Skruf Nyans Månstoft White Portion

Skruf Nyans Månstoft White Portion

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Product description:

An affordable snus from Skruf with the traditional taste of tobacco spiced with salted caramel. A quality snus at a really good price. The flavors of tobacco are clear, but the modern elements of salted caramel make the snus LYFT to exciting dimensions. An exciting Swedish snus from Skruf where you have dared to think new. With us at Snusdaddy, you will find a variety of Swedish snus. Buy your snus online for the best price and a disturbed selection.

  • 1-piece 4.69$ (4.69$/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 42.20$ ( 4.22$ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 123.90$ ( 4.13$ /piece)
  • 14% 60-pack 241.80$ ( 4.03$ /piece)
  • 16% 100-pack 394$ ( 3.94$ /piece)
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Temporarily out of stock

Skruf Nyans is a completely new snus series from the snus manufacturer Skruf. Skruf Nyans has all the flavors of tobacco with a hint of flavors taken from the natural kingdom. All are white portions of snus with normal strength and made from organic tobacco. Skruf also gives us Smålands Brukssnus as well as different varieties of the Skruf brand, Skruf Nyans and Skruf Super White. In the year of 2005 Skruf was bought by Imperial Tobacco Group, just two years after launching their first product. More about Skruf, right here!

BrandSkruf Nyans
TypeWhite Portion
TasteSalty caramel
More Information
ProducerImperial Brands PLC
Nicotine mg/g11 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch8.8 mg
Snus Weight/Can17.6 g
Weight/Portion0.8 g