The 10 Best ZYN Flavors Ranked - World of ZYN (2024)
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
26 November, 2021
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The 10 Best ZYN Flavors Ranked - World of ZYN (2024)

List of all ZYN flavors updated: April 2024

We've collected the 10 best ZYN flavors for you, and ranked them according to user demand. ZYN is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the nicotine pouch industry. It has tonnes of unique flavors, and each one warrants a chance.

With varying nicotine strengths, and a great eco-friendly motive, ZYN is the pinnacle that every nicotine pouch brand tries to reach. We'll help you get started by listing the tastiest, juiciest, and most buzzy flavors of ZYN. So let's blow your mind and taste buds by diving into the world of ZYN flavors. 

Best ZYN Flavors Ranked For You

ZYN has tons of different flavors, from menthol to chill mint and exotic Bellini. Furthermore, new ZYN flavors pour out into the market every other day. We recommend trying them all because each one has a signature taste.

We understand you need something a bit more specific to get started. So here's a list of ZYN flavors, ranked according to demand and uniqueness: 

  1. Apple Mint
  2. Black Cherry
  3. Cool Mint
  4. Bellini
  5. Gold
  6. Original
  7. Espressino
  8. Lemon Spritz
  9. Citrus
  10. Spearmint

Now let's understand why each one of these 10 different ZYN flavors is worth trying. 

1. ZYN Apple Mint

If you like mint flavors but want something sweeter and mellower, you need to get Apple Mint. The pouch also carries a familiar flavor vanilla and coconut. It's a great pouch for people who want something more tropical and Caribbean. 

ZYN Apple Mint has a dry surface that reduces moisture and creates a long-lasting release of flavor and nicotine. It flows less than a traditional pouch such as General White portion. You can expect the pouch to release flavor and nicotine consistently for around 30 minutes.

Predominant Flavor Green Apples
Supporting Flavors Mint
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg, 6 mg, and 9 mg
Special Feature Unique sweet flavor
Best For People who love sweet flavors and want to keep the doctor away

2. ZYN Black Cherry

Have you ever wanted something that tastes like a mash of all the delicious berries in the world? We certainly did! Black Cherry pouches contain the rejuvenating power of cherries, the creamy richness of vanilla, and the ripe, sour taste of forest berries.

Each Black cherry pouch gives a sweet nicotine kick that you're bound to remember until your next pop. Out of all the ZYN flavors and strengths, Mini Black Cherry 6 mg is our personal favorite. Try these pouches in mini format for a truly discrete experience.

Predominant Flavor Cherry
Supporting Flavors Forest Berry and Vanilla
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg and 6 mg
Special Feature One of the few Cherry flavored nicopods in the industry
Best For Everyone

3. ZYN Cool Mint

ZYN Cool Mint one of the most popular ZYN flavors in the U.S., Qatar, and other countries. Each pouch is loaded with enough cooling power to put two split air conditioners to shame. The taste revolves around mint, peppermint, and distinct spicy tobacco notes. 

Each Cool Mint flavor follows a dry format, which means low moisture. The dry surface reduces salivation and leads to a long-lasting release of flavor, while the minty flavor profile gives it a sharp nicotine kick. This pouch is so good that you can try it back-to-back without ever getting tired of it. 

Predominant Flavor Mint
Supporting Flavors Peppermint
Nicotine Strengths 11 mg
Special Feature Sharp refreshing taste and after breath
Best For People who love refreshing flavors

4. ZYN Mini Dry Cool Mint

Mini Dry Cool Mint isn't exactly an entirely different flavor, but it still deserves a separate entry. It's the same flavor as Cool Mint, but is also smaller and drier. Since these pouches are dry, you don't need to spit, and the flavor lasts a long time.

Their mini format means you can use them anywhere, whenever you want. The small size makes them very discreet, while keeping their nicotine kick and buzz consistent. It's easily one of the best ZYN flavors in the mini dry category. 

Predominant Flavor Menthol
Supporting Flavors Peppermint
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg, 6 mg, and 9 mg
Special Feature Great refreshing flavor with strong nicotine kick
Best For Everyone

5. ZYN Gold (NEW)

Despite being a new flavor, ZYN Gold is on everyone's mind and under everyone's lip. The moment you pop open the lid, a delicious aroma of sweet caramel mixed with strong notes of tobacco hits your senses. As one member of our fam described it, ZYN Gold is like opening a fresh can of Marlboros with some extra spice.

