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Sweden has a long and proud history of uniformed people working for our security. Our experience tells us that those who wear the uniform and also consume snus are well aware of the importance of fresh snus when a high level of adrenaline is required. The equipment is being checked, the plan is reviewed in the head, and only seconds before it is time to perform the operation, a new portion of snus is inserted. This "prilla" must merge with its owner, become a part of his body and perfect the feeling that an experienced snus user gets from inserting his portion.

"When it comes down to it..." Anyone who has ever worn the uniform in a critical situation can easily move to several specific events, where everything except the current assignment disappears. For a snus user, it naturally applies to the choice of what they put under their lip. It must be something that works in all situations, with a focus on a taste that we do not get tired of. Something that brings the feeling of harmony and peace to our senses, so that we can focus and get charged. Just like the soldier who is getting ready for a mission, the policeman who is going to carry out a raid or the firefighter who is just jumping into the emergency vehicle.

Something that lasts for a long time and can be used day after day, year after year, without the snus user ever getting tired of the flavours. Kurbits' choice is a neutral tobacco that they flavour with a focus on balance and pleasant natural flavours. "Soldat" is fresh, tasty and cold, ideal for those who put such high demands on their product and choose a snus that becomes a part of themselves.

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