British American Tobacco

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The world's second largest listed tobacco manufacturer with headquarters in London and 55,000 employees worldwide. The company behind the bestseller LYFT nicotine pouches with many successful LYFT flavors. The company manufactures all types of nicotine-supplying products, from traditional cigarettes to roll-your-own tobacco, Swedish snus, and e-cigarettes. BAT has a strong position in the snus market and 2016 was the company's most successful year so far. BAT manufactures and sells snus through the wholly owned subsidiary Fiedler & Lundgren in Malmö. Today BAT produces popular products such as Granit snus, Mocca snus, Knekt snus and Lundgren snus. BAT works hard to improve the customer experience through innovation, and the company stands behind several new products such as pre-baked snus (2014), portion snus with perforated fleece cover (2014) and expandable lid, FlexLid ™ (2015).

If you have not tried Swedish snus and nicopods from British American Tobacco, it is high time. LYFT Freeze X-Strong and LYFT Ice Cool are two of our most popular nicotine pouches.

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