LYFT becomes VELO in 2022, LYFT2VELO
05 December, 2021

LYFT becomes VELO in 2022, LYFT2VELO

LYFT becomes VELO nicotine pouches


As a Swede, it feels a little strange that the brand LYFT is transforming to VELO nicotine pouches.

From 2022, LYFT will change its name to VELO nicotine pouches in all markets. LYFT UK might have never been established, which is why VELO UK is taking over as a fresh contender and it has been marketed as such from the beginning.

The same applies to the Netherlands. LYFT Netherlands has not been used very often when VELO nicotine pouches Netherlands, are the next upcoming thing.

So instead of marketing the same product under two different brands, they will now merge and only use VELO nicotine pouches.



The name change will also mean a strategic change as VELO nicotine pouches are marketed as a more responsible and sustainable choice for us snus lovers and nicotine pouch users.

For us Swedes, however, it will be a major change as LYFT has established itself as a strong brand. The LYFT flavors are incorporated and the design of the VELO nicotine pouches cans is quite a sight, so I think the establishment and transformation of VELO nicotine pouches will go painlessly in Sweden as well. In a year, we may have forgotten that there was once a bestseller called LYFT Freeze.


To sum up, there is no difference in taste, nicotine content, or shape between VELO and LYFT and the content consists of as high-quality nicotine pouches as ever.

LYFT nicotine pouches are available in 12 exciting flavors where it is LYFT Mint flavors that are the most popular. LYFT nicotine pouches are by far the strongest brand when it comes to tobacco-free snus in the EU. Countries like the Netherlands, England, and Ireland are big consumers of different LYFT flavors.

I was going to write a post about LYFT flavors and features as a final tribute before the name change.


LYFT Before It Changed Name

  • LYFT Freeze X-Strong

The great success when talking about LYFT flavors which have emerged as a tsunami throughout Europe. “Do you have Lyft Freeze in stock?” Well, this is perhaps the most common question we receive from our EU customers. Snusdaddy always has brand new Lyft Freeze in stock for fast and safe delivery to all the LYFT lovers in the world.

The LYFT Freeze flavor is a cool experience with a refreshing ice-cold feeling that spreads under the lip. LYFT Freeze takes your taste buds on a journey to the snow-covered Swedish winter landscape and if you have once tried this LYFT flavor, you will want to do it again and again. It is no coincidence that LYFT Freeze X-Strong has been a success. For people who like mint snus or mint nicotine pouches, LYFT Freeze is one of the candidates vying for first place when it comes to the best mint nicotine pouches.

As the name suggests, this is a nicopod with a nicotine content that is in the upper scale with its 15.6mg/gram pouch. The nicotine strength may not measure up to White FOX Bluemint, but the cooling taste experience makes it feel stronger than it actually is. To find the VELO version of LYFT Freeze X-Strong you can find it here.


  • LYFT Ice Cool Strong

This is also a member of the LYFT Mint family. Maybe not the same icy cold as LYFT Freeze but a really crunchy experience with a taste of peppermint along with a well-balanced sweetness from the traditional mint taste.

LYFT Ice Cool takes your senses on a journey you will not regret. Here you get your nicotine needs satisfied to 100% and it is completely tobacco-free.

It's a snus for the ones looking for a fresh experience together with a moderate nicotine experience.

The nicotine content is slightly lower than LYFT Freeze as LYFT Ice Cool has a nicotine concentration of 14 mg/g nicotine pouch.

Are you thinking LYFT UK? If I say VELO Ice Cool, you know what I mean. To find the VELO version of LYFT Ice Cool Strong you can find it here.


  • LYFT Tokyo Zing

Here you are offered a can of nicotine pouch flavors that differ from most things you have tested before. LYFT Tokyo Zing has a pleasantly spicy taste of ginger from the first moment but then changes to a more neutral taste of citrus. Imagine that you drink a ginger shot and where you first receive a touch of heat which then turns into a pleasant aftertaste reminiscent of lemon. It is in a similar way that you will experience LYFT Tokyo Zing. Personally, there is nothing I have in my daily set with my best nicotine pouches but every now and then I break off with a LYFT Tokyo Zing. I also note that I should take a Tokyo Zing more often as there are exciting flavors with the refreshing ginger.

The nicotine strength is 14mg/g nicotine pouch.

Keep an eye on Snusdaddy.com and Snusdaddy.eu, we always have low prices on the best LYFT flavors and have regular special offers on, among other things, LYFT Freeze.

And do not forget that LYFT will soon change its name to VELO nicotine pouches. From 2022, you can order VELO Freeze X-Strong instead of LYFT Freeze X-Strong.


  • LYFT Ruby Berry

LYFT Strawberry Bloom is back under a new name, LYFT Ruby Berry.

LYFT Ruby Berry has a wonderful taste and aroma of strawberries and red berries.

Like all LYFT flavors, this edition also has a wonderful fresh scent and comes in LYFT's new cans in the form of VELO nicotine pouches. Are you looking for a discreet but tasty nicopod? Then LYFT Ruby Berry is the choice for you. Personally, I think that nicopods are at their best when you vary the flavors. I often have several cans on hand with both LYFT Mint and other LYFT flavors as a variation. Why not take a General original snus between your nicopods?

The strength of LYFT Ruby Berry is normal and amounts to a 8mg/g nicotine pouch. As a comparison, Göteborgs Rapé also contains 8mg/g snus.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Ruby Berry you can find it here.


  • LYFT Mint

Treat yourself to a sense of the sweet taste of spearmint along with a kick of menthol that raises this LYFT flavor in the same way that grandma's gravy brings to life the Sunday roast.