ZYN Gold has 3mg and 6mg of nicotine per pouch, so just about anyone can use it. Order your cans of ZYN Gold today, to enjoy a unique flavor that no other brand can offer. 

Predominant Flavor Sweet Tobacco
Supporting Flavors Caramel and Dry Fruits
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg and 6 mg
Special Feature Only tobacco flavored ZYN nicopod
Best For Tobacco lovers who want a safer alternative

6. ZYN Original (NEW)

Can you taste a nicotine pouch flavor that doesn't exist? Find out with ZYN Original, the only unflavored ZYN product on the market. It was created for people who want pure nicotine without any additional artificial sweeteners or additives. 

It's a one-of-a-kind nicotine pouch that ensures a great experience without an overwhelming aftertaste. If you want to use ZYN with Keto, this should be your go to pouch. Break free from the shackles of clingy flavors with ZYN Original and order your cans today.

Predominant Flavor No flavor
Supporting Flavors Slight Sweetness
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg and 6 mg
Special Feature It has no flavor
Best For People who do not like strong aftertastes

7. ZYN Espressino

Are you a big fan of both coffee and nicotine pouches? Try ZYN Espressino. It has enough notes of caffeine to give you a good “get up” kick. The flavors are a mix of freshly roasted coffee, chocolate, nougat, and vanilla, which tastes like a slice of heaven. 

The pouch is slightly darker than other ZYN products, but we assure it's completely tobacco-free and all-white. The pouch is dry, so you won't have to worry about salivation. Try it because we guarantee you'll love it.

Predominant Flavor Coffee
Supporting Flavors Chocolate, Nougat, Vanilla
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg and 6 mg
Special Feature Unique ZYN coffee flavor
Best For Coffee lovers

8. ZYN Lemon Spritz

Lemon Spritz combines tones of sun-ripened lemon, sweet peach, sour grapefruit, and rose water. It's not a very popular flavor because it's new, but iut. You could say it's an underrated gem that we had the good fortune of trying out. 

We also recommend trying it out because it's one of the most uniquely flavored nicotine pouches on the market. For extra effect try to alternate it with ZYN Mini Dry Citrus

Predominant Flavor Lemon
Supporting Flavors Grapefruit, Peach, Rose Water
Nicotine Strengths 6.5 mg
Special Feature Sweet and sour overwhelming taste and aroma
Best For Every citrus loving nicotine user

9. ZYN Citrus

Every nicotine brand has a Citrus flavored nicopod, but ZYN takes everything to a whole new level. The sweet and sour citrus flavor is reminiscent of juicy fruits and the drool-inducing aroma makes everything sweeter. You'll experience a cooling sensation with undertones of sweet nicotine as soon as you pop a pouch. 

It's like having orange-flavored cotton candy. The flavor melts in your mouth, and you're left with a wide grin of ecstasy from corner to corner. We highly recommend trying this out!

Predominant Flavor Lemon and Lime
Supporting Flavors Orange Zest
Nicotine Strengths 3 mg and 9 mg
Special Feature Strong taste of lemon
Best For All Citrus lovers

10. ZYN Spearmint

If you like refreshing mint flavors, then you'll definitely love the ZYN Spearmint. This nicotine pouch has a slightly spicy character with clear flavors of spearmint. The nicotine pouch has a dry surface for low salivation and a long-lasting release of the ZYN spearmint flavors.

Spearmint is a very popular nicotine pouch in the US. It's a great alternative for people who don't like classic mint pouches. We highly recommend trying it out!

Predominant Flavor Spearmint
Supporting Flavors Peppermint and Menthol
Nicotine Strengths 1.5 mg and 9 mg
Special Feature Comes in 1.5 mg
Best For Perfect for complete novices and hardened users

Which ZYN Pouches Should I Get?

The best ZYN pouch that we recommend for everyone is ZYN Black Cherry. It's a perfect ZYN flavor that guarantees an unforgettable experience. However, everyone has different tastes, and occasionally, you don't even know you like a specific flavor.

We ranked the flavors above based on demand, which means most people will like it. However, it still doesn't mean that you'll like it as well. That's why we recommend trying as many flavors as possible to find which flavor is the best for you. 

