ZYN Bellini Mini Dry 3 mg

ZYN Bellini Mini Dry 3 mg

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Enjoy the flavors of Italy with ZYN Bellini Mini Dry 3 mg. With a 3 mg nicotine content, backed by the sweet flavors of peaches, grapes, and fruit tea, this pouch will caress your taste buds like a summers breeze under

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Buy ZYN Bellini Mini Dry 3 mg - Italy Condensed In A Nicotine Pouch

ZYN Bellini Mini Dry is the sweetest peachy nicopod in the whole wide world. Every pouch melts into your gums like you melt into a warm blanket on a cold day. The flavors have a predominant sweet taste, fueled by peach and hints of sour grapes. The extra Italian oomph in this pouch comes from juicy fruit tea. 

ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3 mg has a mellow dose of nicotine content, which makes it perfect for every type of user. It's a great option for people who want a smokeless, tobacco-free, spitless, and stain-free alternative to cigarettes and snus.

Since the pouches contain all-white nicotine and come in slim formats, you can use them like a ninja whenever and wherever you want. Need a quick fix while flying on a plane? Pop a pouch under your lip and enjoy 3mg of pure joy and flavor. Enjoy the perks of Italy outside of Italy. 

How To Use ZYN Bellini Mini Dry Nicotine Pouches

  1. Buy ZYN Mini Dry Bellini 3mg nicotine pouches online.
  2. Receive the order through fast shipping. No long waits!
  3. Remove the lid from the can and enjoy the aroma.
  4. Take a pouch, feel the juice with your fingertips, and place it under your lip.
  5. Enjoy the surreal taste of peaches, green grapes, and fruit tea. 

Don't know how to get started? Order ZYN nicotine pouches online and enjoy an unbelievable 25% discount on bulk orders. That's the same as getting 25 cans of nicotine pouches from your favorite brand for free. 

Manufacturer Swedish Match
Primary Flavor Green Grapes, Peach
Secondary Flavor Fruit Tea
Flavor Rating 9 out of 10
Nicotine Strength 3 mg nicotine per pouch
Adequate For Novice and slightly experienced lovers
Format Mini Portions, Dry Format
Does ZYN Bellini Mini Dry Produce Saliva? No, it is a mini dry nicotine pouch.
Does ZYN Bellini Mini Dry Contain Tobacco? No, it is completely tobacco free. 
Best For Sweet Juicy Flavor Lovers.
Complimentary Snacks Djungelvrål, Spicy Chips

TypeAll White
TasteFruit & Berries
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content0.75 %
Nicotine mg/g7.5 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch3 mg
Moisture Content2.7 %
Snus Weight/Can8 g
Weight/Portion0.4 g

Ingredients: fillers (maltitol, cellulose, gum arabic), acidity regulators (sodium carbonate), stabilizers (hydroxypropyl cellulose), flavorings, nicotine, sweeteners (Acesulfame K).

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