LYFT nicotine pouches are always completely tobacco-free, which lie comfortably and discreetly under the lip and flow minimally. The flavors are evenly distributed throughout the use period and if you are a loyal LYFT user, you know what I'm talking about. High quality together with a variety of LYFT flavors means that you can find your perfect mixpack with your best LYFT flavors.

As I mentioned on a previous occasion, you will from 2022 find LYFT Mint under the name VELO Mint nicotine pouches. The contents will be identical, but the design of the cans will be a little different.

The strength is normal with a nicotine content of 8mg/g pouch.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our customer support who can happily guide you around choices and brands or recommend the best nicopod flavors.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Mint you can find it here.


  • LYFT Lime Strong

When you put a LYFT Lime Strong under your lip, you will think of a fresh lime that is squeezed into an ice-cold drink. Add a sweetness and you get a fantastically fresh nicotine pouch that will be on your standing shopping list from Snusdaddy. This LYFT flavor will make your mind think of an exotic place where you may have been or dream of visiting.

Every LYFT Lime Strong can contains, as the name suggests, a wonderful set of strong nicotine pouches. The nicotine content is at a strong 14mg/g nicotine pouch.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Lime Strong you can find it here.


  • LYFT Tropical Breeze

If you are looking for a nicotine pouch that is largely unrelated to traditional snus, LYFT Tropical Breeze can be what you are looking for.

Personally, I think of Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam when I open a box of LYFT Tropical Breeze. You will be greeted by both the taste and aroma of tropical fruits such as mandarin, passion fruit and mango in a wonderful mix.

The strength of this LYFT flavor is normal with a nicotine content of 8mg/g for this nicopod.

We have a daily delivery of LYFT to both the Netherlands, UK, and the USA. LYFT Netherlands has almost become slang for nicotine pouches in the Netherlands. If you are looking for your nearest LYFT store, you know that Snusdaddy is always available to meet your needs.

Buy LYFT nicotine pouches with us at Snusdaddy.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Tropical Breeze you can find it here.


  • LYFT Liquorice Strong

This LYFT flavor lets you experience a round soft taste of anise, salmiak, and caramel. Licorice is not for everyone but if you are a fan of licorice snus and licorice nicotine pouches then you will like LYFT Liquorice Strong.

Here you get a load of nicotine pouches that will stimulate your licorice abstinence.

The nicotine content is 14 mg/g.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Liquorice Strong you can find it here.


  • LYFT Winter Chill X-STRONG

With a taste of crispy fresh evergreens and smooth cooling menthol, this nicopod qualifies for the LYFT Mint family. A personal favorite that may not be quite as well known around the world.

This is a nicotine pouch that has a cooling taste of menthol in comparison with LYFT Freeze which has a more prominent cold under the lip.

The box also has a nice design, and the red-green design makes the Christmas feelings creep in already at the beginning of December. Since we send a lot of LYFT Mint and LYFT Freeze to Holland, I think this will be a big seller when you look at LYFT Netherlands.

The nicotine content is 15.6 mg/g nicotine pouch, which means that this LYFT flavor will give you a real nicotine kick. Together with LYFT Freeze, LYFT Winter Chill are the strongest nicotine pouches LYFT manufactures. 

To find the VELO version of LYFT Winter Chill X-STRONG you can find it here.


  • LYFT Caribbean Spirit

Are you a fan of Piña Colada? Then this LYFT flavor will suit you. Here you get a refreshing taste of coconut and pineapple. A fruity scent and a taste that is reminiscent of much more than just snus or nicotine pouches.

LYFT shows evidence of once again taking the turns in their seasoning and if you go through our range of LYFT flavors, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

LYFT CARIBBEAN SPIRIT has a nicotine content of 14mg/g in this nicopod.

Just like other LYFT flavors, LYFT Caribbean Spirit is 100% tobacco-free. The portion bags are white and flow minimally. Tasty, discreet, and hard to resist.


  • LYFT Urban Vibe

Feel the power of this all-white nicotine pouch. LYFT Urban Vibe provides an intense experience of fresh berries, which makes you ready to catch the day. This tobacco-free member of the LYFT family gives you a feeling that everything is possible. The flavors of cranberries and red berries are reminiscent of energy drinks and after a cup of coffee together with a LYFT Urban Vibe, nothing is impossible.

With that said, LYFT Urban Vibe is a slightly different bird among the LYFT flavors but an exciting alternative or rather a complement to all LYFT lovers around the world.

The nicotine content is 14 mg/g.


  • LYFT Mini Royal Purple

We end this review with a LYFT flavor in mini format. LYFT Mini Royal Purple is a sour rack with the taste of red grapes. Both the box and the nicotine bags come in a mini format and make it discreet to use and easy to take with you. A small handbag or inner pocket is all that is needed to bring a box of LYFT Mini Royal Purple.

As far as I know, there is nothing on the market for nicotine pouches that can be compared to the taste in LYFT Mini Royal Purple. Despite the small can and the discreet portion bags, the nicotine content is 12 mg/g pouch. You can therefore be sure that you get the nicotine kick you are looking for.

To find the VELO version of LYFT Mini Royal Purple you can find it here.

Image with a velo nicotine can and text saying questions about lyft or velo?

Questions about LYFT or VELO?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our range of LYFT and VELO flavors or anything else. Snusdaddy strives to have the market's lowest prices on snus and nicotine pouches and we buy our snus directly from the factory so you can count on delivery of steaming fresh nicopods when you order from us.

If you want to expand your register when it comes to nicotine pouches, we have lots of other exciting brands to choose from. Why not try LOOP Habanero / Mint or LOOP Jalapeño Lime.


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Of course, we have the entire range from ZYN nicotine pouches and much more.

We look forward to packing your order.


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