VELO Tropic Breeze Mini

VELO Tropic Breeze Mini

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Product description:

VELO Tropical Breeze Mini has the same flavors as VELO Tropical Breeze but in a smaller size. Both the box and the nicotine bags come in a mini format and make it discreet to use and easy to take with you. A small handbag or inner pocket is all that is needed to bring a box of VELO Tropical Breeze mini. You will be greeted by both the taste and aroma of tropical fruits such as mandarin, passion fruit and mango in a wonderful mix. The strength of this VELO flavor is normal with a nicotine content of 8 mg/g for this nicopod.

  • 1-piece 4.96$ (4.96$/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 44.70$ ( 4.47$ /piece)
  • 15% 30-pack 126.60$ ( 4.22$ /piece)
  • 20% 60-pack 238.20$ ( 3.97$ /piece)
  • 25% 100-pack 372$ ( 3.72$ /piece)
Temporarily out of stock
Temporarily out of stock

Coming from Fiedler & Lundgren and British American Tobacco, VELO is an all white nicotine pouch that comes in slim and mini format. Discreet and comfortable pouches with moderate flow.

It's a snus for you who are looking for a fresh experience together with a moderate nicotine experience.

In 2022 LYFT is changing their name to VELO in order to promote a more responsible approach towards a sustainable future.

Hit the links if you want to know more about Fiedler & Lundgren, British American Tobacco, VELO or LYFT.

TypeAll White
TasteTropical Fruit
More Information
ProducerBritish American Tobacco Ltd
Nicotine mg/g12 mg
Snus Weight/Can10 g
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