The World of ZYN - Find The Best ZYN Flavors For You
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
26 November, 2021

The World of ZYN - Find The Best ZYN Flavors For You

List of all ZYN flavors updated: July 15th, 2022

ZYN is the market's largest brand when it comes to nicotine pouches. ZYN nicotine pouches come in various flavors, and in this post, we will go through all the different and best ZYN flavors.

To begin with, all the ZYN flavors are available in three different variants.

  • ZYN Mini
    • This is the smallest pouch that also comes in a mini package. The format fits perfectly in your inner pocket or in a handbag.

  • ZYN Slim
    • ZYN Slim is a normal-sized pouch with the difference that it is narrower and longer than a traditional pouch.
      This makes it more discreet and flows less, which is well suited when you do not want to display your nicotine intake.
      I think that ZYN slim is the perfect choice when you meet customers at work or if you are at dinner with your mother-in-law. You get your nicotine but no one notices it.

  • ZYN Mini Extra Strong

    • ZYN Mini Extra Strong is just as it sounds. A mini nicotine pouch with a lot of power.
      Here you get a nicotine dose in the form of a strong normal-sized pouch but in a smaller format.
      If you are used to nicotine pouches with high nicotine content, this is the perfect option when you want to get your nicotine needs without the lip standing out like a flag on a stormy autumn day.

Enough about the format, let ut speak about all the ZYN flavors and how they rank in our list.

The best ZYN flavors for you

  1. ZYN Cool Mint

    Or rather the bestseller from ZYN here at Snusdaddy. ZYN COOL MINT is our most popular nicotine pouch.

    Here you get a fresh experience of mint that cools nicely under the lip. Distinct notes of peppermint and a spicy character. The dry surface gives low salivation and long lasting release of ZYN flavors.

    In our and the worlds opinion, ZYN Cool Mint is the best ZYN nicopod flavor. Check it out below to order yours today.

    Image with description about ZYN cool mint and add to card button
  2. ZYN Bellini

    Dream away to Italy with ZYN Bellini. Inspired by the popular Italian drink Bellini, the latest from ZYN flavor gives associations to partying on a warm, sunny day on the Mediterranean coast.

    That's how Swedish Match describes the ZYN Bellini flavor.

    For those of you who want a slightly stronger nicotine pouch: Taste peach with hints of fruit tea and green grape. A small thin nicotine bag that is dry but which, when moistened under the lip, gives a fast and strong taste delivery.

    Image reviewing ZYN Bellini and an add to cart so you can order our #2 ZYN flavor
  3. ZYN Northern Woods

    Stop in a ZYN Northern Woods, close your eyes, and embark on a journey. You're going to the deep forests of Alaska.

    In fantastic harmony, you feel the flavors of berries, herbs, lavender, and citrus. This ZYN pouches flavor makes you relax and feel how the calm spreads.

    The taste is complex and low-key, and you will find a taste of salt. The composition of this flavor makes it flow less, and the ZYN flavors will last a long time.

    Our #3 flavor ZYN Northern woods and how to order it
  4. ZYN Ginger Blood Orange

    Of all the ZYN pouch flavors that we have tested, ZYN Ginger Blood Orange is the one that stands out the most. The slightly bitter taste of blood orange and ginger's pungent feeling make this ZYN flavor unique.

    ZYN all-white bags are soft, well-filled, and have low flow for extra enjoyment.

    Order ZYN Ginger Blood Orange The #4 ZYN Flavor
  5. ZYN Espressino

    Are you a big fan of both coffee and nicotine pouches?

    Then you might think that ZYN Espressino is the best ZYN flavor. Here you get a nicotine pouch with a taste of freshly roasted coffee, chocolate, nougat, and vanilla.

    The character is a bit creamy and the pouch is slightly darker than other ZYN flavors.

    Order ZYN Espressino The #5 ZYN Flavor on our list
  6. ZYN Lemon Spritz

    This ZYN flavor combines tones of sun-ripened lemon, sweet peach, sour grapefruit and rose water.

    A fresh taste that brings out memories of hot summer days.

    I like to vary my nicotine pouches with ZYN Lemon Spritz as a given choice. We also have this zyn flavor as a mix pack with both ZYN Mint, ZYN COOL MINT, and all the zyn flavors.

    Image reviewing ZYN Lemon Spritz and a button to order the #6 flavor
  7. ZYN Citrus

    Here, too, you experience the healthy feeling of summer and warmth when the flavors of ZYN Citrus spread in your mouth.

    The scent is pleasant, and your company will be curious when you open your can with ZYN Citrus.

    Order ZYN Citrus our #7 flavor out of all the zyn flavors
  8. ZYN Spearmint

    Next in line in the ZYN Mint family is the ZYN Spearmint. A slightly spicy character with clear flavors of spearmint.

    A nicotine pouch with a dry surface for low salivation and a long-lasting release of the ZYN spearmint flavors.

    In the USA, ZYN is a real bestseller and Swedish Match, which manufactures ZYN, sold over 46 million cans of ZYN to the USA in the last three months.

    Order ZYN Spearmint our #8 best flavor of ZYN

  9. ZYN Apple Mint

    The last but not least place for the best ZYN flavor is ZYN apple mint. Here we find clear flavors of spearmint together with green apple.

    If you search deep enough, you can also find traces of vanilla and coconut.

    Like other members of the ZYN family, ZYN Apple Mint also has a dry surface to extend the taste experience and it flows much less than a traditional pouch such as General White portion.

    Image review of ZYN apple mint the #9th best flavor of zyn in our list

Where can I see all your ZYN flavors?

Everyone has different tastes, and that's what it's all about when you are trying to find the perfect flavor for you. To find all our different flavors of ZYN nicotine pouches, you can go to our brand page for ZYN nicotine pouches. There you will be able to find everything in the list above and a lot more as well.

Please let us know if you need help selecting that special can of ZYN specifically for your tastes.

Can I find these ZYN flavors near me?

Snusdaddy.com delivers all the zyn flavors to you wherever you are. We deliver to the whole world and send your order within 24 hours to deliver your ZYN nicotine pouches within 2-4 working days.

Why not take the opportunity to try some other of our ZYN flavors when you order anyway. Feel free to contact us by email or phone to help put together your perfect ZYN MIX PACK.

Snusdaddy.com has a wide range of ZYN Nicotine Pouches, and you will find the best ZYN flavors with us. If you want to broaden your register of nicotine pouches, we also have LYFT & VELO nicotine pouches. LYFT Freeze Mint is a fantastic complement to ZYN and should definitely be tested.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have questions or want help with your order. We are available by phone and email.

Happy snusing, everyone!