ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg

ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg

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Enjoy a lively flavor of tobacco with hints of citrus and a mellow 3 mg nicotine kick with ZYN Mini Dry Gold. It's a discreet nicotine pouch for every nicotine lover.

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  • 10% 10-pack 44$ ( 4.40$ /piece)
  • 15% 30-pack 124.80$ ( 4.16$ /piece)
  • 20% 60-pack 234.60$ ( 3.91$ /piece)
  • 25% 100-pack 367$ ( 3.67$ /piece)
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Buy ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg

Quit tobacco while still enjoying the flavor of tobacco with ZYN Mini Dry Gold. It's a new nicotine pouch from the genius snus makers at ZYN and Swedish Match. Every pouch is filled with a juicy flavor of sour citrus and the lively flavors of tobacco, even though it's tobacco-free. 

With the compact format of the ZYN Gold Mini Dry, you can pop a pouch whenever you like. Revel in the flavors and calm your nerves on a flight, unlock your potential at work, or lounge on your patio; the opportunities are nigh infinite. ZYN Gold is the perfect choice for people who love the taste of tobacco. 

ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg has the perfect nicotine levels for beginners.  Anyone can enjoy the nicotine buzz from this wonderful tobacco, spit, and smoke-free pouch. Order your ZYN Mini Dry Gold cans from Snusdaddy at amazing discounts today. 

How To Use ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg

  1. Order ZYN Mini Dry Gold 3 mg online.
  2. Get your package and check its quality.
  3. Remove the seal from the can.
  4. Breathe in the aroma like you're at a BBQ fest.
  5. Park a pouch of ZYN Gold Mini Dry under your lip.
  6. Enjoy the slow release of flavor and nicotine content for 30 minutes. 

TypeAll White
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine mg/g7.5 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch3 mg
Snus Weight/Can8 g
Weight/Portion0.4 g