO snus

VELO snus is the perfect alternative if you are need a break from tobacco pouches or cigarettes. Provided that's the case, you can switch to a cleaner alternative and continue to stimulate your nicotine cravings with nicotine pouches. These products are 100% tobacco-free and you don't have to worry about damaging your lungs or discoloring your teeth. There are lots of tasty flavors to choose from, ranging from regular mint and wintergreen to ginger and red berries. The nicotine content ranges from 8 mg/g to an extreme 15 mg/g. Here is something that suits everyone, both in terms of taste and strength. 

VELO snus is our absolute best seller not only regarding nicotine pouches, but also for the whole Snusdaddy shop. 


Taking a closer look at the VELO snus flavors


A huge hit when it comes to ordering snus online. The flavor has created a tsunami in Europe. "Do you have VELO Freeze in stock?" Well, that's probably the most common question we get from our customers. Snusdaddy always has the brand new nicopods in stock for fast and safe delivery to all snus enthusiasts around the world. 

The flavor is a cooling experience with a refreshing sensation that spreads under the lips. These products take your taste senses on a journey through the snowy Swedish winter landscape, and once you try these tobacco free pouches, you'll want to try them again and again. The success of the VELO Freeze X-Strong is no coincidence. For those who prefer menthol snus or menthol nicotine pouches, this is one of the contenders for the best menthol nicotine pouch of all. 

As the name suggests, this is a nicopod with a higher nicotine content, 15.6 mg/g pouch. The strength of nicotine may not be on par with White Fox, but the intense flavoring makes it feel stronger than it really is. 


This one is also part of the VELO Mint family. Maybe not as icy as Freeze, but a true icy experience with a balanced sweetness of menthol and traditional mint. 

Ice Cool takes your senses on a journey you won't regret. Here, your nicotine needs are 100% met, without the negative effects of tobacco. 

This is a nicotine pouch for those looking for a fresh and moderate nicotine experience. 

The nicotine content is slightly lower than Freeze, as Ice Cool has a nicotine concentration of 14 mg/g pouch. 


Here, you get a can with nicotine pouch flavors that are different from most of the stuff you've tested before. It starts off with a pleasant spicy ginger flavor, but then shifts to a more neutral citrus flavor. Imagine drinking a ginger drink that initially tastes warm and then turns into a pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of lemon. This is how you will most likely experience Tokyo Zing. I don't have it in my personal everyday snus kit where I have my favorite nicotine pouches, but every once in a while, I switch it up with the Tokyo Zing. But every time I have a pouch of Tokyo Zing, I get remind that this is something I should use more often because of the exciting taste of refreshing ginger. 

The nicotine strength is 14 mg/g pouch. 


VELO Strawberry Bloom is rebranded under the new name Ruby Berry. 

Ruby Berry has a wonderful taste and aroma of strawberries and red berries. 

Like all VELO flavors, this version has a wonderful fresh scent and comes in a new can with the same nicotine pouches inside. Are you looking for a discreet and tasty nicopod? Then Ruby Berry might be the right choice for you. I personally find that nicopods taste best when you vary between different flavors. I often have several cans in my pocket. Whilst I always carry a can of mint, I also have a few other flavor options lying around. Start the day with a VELO snus and follow it up with a Pablo snus and then enjoy a pouch of LOOP Jalapeno Lime before lunch. 

Ruby Berry has a normal nicotine concentration of 8 mg/g. For comparison, Göteborgs Rapé also contains 8 mg/g. 


Imagine the sweetness of spearmint and kick of menthol when you’re enjoying a pouch, the combination of those two is just as grandma's gravy brings a Sunday roast to life. 

VELO nicotine pouches are always completely tobacco free and fit comfortably and discreetly under the lip with minimal flow. The flavors spread evenly over time, and if you're a loyal nicopod user, you'll know what I'm talking about. High quality and a variety of flavors means you can find the perfect mix of your best nicotine pouches. 

As I mentioned before, from 2022 you will find LYFT under the name VELO snus. The content is the same, but the design of the can will be slightly different.  

