VELO Caribbean Spirit

VELO Caribbean Spirit

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DISCLAIMER: This product is now known as VELO Twisted Pineapple. It is the same exact content with a new look and name.

Enjoy the taste of coconut and pineapple with this fantastic VELO flavor.

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  • 10% 10-pack 46.70$ ( 4.67$ /piece)
  • 15% 30-pack 132.30$ ( 4.41$ /piece)
  • 20% 60-pack 249$ ( 4.15$ /piece)
  • 25% 100-pack 389$ ( 3.89$ /piece)
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Buy VELO Caribbean Spirit Online

Buy VELO Caribbean Spirit strong slim nicotine pouches online and enjoy a soothing aroma and delicious flavors that will wow your senses. This exclusive tobacco free nicotine pouch combines the rejuvenating sweetness of pineapple with the refreshing taste of fresh coconut water and some nutty undertones. 

It's a cocktail of flavors that every nicotine lover needs to try at least once. The flavors are bolstered by a strong nicotine concentration of 9.8 mg per pouch. The powerful kicks and high-quality flavors will leave you wide-eyed, in awe, and quivering in joy. 

How to Use VELO Caribbean Spirit Nicotine Pouches

  • Order Caribbean Spirit Strong Slim online from Snusdaddy.
  • Wait for the pouches to arrive (Choose UPS for fast deliveries).
  • Pry off the lid from the cans.
  • Breathe in the Caribbean aroma and exotic scent.
  • Take a pouch and place it between your upper lips and gums. 
  • Let the nicotine kick and smooth Piña Colada flavor hijack your senses.
  • Remove the pouches after the 20 to 30 minutes.

Who Should Use VELO Caribbean Spirit Slim Pouches

People who desire a unique flavor and experience should use Caribbean Spirit pouches. You won't find a wholesome and heart-warming flavor like this with any other brand. The substantial nicotine delivery makes these pouches a great alternative for cigarettes, snus, and other tobacco products.

Since these pouches consist of natural plant fibers and all-white nicotine, they won't drip or stain your teeth. Each pouch comes in a discreet, slim format, so you can get your quick nicotine fix anywhere. For example, on a plane or a train, while you're working on a presentation, or jogging on a track. 

Tips to Enjoy VELO Caribbean Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Keep your cans of nicopods in a cool and dry place to keep them fresh and tasty. When you're done using a pouch, throw it away safely. And you'll probably crave some food, so try a jelly jam or peanut butter Sandwich, and fresh orange juice. 

You'll feel more energetic and the flavors blend well with the creamy, smooth taste of Caribbean Spirit. And remember to get some sweet discounts on all your purchases from Snusdaddy. We've got every product from manufacturers like British American Tobacco, waiting just for you. 

StrengthExtra Strong
TypeAll White
TastePina Colada
More Information
ProducerBritish American Tobacco Ltd
Nicotine mg/g14 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch9.8 mg
Snus Weight/Can14 g
Weight/Portion0.7 g
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