VID Arctic Blast

VID Arctic Blast

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VID Arctic Blast has a strong and icy taste of mint.

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  • 10% 10-pack 46.70$ ( 4.67$ /piece)
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Temporarily out of stock

Cold, cold and cold again. The production of our products takes plAce in one of the world's northernmost capitals. The proximity to the Arctic cold is noticeable, especially during the long winter months. The special feeling that a really cold winter day entails can be compared to a mixture between melancholy and security. What we omit is, of course, the darkness that exists in nature. We take the cold, the fresh and the invigorating that comes with the cold. Full of different types of mint, high nicotine strength and direct effect, this nicotine bag is characterized by the cool, harsh and healthy environment around the Arctic areas in which it is produced. VID Arctic Blast is created for those who want the cool freshness that only mint can give. There is a sweetness behind the explosive mint, but it is the wholeness that is the focus of this product. We have worked with the different shades of mint that offer a clear taste, but at the same time making it difficult to put your finger on its character. What we have focused on, however, is to catch the beauty and strength of the Arctic into a nicotine bag - we hope that it leads your thoughts to a sparkling landscape where permafrost and unconditional cold reign. Kurbits Snus is the result of a meeting between an avid snus fanatic and an innovative entrepreneur. In this meeting, the conditions were created for the products they now present on the esteemed snus market. In a market with many brands and variations, they wish to create a different feeling with brands like Soldat, T45 and VID. Want to see everything Kurbits has to offer? Click here!

StrengthSuper Strong
TypeAll White
TasteShades of cool mint
More Information
ProducerKurbits Snus AB
Nicotine mg/g20 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch15.6 mg
Snus Weight/Can15.6 g
Weight/Portion0.78 g
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