General Harvest Original Portion

General Harvest Original Portion

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General Harvest Original Portion is a limited-edition snus from Swedish Match. The snus flavors are completely natural without any additives. You get a Swedish snus with a dark tobacco character with natural elements of roasted cocoa, leather, and autumn leaves. General Harvest snus is made from the finest raw tobacco from Southern Brazil. The tobacco is of the Dark Air Cured type, which is characterized by the leaves on the tobacco plant being relatively thickly leafed. The tobacco plants are grown by being planted out in the fields in August-September and then harvested 3 months later. Then the tobacco plants are hung up in a barn with good ventilation where they are dried for 5-7 weeks. In General Harvest, the focus is on highlighting the tobacco that gives all the taste to this premium snus from Swedish Match. Check out all our General snus flavors and other Swedish snus on Snusdaddy.

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General was launched in 1866, but you could say the story began four years earlier. The snus manufacturer Johan A Boman wanted to produce the “perfect snus” and his research took four years. He traveled all over the world in his quest to find the best tobacco leaves, and began experimenting with different blends. The final result was a blend of 22 different tobacco varieties, mixed with one drop of bergamot oil. General's tobacco blend with notes of tea, hay and leather, creates a snus with an underlying spiced tobacco flavor. A drop of bergamot oil, a citrus fruit that mainly grows in Italy and northern Africa, gives General its signature flavor. According to Boman’s instructions, only the finest parts of the tobacco plant are used, the stalk is avoided, and the tobacco is left to dry naturally in the sun. Interested in what else Swedish Match has to offer? Click here!

TypeOriginal Portion
TastePure tobacco with notes of roasted cocoa, leather and rosehips
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content0.9 %
Nicotine mg/g9 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch9 mg
Moisture Content49 %
Snus Weight/Can24 g
Weight/Portion1 g