R42 Peppermint White Portion Super Strong

R42 Peppermint White Portion Super Strong

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A mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of spearmint and peppermint, along with hints of cedar, herbs and green apple. A full sized pouch that is dry on the surface with a semidry content for a low salivation.

  • 1-piece 4.39$ (4.39$/piece)
  • 10% 10-pack 39.50$ ( 3.95$ /piece)
  • 12% 30-pack 115.80$ ( 3.86$ /piece)
  • 14% 60-pack 226.80$ ( 3.78$ /piece)
  • 16% 100-pack 369$ ( 3.69$ /piece)
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Temporarily out of stock

More and more snus users ask for White snus with high strength. With R42, Swedish Match have focused on just that. Through a mint flavor in combination with low moisture and high nicotine content, R42 delivers an intense stingy feeling under the lip. The strength of snus does not only depend on how much nicotine one gets from the tobacoo. The taste, format, nicotine content, moisture content, and pH all affect the experience. With R42 Swedish Match have optimized these characteristics to deliver a Super Strong snus experience, even for regular strong-snus users. With their quality standard GOTHIATEK, Swedish Match guarantees that the snus is of uncompromising quality through their high expertise and control at all stages, from seed to can. R42 complies with all the requirements of GOTHIATEK. The lower moisture content makes the snus considerably dryer and reduces salivation, while at the same time enabling a higher strength than the regular White-products from Swedish Match. All three products in the R42 family have a White pouch with low moisture content and thus offer low runniness under the lip. The difference between the three different types is instead in the flavor. While the cooling effect of mint characterizes the whole R42 family, R42 Peppermint contains the clearest mint flavor with a combination of spearmint and peppermint. R42 Cool Mint has a more subtle peppermint taste. With a combination of spearmint, melon, and guava, R42 Green Mint comes with a fruitier mint character. Want to know more about Swedish Match or looking for something else they have to offer? Click here!

StrengthDon't Go There
TypeWhite Portion
More Information
ProducerSwedish Match AB
Nicotine Content2.6 %
Nicotine mg/g25.71 mg
Nicotine mg/pouch18 mg
Moisture Content27.5 %
Snus Weight/Can14 g
Weight/Portion0.7 g

Ingredients: tobacco (contains nicotine), water, pH adjuster (sodium carbonate), salt, natural and artificial flavors, ammonium chloride.