The nicotine content in the pouches is 8 mg/g, the strength is normal. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service and they will be happy to advise you with options, brands or recommend the best nicopod flavors for you. 


When you put a tobacco free pouch of Lime Strong under your lip, your thoughts might wander of to squeezing a fresh lime into a chilled drink. Add sweetness and you have a very fresh nicotine pouch that will be on your Snusdaddy shopping list all the time. This flavor will remind you of exotic places you may have been to or dreamed of. 

As the name suggests, each snus can comes with a nice set of strong nicotine pouches. Strong nicotine pouch with 14 mg/g nicotine content. 


If you're looking for a nicotine pouch that's largely unrelated to traditional Swedish snus, the Tropic Breeze might be just what you're looking for. 

When I open a box of VELO Tropical Breeze, I personally think of Asian experiences influenced by places like Thailand and Vietnam. You will experience the taste and aroma of tropical fruits like a wonderful blend of orange, passion fruit and mango. 

The intensity of this flavor is normal for a nicopod with 8 mg/g of nicotine. 

We deliver VELO snus daily to the Netherlands, UK and US. VELO Netherlands has almost become slang for a nicotine pouch. If you're looking for a snus shop near you, look no more, Snusdaddy is ready to meet your needs.


This tobacco free snus flavor lets you experience round, silky notes of anis, licorice and caramel. Licorice isn't for everyone, but if you're a fan of licorice and craving for nicotine, then VELO Liquorice Strong is what you are looking for. 

These nicotine pouches will satisfy your cravings both in terms of nicotine and licorice. 

The nicotine content is 14 mg/g. 


With a taste of crispy fresh evergreens and refrigerating menthol, this nicopod strongly qualifies to the mint family. A taste personally celebrated that may not be as well acknowledged in the world. 
This is a nicotine pouch that has a refrigerating taste of menthol as compared with freezing which has a colder feeling under the lip. 
The box additionally has a nice design, and the red-green construction makes the Christmas feelings slowly crawl into your body at the start of December. Because we ship a lot of VELO with mint flavors to the Netherlands, I believe this will be a popular flavor as well.

The nicotine content is 15.6 mg/g pouch, which implies that this flavor will deliver a genuine nicotine kick to you.


Are you a fan of Piña Colada?  Then this flavor will suit you. Now you get a refresh taste of coconut and pineapple. A fruity scent and a taste that is a reminder of much more than just snus or nicotine pouches. 
VELO snus shows proof of twisting their seasoning and if you get through our range of snus flavors, I'm certain you'll locate something you like. 
Caribbean Spirit has a nicotine content of 14 mg/g in this nicopod. 
Like the other VELO flavors, Caribbean Spirit is 100% tobacco free. The bags are all white and drip minimally. Tasty, discreet, and difficult to resist. 


Feel the power under your lip. Urban Vibe gives an intense encounter with fresh berries, which prepares to seize the day. This tobacco free member gives you a feeling that anything is possible. The flavors of cranberries and red berries are reminiscent of power drinks. A cup of coffee together with Urban Vibe, makes everything possible. 
With that said, Urban Vibe is a slightly different bird among the flavors but an entertaining addition to the flavorings of VELO snus. 
The nicotine content is 14 mg/g.


We end this review with a discreet favorite in mini format. 

Royal Purple Mini has a taste of tangy red grapes. The can is small and easy to handle, and the nicotine pouches are discreet to use as well as the taste and the nicotine flow stays intact for long periods of time. Royal Purple Mini fits perfectly in a small handbag or inner pocket.   

As far as I know, there is nothing on the market for nicotine pouches that can be compared to the taste in VELO Royal Purple Mini. Despite the small can and discreet pouches, the nicotine content is 12 mg/g.   


VELO snus is your obvious choice when you order snus online. Nicotine pouches of high quality with exciting flavors. We will ship your order within 24 hours and the package will be delivered to your door by UPS. Visit our snus shop to find everything from Killapods, Pablo snus and ACE nicotine pouches. Delivery to Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany usually takes place within 2 working days from the time of order.

Have a good one!