What are LOOP nicotine pouches?
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
05 December, 2022

What are LOOP nicotine pouches?

LOOP is a new nicotine brand redefining the industry with its vision. LOOP nicopods are tobacco-free alternatives to cigarettes and snus that you're bound to fall in love with. These pouches are loaded with nicotine, delicious flavors, and a unique aroma.


But what really separates LOOP from the rest of the nicopods is its approach to sustainable living. You'll learn more about this when you understand how LOOP was made.

The making of LOOP nicotine pouches

Compared to other nicotine brands, LOOP is relatively new to the industry. LOOP started operating in 2019 under the manufacturer (ironically named), Another Snus Factory (ASF). ASF is also responsible for the lovable snus brand called +47.


According to their vision, ASF wanted to do things differently, which is why they created LOOP. It is one of the first environmentally friendly snus, with a unique Instant RushTM Technology. LOOP is also one of the few brands that have dared to approach a unique array of spicy flavors.

LOOP Image from instagram


Most of the other nicopod brands on the market wouldn't even dare to think about Jalapeño flavored pouches. Overall, LOOP is a good and innovative brand that could be the next big thing in the ever-evolving snus industry. But is LOOP worth it?


Let's find out with...


Our review of LOOP pouches

LOOP, despite being young, has the same quality control as VELO, ZYN, and Zafari. LOOP also offers many unique flavors, and nicotine kicks on par with some of the best nicopods in the industry. It brings us to our next favorite part of LOOP.


It takes a minute or two for the nicotine to kick in, with most nicopods. LOOP nicopods provide a quick nicotine kick with their Instant Rush Technology. You'll feel the nicotine wash over you like a wave the moment you park a LOOP bag under your upper lip.

Our review of loop pouches

Besides the immediate nicotine kick, LOOP guarantees a controlled and long-lasting nicotine release. So you can enjoy your favorite LOOP nicopods for a longer period. We also love the fact that LOOP has products with varying nicotine strengths for both moderately experienced and well-experienced users.


Finally, we cannot deny that LOOP is the world's first-ever environmentally friendly nicotine pouch. All LOOP cans are made from plant-based materials, like waste pine-oil and recycled plastic. Like most good brands, LOOP also has all white nicotine pouches that don't stain your teeth.


All in all, LOOP snus is a fantastic brand with terrific products. And you can enjoy these products by buying LOOP nicotine pouches online from Snusdaddy. But which products should you buy? And which ones are the best? Let's find out.

Best LOOP flavors

LOOP offers plenty of unique flavors that make your nicotine experience all the more enjoyable. But we must admit that some LOOP pouches are undeniably better than others. People who have yet to be ordained into the "LOOP" should try these flavors at least once.

Mint Mania - Classic

Mint Mania is perhaps the only classic flavor that LOOP flavors. Each bag of Mint Mania is filled with an icy fresh dose of nicotine. These pouches are available in different strengths depending on the user's preference. A basic LOOP Mint Mania pouch contains 10 mg of nicotine per gram. An Extra Strong Mint nicopod contains 20 mg of nicotine per gram.