G.3 Super Slim White Portion Strong

G.3 Super Slim White Portion Strong

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A mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of dried fruit, green grass, along with hints of chocolate and vanilla. A long and thin pouch with an optimized fit that has a dry surface with a moist content for low salivation and a long lasting release of flavour.

  • 1-piece 4.81$ (4.81$/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 43.30$ ( 4.33$ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 126.90$ ( 4.23$ /piece)
  • 14% 60-pack 247.80$ ( 4.13$ /piece)
  • 16% 100-pack 404$ ( 4.04$ /piece)
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The G.3 series is available in two formats: Slim and Super Slim. Both portion sizes are slimmer than the classic portion formats creating an optimal, discrete fit. The portions offer minimal drip and have a higher nicotine delivery than General Classic White and Classic Portion. The spicy tobacco results in a flavor that is distinct from other General products, with notes of bergamot oil that gives the snus a slight hint of citrus.

The Slim format is also available in the XR series. This format features a slim yet large portion that offers a long-lasting flavor release and less drip than our Original Portion snus. The Super Slim-format from Swedish Match is even slimmer than the Slim-format, but delivers nicotine at the same level. Thanks to its Super Slim format, each can of G.3 Super Slim contains 30 portions, instead of the 24 portions offered in the other G.3 products.

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BrandGeneral G.3
StrengthExtra Strong
TypeWhite Portion
FormatSuper Slim
TasteTobacco with notes of dried fruit and green grass
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content1.8 %
Nicotine mg/g17.92 mg
Moisture Content46 %
Snus Weight/Can16.5 g
Weight/Portion0.6 g

Ingredients: tobacco (contains nicotine), water, salt, humectant (propylene glycol), pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), plant fibers, natural and artificial flavors.