GN Tobacco

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GN Tobacco was founded in 2004 and aims for the customer to be able to choose products in a market that were previously under state monopoly. The company wants to change the tobacco industry towards a more competitive market where the customer is at the center. The company produces a variety of snus, Oden's, Bull Dog, Siberia, White Fox and Lenny's Cut to name a few. The variation in taste and strength of nicotine varies greatly for the customer to find their favorite. They also make portion snus in all kinds of formats such as white, original, slim, all white and mini. They supply snus to several countries such as Norway, Russia, USA and Switzerland.

Bull Dog found at Snusdaddy.Änglaholm found at Snusdaddy.Byron found at Snusdaddy.Olde Ving found at Snusdaddy.Siberia Snus found at Snusdaddy.Odens Snus found at Snusdaddy.Lenny's Cut found at Snusdaddy.Islay Whisky Snus found at Snusdaddy.Taboca found at Snusdaddy.White Fox Nicotine Pouches found at Snusdaddy.WOW! found at Snusdaddy.