Swedish Match

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Swedish match manufactures various different things today, but the main business is smoke-free products. The company has some enormously well-known snus varieties. General is their best-selling can, which is sold in approximately 90-million cans per year. Ettan is Sweden's oldest registered snus that is still for sale. Göteborgs Rapé was registered in 1919 and the name rapé comes from the French and means torn and originates from the European upper class who tore their tobacco with a grater. Göteborgs Rapé was also the first snus made in white portions in the early 1990s. More well-known brands are Catch, Kronan, Nick and Johnny and The Lab Series. The latest product Zyn is the all-white nicotine bags that come in two different formats, Slim and Mini dry. Fresher flavors are used here and are offered in two different nicotine strengths.

Swedish Match is Sweden's largest snus manufacturer and the company has sprung from the Swedish tobacco monopoly. In 1915, all tobacco production was nationalized and the state-owned company AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet was started. Two years later, the mythical financier and industrialist Ivar Kreuger founded Svenska Tändstickan AB. In 1980, Svenska Tändstickan changed its name to Swedish Match. During the same era, the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly had undergone various reshuffles through name changes and main owners. In 1992, tobacco production was in Procordia AB. Procordia bought Swedish Match that year, the new group then took the name Swedish Match.

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