R4VE Frozen Citrus 50 mg

R4VE Frozen Citrus 50 mg

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Enjoy a citrusy sour pouch combined with the sharp cooling flavor of mint and a 25 mg nicotine kick. Order R4VE Frozen Citrus today and enjoy the surreal taste of perfection.

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Buy R4VE Frozen Citrus 50 mg - Juicy and Refreshing Combo

R4VE Frozen Citrus is the perfect pouch for a citrusy, good dose of nicotine. The flavor has a sour taste with a minty touch, that feels refreshing and satisfying. Want a discrete kick on the beach, R4VE Frozen Citrus is the perfect pouch for it. 

Each Frozen Citrus pouch contains 25 mg of nicotine, which means this nicopod packs quite a punch. While ZYN and VELO limit the strength of their pouches to 16 mg, R4VE has no such boundaries. It's the perfect brand and product for hardcore nicotine lovers who want innovative flavors and strong nicotine content.

R4VE Frozen is tobacco-free, smokeless, and spit-free, so you can use it anywhere without any problems. Despite the demand for this flavor, you'll still have a hard time finding it. To make your life easier, we've kept the freshest stock of R4VE Frozen Citrus 50mg in our inventory. 

How To Use R4VE Frozen Citrus

Follow the step-by-step guide to use R4VE Frozen Citrus the right way:

  1. Buy R4VE Frozen Citrus nicotine pouches online at low prices.
  2. Get the pouches delivered to your doorstep.
  3. Remove the lid from the can.
  4. Let the enticing citrusy aroma seduce your senses.
  5. Place a pouch under your upper lip.
  6. Enjoy the flavor for 30 to 40 minutes.
  7. Remove the pouch and throw it away in a dust bin.

For the best experience and prices, order R4VE Frozen Citrus in bulk. By ordering bulk, you can get discounts of up to 25%, along with the standard fast shipping. 

Brief R4VE Frozen Citrus Pouch Overview

Brand Manufacturer R4VE or RAVE
Primary Flavor Sour Citrus
Secondary Flavor Sharp Mint
Flavor Rating 10 out of 10
Nicotine Strength 25 mg of nicotine per pouch
Adequate For Only experienced nicotine users
Format Slim
Does R4VE Frozen Citrus Produce Saliva? No, it does not produce saliva
Does R4VE Frozen Citrus Contain Tobacco? No, it is tobacco-free
Best For Citrus Flavor Lovers
Complimentary Snacks Cake, Chocolate, or Gott Och Blandat


StrengthDon't Go There
TypeAll White
More Information
Nicotine mg/g50 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch25 mg
Snus Weight/Can10 g
Weight/Portion0.5 g