Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim

Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim

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Product description:

Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim has a character of light tobacco that has a strong flavoring of spearmint and peppermint. A Swedish snus with a mild and sweet mint taste. The tobacco pouches come in slim format, which means that the pouch is narrower than a traditional snus. Nick & Johnny Green Ice White Slim is the only snus from Nick & Johnny that is made in slim format. The surface of this tobacco pouch is dry but with a moist tobacco mixture to reduce the salivation and prolong the taste experience. The nicotine content is 11mg/g.

  • 1-piece 4.26$ (4.26$/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 38.10$ ( 3.81$ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 111.90$ ( 3.73$ /piece)
  • 14% 60-pack 218.40$ ( 3.64$ /piece)
  • 16% 100-pack 356$ ( 3.56$ /piece)
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If you’re looking for a snus in a moister original portion, try Nick & Johnny Original Portion, Americana, Red Hot and Crushed Ice. The first has a richer tobacco character, while Americana has distinct notes of cherry and almond. Red Hot is a spicy snus, with a taste of cinnamon, cloves and chili. Crushed Ice is the only original portion in our entire range with a distinct mint flavor.

If you enjoy a white portion with a mint flavor, you might also like Crushed Ice. If you prefer a snus with a distinct spearmint flavor, you might also like Green Ice, the only snus in the Nick & Johnny family in our Slim format.

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BrandNick & Johnny
StrengthExtra Strong
TypeWhite Portion
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content1.4 %
Nicotine mg/g13.75 mg
Moisture Content50.5 %
Snus Weight/Can19.2 g
Weight/Portion0.8 g

Ingredients: water, tobacco (contains nicotine), pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), salt, humectant (propylene glycol), natural and artificial flavors, artificial sweetener (Acesulfame K).