Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Mango Ice

Pablo Exclusive 50 mg Mango Ice

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Pablo Exclusive Mango Ice with the taste of cooling mango.

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Buy Pablo Exclusive 50mg Mango Ice online.

Pablo Exclusive is the latest product line from Pablo snus. Here you get a maxed taste experience, fast nicotine release combined with an extremely high nicotine content of 50 mg/g. Pablo 50mg is not recommended for beginners and Pablo Exclusive is the strongest product from NGP Europe. Mango Ice has an icy taste of menthol together with fresh mango. The combination of cooling menthol and sweet mango is perfect and together with 50mg/g nicotine the experience is overwhelming. This nicopod will become a favourite. Incredible power when it comes to nicotine content.

What's unique about Pablo Mango Ice?

These strong nicotine pods are specially designed you who like extremely strong nicotine experiences with tones of fruit. Pablo Exclusive is a ""dangerously"" strong version with 50 mg of nicotine. Using products with such a high nicotine content is entirely at your own risk.
Pablo Mango Ice is mainly used by experienced nicotine users who either smoke, snus or use nicotine pouches.
These pouches are not recommended for beginners.

How to use Pablo nicopods?

Pablo Exclusive is very easy to use, just place a pouch between your gums and upper lip and the nicotine and flavour is released within seconds. No need to bite or suck on the bag, it all happens automatically. No need to spit either, just sit back and enjoy a great nicotine experience.

Flavour of fresh mango and refreshing menthol!

Pablo Mango Ice gives a cooling sensation under the lip combined with sweet and fresh notes of freshly picked mango. If you're looking for a new snuff experience, this is a great option for you. The flavor combination and strength is unique and should be on your list of flavors to try.
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StrengthDon't Go There
TypeAll White
More Information
ProducerN.G.P Europe OÛ
Nicotine mg/g50 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch30 mg
Snus Weight/Can12 g
Weight/Portion0.6 g
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