Check out the extended ZYN nicotine pouches inventory. If that doesn't have something according to your tastes, try VELO, LOOP, or something different. You can also get some recommendations from our best nicotine pouches of 2023 list.

ZYN's Nicotine Pouch Formats

There's a lot more to having a good nicotine experience than just knowing good flavors. One example of this is formats, which change the versatility and usability of ZYN products. ZYN nicotine pouches and flavors come in three different formats:

ZYN Mini

These are smaller and more compact pouches that take up less space under your lip. The cans of these products are also much smaller and more compact to the standard products. It makes them less noticeable and gives you more options and places to use them. 

ZYN Slim

Slim format pouches are very thin compared to standard pouches and don't make a bulge under your lip. Most ZYN pouches are in slim or mini format. You can use these slim and mini pods during a meeting, in an airport, or on a plane to keep your nicotine cravings at bay without people noticing.

ZYN Mini Extra Strong

ZYN Mini Extra Strong is a mini nicotine pouch with a lot of power. These small pouches offer a sizable nicotine kick, while resting discreetly under your lip. These pouches are perfect for quick nicotine fixes in the office, on the subway, or on a plane.

Strengths of ZYN's Unique Flavors

Remember, you can enjoy each flavor of ZYN in three different strengths, Standard, Strong, and Extra Strong. Each level of strength is signified by a filled dot on the front cover of the can.

Image of a ZYN Can flavor showing the strength dots to indicate the strength of the ZYN flavor

Here's what each dot signifies:

  • 1 Dot: ZYN has one 1 dot flavor, which is ZYN mini spearmint. Great for novices.
  • 2-Dot: These are pouches with around 2 to 3 mg of nicotine, perfect for beginners.
  • 3-Dot: Moderately strong pouches for occasional smokers and snus users.
  • 4-Dot: These are strong pouches that only experienced nicotine users should pursue. 

Which ZYN Strength Option Should You Use?

If you're a new nicotine user or looking to switch from tobacco products (like Snus) to ZYN, try the two-dot pouches. These have enough nicotine to keep your cravings at bay. If you're an experienced user or have been smoking for a long period of time, try the three or four-dot pouches.

These have stronger nicotine kicks, and you should only use them if you have enough experience. To stay ahead of the curve, read about ZYN VS Snus, and VELO vs ZYN. You can also read our guide on ZYN 3 vs 6 mg if you're unsure of the strengths.

When you've got the strength nailed down, choose a flavor and order away. Despite being the most sold nicopod, getting your hands on a can of ZYN from your local mart is easier said than done.

How Can You Get Your Favorite ZYN Flavors?

You can buy ZYN nicotine pouches online from Snusdaddy. We have the freshest flavors and a diverse array of products. You can find all types of nicotine pouches, including some delicious ZYN nicopods from trusted brands like VELO and Iceberg Nicotine Pouches.

You only need to add your favorite nicopods to your cart and checkout using your preferred method. We'll dispatch your order within 24 hours. Based on the delivery method you choose (PostNord or UPS) and your location, you'll receive your order within 2 to 10 working days.

And if you're on a tight budget, don't worry. We have a Special Offers section just for you. You can also get exclusive discounts and freebies with the ZYN rewards program if you order in bulk. If you experience any problems or have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support. We are available by phone and email. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About ZYN

Who Owns ZYN?

ZYN is a subsidiary of Swedish Match. ZYN is a brand known for its consistency and quality. Each product sets the bar for the oral nicotine industry, and it's one reason why it's the most demanded nicopod around the world.

What Ingredients Do ZYN Pouches Contain?

ZYN pouches contain completely white nicotine, sweeteners, and flavors. All of these are securely packed into pouches made from plant fibers that do not irritate, stain, or harm your gums. These ingredients make ZYN pouches safe to use for people who only want a less harmful nicotine fix. 

Are You Supposed to Swallow ZYN Nicotine Pouches?

No, you should never swallow a ZYN nicotine pouch or any other nicopod. Swallowing a pouch isn't fatal in any way, but swallowing one can cause an upset stomach or nausea. If you've swallowed a nicotine pouch, then please do not use another one until the symptoms subside or contact a doctor.

What is the best-selling ZYN flavor?

ZYN Mini Black Cherry is the best-selling ZYN flavor. It has an aromatic flavor and a delicious nicotine kick, that most people love. The pouch also comes in 3 and 6 mg strengths, so both experienced and new users can have a satisfying experience.