Short expiration date

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Super sale on nicotine pouches and Swedish snus.

Here you will find products with closing up on the expiration date. We cannot sell these products after this date has passed. However, there is nothing wrong with the quality of the products and it is possible to use products in an unopened can long after the expiration date.

The definition of a short date product is 1-2 months for nicotine pouches and 1 month for snus.

This can be a great opportunity to try a new flavor or brand at an unbeatable price!

Snus is usually not stored in any fridges or freezers, nor is there any requirement to do so. At Snusdaddy we always keep the snus refrigerated before it is sent from us as we want the snus to be as fresh as possible when shipped. A best before refers to snus that has been stored at room temperature and that best before is only a recommendation.

Refrigerated snus therefore has a best before date much later than what is stated on the snus boxes as we store our snus in refrigerators.

With that said, you can order these products with the notion that you are ordering great products at a lower price!