Are Nicotine Pouches Vegan? ZYN, VELO, and More
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
21 February, 2024
5 Min

Are Nicotine Pouches Vegan? ZYN, VELO, and More

Yes, nicotine pouches are vegan because they are made from plant-based materials. The main constituents of a nicotine pouch are all-white nicotine powder, arabic gum, humectant, and sweetener. All of these ingredients do not contain animal derivatives, which makes most nicotine pouches vegan.

Some select brands might not be vegan because of their production methods or ingredients. Today, we'll look at the different products and brands to determine, which ones aren't vegan. We'll also learn how to discern one from the other. 

Is Nicotine Vegan?

Nicotine is vegan because it is derived from the nightshade family of plants. Nicotine is a stimulant and passive depressant that acts as a psychoactive agent in your body. When you smoke or put a nicotine pouch under your lip, the nicotine will be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Thereafter, it reacts with the nicotinic acetycholine receptors to release neurochemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. You can learn more about how nicotine pouches work from our detailed guide.

Most nicotine pouches contain nicotine derived from the tobacco plant or pharmaceutical nicotine created in a lab, both of which are vegan.

What Are The Main Ingredients Of Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches contain the following ingredients:

  • Nicotine: Most nicotine pouches contain all-white, refined nicotine powder.
  • Humectant: It's a substance that is added to prevent moisture loss and improve cohesion.
  • Filler: This is usually arabic gum or other filler that is added to give the pouch its form.
  • Flavor: It's usually a sweetener or other artificial food grade flavor.

Most of the ingredients are completely vegan and do not contain any animal derivatives. Flavor is the only part of a nicotine pouch that may or may not be vegan. Let's look at some vegan brands today.

Which Nicotine Pouch Brands Are Vegan?

Most of the major nicotine pouch brands, like ZYN, VELO, and LOOP, are vegan. These nicotine pouches are also keto-friendly, which makes them a great option for pursuing a better lifestyle. Let's look at how and why these brands are vegan.

Is ZYN Vegan?

ZYN nicotine pouches are completely vegan, and are one of the largest nicotine pouch brands in the world. It is completely tobacco-free and only includes, refined, all-white nicotine. The pouches are made with plant-based fibers, filler, and flavouring that is completely free from animal-derived ingredients.

Because of ZYN's ingredients, it does not stain teeth, produce saliva, or smoke. It's one of the purest forms of nicotine and works great as an NRT for people who want to quit non-vegan forms of nicotine. 

Is VELO Vegan?

Yes, VELO nicotine pouches are also vegan, which makes them a great option for most nicotine users. Like ZYN, VELO uses white pouches that do not contain tobacco. The product is also vegan because it includes pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, flavorings, and fillers. 

VELO also uses a very sustainable approach to manufacturing, where their cans are made from recycled plastic. It's the biggest competitor to ZYNs around the US and the rest of the world. 

Is LOOP Vegan?

LOOP nicotine pouches are completely vegan, discreet, and very eco-friendly. LOOP is a newer and perhaps the most revolutionary nicotine pouch brand. It uses Instant Rush technology to release flavor and nicotine the moment you place a pouch under your upper lip. 

Apart from nicotine, the pouches contain filler, humectant, pH adjusters, and a bit of ingredient X, which makes it a treat for everyone. LOOP also makes eco-friendly cans that do not harm the environment.

Image of a nicotine pouch can and the text saying are other nicotine products vegan?

Are Other Nicotine Products Vegan?

Other nicotine products are often not vegan and have serious side effects, that could throw your body off balance. Here are some prominent forms of nicotine and their vegan information:

Are Cigarettes Vegan?

No, cigarettes are not vegan, they are frequently tested on animals like mice, hamsters. Apart from this, cigarettes contain more than 6000 toxins and other harmful chemicals that can seriously harm your body. Cigarettes are also a hazard to the environment, which makes them very unsustainable and harmful.

Are Vapes Vegan?

While, vapes only contain nicotine salt, they are still not vegan. Vapes contain glycerin, propylene glycerol, and other oily substances that are typically derived from or tested on animals. While vapes are tobacco free, they are certainly not vegan.

Is Snus Vegan?

Snus are smoke-free forms of nicotine that contain tobacco and other spices. Snus products are vegan, which makes them a great product for everyday nicotine users. These pouches are made with a vegan fiber base, pH adjusters, and other sweeteners.

And considering the history of snus, we can safely say they haven't been touched by a single animal. Why let animals test snus, when humans are always ready to do it for free?

How Do You Find a Vegan Nicotine Pouch?

The easiest way to find a vegan nicotine pouch is to look for credible products that are upfront about their ingredients. Nicotine pouches that contain powder derived from tobacco plants or pharmaceutical nicotine are almost always vegan.

Apart from this, look at the sweeteners and cans. Some nicotine pouch brands use recycled plastic cans, while others use non-sustainable plastic cans. The more eco-friendly a can is, the more vegan that nicotine pouch brand is bound to be. 

Conclusion: Yes, They're Vegan

Yes, nicotine pouches are vegan, and now you even know what makes each specific brand eco-friendly. You also know how to distinguish a vegan nicotine pouch from a non-vegan option. Broadly speaking, almost all major nicotine pouch brands are vegan.

Other forms of nicotine, like cigarettes and vapes, are non-vegan and have long-term adverse health effects. If you're looking for a safer kind of nicotine experience, without the effects of tobacco, we'd recommend the best tobacco free pouches or the best ZYN alternatives