Swedish snus in USA
03 February, 2022

Swedish snus in USA

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Boston, these are the ten largest cities in the United States of America, USA! You will find a good selection of Swedish snus in various snus shops and tobacco stores in these cities. But even if you have a good supply in the big cities and you can find snus in the countryside as well, no one can measure up to the supply you get when you order snus online.

The United States is the country that has everything, it is the land of opportunity and freedom! But Sweden is the motherland of snus and the possibilities for a really good mixpack of snus can only be found in a Swedish online snus store. Prices are also significantly lower when you order snus online.

With proud history and patriotism, every true American is a diligent supporter of all the athletes in various sports who represent the United States in various contexts.

It can be anything from football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, baseball to figure skating or skiing and more.

They compete in both world championships and the Olympic Games.

When you follow all this sport, you can sometimes be overwhelmed with emotions, you can be happy, elated, stressed, angry, disappointed, or even sad.

No matter what, there is always room to enjoy a General snus or why not one of the best ZYN flavors?

If you want something stronger, then maybe Siberia snus is something for you. There are also strong tobacco-free alternatives in the form of White Fox or Pablo Ice Cold.

Are you chilling on a beach in Florida, sitting on a greyhound bus between San Francisco and Phoenix, or sipping an espresso at an old industrial industry cafe in Detroit? A ZYN Bellini fits regardless of time, place and season. A timeless seasoning that is one of our absolute best-selling nicotine pouches.

Are you looking for the feeling when something stimulates all your senses and makes you drag along by the icy cold that prevails when it is most windy on top of a mountain in Aspen?

Then you should have something intense like LYFT Freeze or ZYN Cool mint.


At Snusdaddy.com you will find a wide range of quality snus and nicotine bags at the best prices on the market.

Your order is packed and sent within 24 hours of ordering and delivery takes place safely and securely via UPS and you usually have your goods within 2-4 working days. When we ship to the US, it is the DDP that applies. DDP stands for Delivery and Duty Paid. No extra fees on your order as we are responsible for customs clearance on all orders to the USA.

Payment is made via a secure checkout, the solution comes from NETS which is an established player in payments. For you as a customer, it should feel safe to shop with us and it also places demands on us as a supplier to always deliver goods of the highest quality safely and securely.

Our goal is to make your customer experience the best when shopping for products with us.

We do this by offering a wide range of snus and nicotine pouches on Snusdaddy.com.

With us, you can easily order snus and nicotine bags to the USA with delivery within 2-4 working days.

You can also buy Swedish sweets such as, Ahlgren's Bilar, Gott & Blandat or Turkish Pepper.

At Snusdaddy, you will find snus from the established snus producers with brands such as Siberia snus, General snus and Nick & Johnny snus. We also have a wide range of nicotine pouches, and you will find the best ZYN flavors, LYFT Ice Cool, White Fox nicotine pouches and many more.

Siberia snus is our best seller in both the USA and Europe as it is a strong snus with an extremely high nicotine content.

ZYN, LYFT, LOOP and Killa are available in lots of different variants and are our best-selling nicotine bags!


We provide about 300 types of snus and nicotine bags, which makes us one of the market's largest players. At Snusdaddy you will find some of the market's lowest prices and in addition we always have an exciting range of quality snus among our special offers. There you will find everything from strong tobacco snus to nicopods with flavors of mint, melon and lime or maybe you dare to try LOOP Jalapeno Lime .

We ship to the entire United States by UPS.

Can't find your favorite?

Email us directly and we will help you look at the possibility of solving your wishes, we are the most flexible player on the market! Swedish snus is our passion, and we look forward to packing your order.

To all my friends in the US,

I'll see you soon!