ZYN Slim Citrus Strong

ZYN Slim Citrus Strong

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ZYN Slim Citrus Strong combines sour lemon and lime with the sweetness of orange zest. It's the most citrusy flavor from ZYN with a potent 9 mg nicotine dose, and you need to taste it.

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  • 10% 10-pack 44$ ( 4.40$ /piece)
  • 15% 30-pack 124.80$ ( 4.16$ /piece)
  • 20% 60-pack 234.60$ ( 3.91$ /piece)
  • 25% 100-pack 367$ ( 3.67$ /piece)
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Buy ZYN Slim Citrus Strong - Citrus Incarnate In Nicotine Pouches

Get a fresh tangy, sour break from the constantly recycled nicotine pouch flavors with ZYN Slim Citrus Strong. It combines the gentle but juicy flavor of orange zest with the sour flavors of lime and lemon. The orange zest gives the pouch a slightly sweet flavor and aroma while making the lemony goodness even more pronounced.

With 9 mg of nicotine per portion, ZYN Slim Citrus Strong is the perfect partner for all the wild nicotine veterans. This ZYN nicotine pouch releases flavor and nicotine the moment you place it under your lip. It's like getting gobsmacked by lemonade in the desert. 

Because of its slender, slim format, this nifty pouch fits comfortably under your lip. The pouches are made with plant fibers and only contain all-white nicotine, so you won't have to worry about stained teeth or tobacco. Order your ZYN 100 Pack of Slim Citrus Strong products today to enjoy a 25% discount. 

How To Use ZYN Citrus Slim Strong Nicotine Pouches

  1. Buy ZYN Citrus Slim Strong online.
  2. Let the pouches come to you with our fast shipping.
  3. Pry open the lid and take out a nicotine pouch. 
  4. Place a nicotine pouch under your lip.
  5. Enjoy the smooth release of zesty flavors for 30 minutes.
  6. Remove the pouch when you're done.
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Primary Flavor Lemon, Lime
Secondary Flavor Orange Zest
Flavor Rating 9 out of 10
Nicotine Strength 9 mg of nicotine content per pouch
Adequate For Experienced Users
Format Slim Format
Does ZYN Slim Citrus Strong Produce Saliva? No, it does not.
Does ZYN Slim Citrus Strong Contain Tobacco? No, these pouches are tobacco-free.
Best For People With a Tooth For Sour Flavors.
Complimentary Snacks Tyrkisk Pebber, Some Spicy Snacks

TypeAll White
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content1.2 %
Nicotine mg/g13 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch9.1 mg
Moisture Content41 %
Snus Weight/Can14.7 g
Weight/Portion0.7 g

Ingredients: water, filler (microcrystalline cellulose), plant fibers, humectant (glycerin), pH adjusters (sodium carbonate, calcium chloride), salt, natural and artificial flavors, nicotine, emulsifier, artificial sweetener (Acesulfame K).

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