What is White Portion Snus? - White Portion Guide
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
02 November, 2022

What is White Portion Snus? - White Portion Guide

The different types of snus can be categorized into two broad categories, Loose and Portions. The portions can further be classified into categories like White, All White, and Original Portion Snus. White snus is a low moisture version of traditional snus.


White snus comes packed in fixed pouches that you can put between your upper lip and gums. But where did this snus come from? Why was it made? And what separates it from the original portions? We will answer all of these questions in this simple snus guide.


History of white portion snus


Where did white portions come from?

Sweden is the home of white snus like all other tobacco products. Before 1998, people had to use more classic Swedish snus options. Due to the complexity and dripping problem of these classic options, people began to search for better alternatives.


Swedish Match is a leading tobacco manufacturer with brands General, VOLT, Ettan, ONE, Kaliber, Tre Ankare, V2 Tobacco, and ZYN under their wing. Swedish Match capitalized on the people's needs in 1998 by creating White Portions.


Benefits of white portion


Benefits of white portion snus

This category of snus is produced in a slightly different way. Instead of increasing the moisture content in the manufacturing process, these pouches are kept dry. Compared to the other classic portions, these pouches:

  • Last longer
  • Stay fresh for Longer
  • Healthier than regular snus
  • Don't drip
  • Spit-free
  • Have more flavour


why white portion was made


Why was white portion made?

The white portion was made to cater to the growing demand of the populace. People wanted healthier and easier-to-use snus. Swedish Match fulfilled that need by producing these Portions. About 200 years ago, in the early 1800s, snus use was quite prevalent in parts of Europe and Asia. Initially, the snus came in Loose formats.


You get a can filled with moist brown, black, or green snus. You shape the snus into a pellet and push it under your lip. The taste of Loose snus revolves around tobacco flavour and hints of grass/hay. The high nicotine content of loose snus made it perfect for thrill seekers. However, using loose snus was too much work.


In the 1970s, Original pouches or portions of snus were introduced. These are easier to use than loose snus. However, they have a major limitation. These pouches are moist, which means that they cause salivation and don't last long. You can't use them on the go. Finally, the masses got White servings/portions.


These products are drier than their predecessors and last longer. They can also be preserved longer without undermining quality or freshness. The only downside of White bags is that they don't have an instantaneous flavour release.


Best white portion snus


Best white portion snus brands 2022

If you want to experience the spicy tobacco taste of snus without any of the dripping and salivation, then White Pouches are perfect for you. But which brands are the best? Who creates quality standard snus? Who produces snus for beginners? Who has that dose of extra strong snus?


You'll need the answers to these questions if you want to navigate the steep alleys of snus. Here is our list of Best Snus brands that produce some of those sweet white bags.


Siberia Snus

Siberia is a great snus brand that you'll love if you're after pure strength. This brand does not make products for beginners or even moderately experienced users. The strength of snus from Siberia is beyond fathomable and comprehensible levels. If you're inexperienced, stay away from it.


The best part is that they have tons of White bag products. Some prominent examples are Siberia -80 White Dry and Siberia -80 White Slim. Both of these portions contain enough nicotine to reawaken your senses, like the blue pill from the Matrix.


siberia snus white portion


General Snus

General is a leading producer of smokeless tobacco. General is known for its strong tobacco-flavoured, based on John Boman's revolutionary recipe. General even has different portion formats like slim portions or a discreet snus experience.


General White Portion snus is one product from General that you should try out. It has the distinct flavour of tobacco, bergamot, and hints of tea. You can also taste notes of hay and leather. General Onyx is another fantastic product that we recommend.


general snus white portion


Göteborgs Rapé Snus

Compared to the other brands, Göteborgs Rapé stays true to the class and quality of classic snus. You could call it the Lamborghini Countach of snus brands in car terms. This brand is a famous American snus option. Göteborgs Rapé White was the first official portion of White snuff.


When you place a bag of this product in your mouth, the taste of tobacco will wash over you like a tornado of joy. The quality of their products has improved over the years, and the taste has remained the same. All in all, every snus user needs to try Göteborgs White bags.


Göteborgs rape


Pablo Snus

Pablo is another strong snus brand that is an alternative for those looking for something tobacco-free. However, it is something that beginners should stay away from. Realistically, Pablo is the Ford Mustang of the snus world. This is perhaps one of the strongest tobacco free snus brands in the world. This snus comes with nicotine strengths of 30-50 mg/g. Pop a bag of this and you'll be doing donuts in the sky.


One of their products that we recommend is Pablo X-Ice Cold Super Strong Slim All White. Yes, that is a long name, but a product like this deserves at least that much of an introduction.


It has 30 mg/g packed into each pouch. The nicotine kick from this portion is just as long lasting as the kicks from the other snuffs.


Pablo snus


Skruf Snus

It is one of the few brands that makes snus products for veterans and moderately experienced users. They are also known for their unique and diverse range of snus flavours. If you're a new snus user, you should try this brand.


We recommend using Skruf Tranbar and Slim Fresh White type snus. They have a minty taste and long-lasting release of flavour.


Experienced users may try stronger options with higher nicotine content, like Slim Fresh Ultra Strong White. Try this product only if you like snus with a bit of extra oomph.


skruf white portion


How to use white portion snus

These portions are pre-packaged in pouches/bags. You only need to take a bag and place it under your lip to experience the overwhelming kick of nicotine. Usually, the nicotine washes over you within a minute, but it may take up to two minutes in some cases. The initial rush will make you feel like you're standing on water.


After the initial rush, the effect of nicotine keeps receding. Once the kick ends, you can take the nicotine pouch out. Usually, people keep their bags in for about 30 to 50 minutes.


Swedish Match is the pioneer of White snus. These products are drier and easier to use versions of the Original type of snus. You should definitely try out the products that we've mentioned above. If you want to stick to tobacco-free options, then we've got the best nicotine pouches listed for you.


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