Can ZYNs & Nicotine Pouches Cause Gum Disease? (Updated Guide)
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
26 August, 2022

Can ZYNs & Nicotine Pouches Cause Gum Disease? (Updated Guide)

Nicotine, in general, has a debilitating effect on gums. Based on that information alone, nicotine pouches could negatively affect your mouth. The extent of these effects has yet to be discovered, but we can compare them to some of the other studies on the correlation between gum disease and the use of different recreational products.


These are some of the relations that we will be analyzing:

  • Cigarettes and Gums
  • Vaping and Gums
  • Smokeless Tobacco Products and Gums
  • Alternate Nicotine Products and Gums
  • Nicotine Pouches and Gums


Hopefully, by the end, you'll understand the impacts of each category on your dental health.

ZYNs & Nicotine Pouches and Their Effect on Your Gums

Nicotine pouches are relatively recent inventions. The first successful launch of nicotine pouches came in 2018, after which brands like Velo and ZYN popped up. These pouches contain nicotine, a bit of flavor, and nothing else.

Are nicotine pouches bad for your gums? There is no correlation between nicotine pouches and gum disease; nicotine pouches are mostly safe. Maybe there are hidden problems, but for now, no research can link the use of pouches with gum disease or other major health concerns.

Compared to ANPs, Nicotine Pouches are a more effective means of quitting addictions.

viking holding up a can of nicotine pouches as a good replacement for cigarettes and vaping

Side-effects of Nicotine Usage

Let's set some facts straight, all forms of nicotine are addictive and could hurt your health. Nicotine is a stimulant, and it affects the activity of your brain. Constant use of nicotine could lead to undesirable side effects like:


  • Lack of focus (Long-term issue)
  • Insomnia
  • Dry Mouth
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Mood Swings
  • Weight Loss


On the other, nicotine also has the remarkable benefit of making you happier. It's similar to a double-edged sword; if you use it carefully, things will work out. Use it recklessly, and you might lose some fingers and teeth. The benefits of nicotine include:


  • Heightened Mood
  • Increased Blood Pressure (Positive or Negative based on your perspective)
  • More Energy
  • Improved Memory
  • Alertness

Cigarettes and Gums

Do you remember those old cartoons where smokers would have rotten teeth, sunken eyes, and frail bodies? Back then, we didn't pay heed to it, but that stuff can happen to every smoker.

Cigarettes and cigars have high levels of carcinogens (The particles that cause cancer/deformation). When you smoke a cigarette, these carcinogens enter your mouth, throat, lungs, and bloodstream. Slowly, these carcinogens accumulate and cause severe damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. Here are some of the things that could happen to you if you smoke regularly:


  • Throat Cancer: You live and sleep in agony and can't eat anything.
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Your pancreas deforms, leading to a slow death.
  • Lung Cancer: Your lungs fill with infections and pus, leaving you in utter agony every living moment.
  • Oral Cancer: It slowly eats your gums and jaws until you can't even speak properly to the people you love.
  • Diabetes: Smokers are also more prone to diabetes.


Smoking reduces the Oxygen supply in your bloodstream, which means that your gums get less than the required amount of Oxygen. It means your body heals more slowly (Yes, even your mouth). Cigarette use also increases plaque and tartar buildup, leading to gingivitis and gum disease. Here's the bottom line, “Don't smoke if you want to keep your pearly whites.”


In the worst-case scenario, you get an incurable and terminal disease. In the best-case scenario, you heal slowly, damage your heart, and have poor stamina and indigestion. Maybe I sound similar to a “The End of the World is Coming” fearmongering loon, but cigarettes aren't good for you. According to the WHO, well over 8 million people die every year because of cigarettes. The sooner you understand that fact, the fitter you will be.

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Vaping and Gums

Vaping is another creative way of circumventing cigarettes that have become increasingly popular among teenagers. Some people have hailed it as a glorious alternative that allows you to dive into a world of flavors safely. Is it a healthy alternative? No! Truth be told, Vapes are less hazardous to your health than cigarettes, but you won't get away scot-free from vaping.

The Cons of Vaping

When you vape, you inhale pure nicotine into your lungs. Your lungs take a beating and lose functionality; the only difference is that this time it's not because of tobacco. The worst part about vapes is their addictive capability. It's similar to going down a rabbit hole into a world of mango and pineapple-flavored nicotine liquids.


Like cigarettes, vapes will also harm your gums. The different flavorings and chemicals could prove more conducive to plaque and tartar formation. Excessive formation of these compounds could lead to gum recession and other oral health issues. Nicotine pouches are much better than Vaping

viking vaping on a tropical beach

Smokeless Tobacco Products and Gums

Smokeless tobacco refers to different Snuff, Chewing bags, and Dipping Tobacco. These products are derived from tobacco and are used as an alternative to cigarettes in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. You can learn about the composition and history of these products from our Snus guide.

The Cons of Snuff

Snuff portions and pouches are bad for your gums. These smokeless products can give you bad breath, plaque, and some gum issues. However, these products do not cause serious oral health issues compared to vapes and cigarettes.

If you take care of your oral hygiene, your teeth and gums will stay clean and healthy. Snus products are ideal for people who want to quit cigarettes quickly. Furthermore, nicotine pouches like ZYN are better than snus


Alternate Nicotine Products (Anps) And Gum Health

These are more medicinal than recreative. These products include nicotine gum or lozenges. You can use these products to curb tobacco cravings and quit your addictions. They are entirely legal and are often recommended by doctors for victims of different addictions.

The cons of ANPs

ANPs are toted as optimal Nicotine Replacement Therapy options, but research states otherwise. According to research published in Harm Med, only 25.8% of ANPs users successfully quit their tobacco addictions.


Heavy smokers and addicts may have difficulty quitting thanks to ANPs. Nevertheless, these products are perfect and always on the table if you want a tobacco-free alternative to quitting your addiction.


What Should I Use to Quit Smoking?

When we analyze cigarettes VS smokeless tobacco VS pouches, we find that the intensity of the effects caused by nicotine use varies significantly. Naturally, you should use the safest option to quit your addiction. You can find out more from our Guide on How to Stop Smoking Effectively. Here's a simpler version:


  • Consuming cigarettes is like asking for a kiss from death.
  • Snus is a good way of quitting cigarettes, but it has risks.
  • Smokeless nicotine pouches are safer than cigarettes/snus.


The conclusion that we came to is that using nicotine pouches is not as harmful to your dental hygiene as cigarettes. Snus/Snuff is a good option, but you may not like it because it contains tobacco. Nicotine pouches don't do much damage to the gum tissues or other parts of your mouth. You will, however, have to be more careful about your dental hygiene to prevent gum issues while using nicotine pouches.


How to Take Care of Your Oral Health?

To keep diseases out of your mouth; you must take care of your dental hygiene. Even if you're not using nicotine, you still need to keep them clean to save them from different diseases. Here are some tips to prevent gum issues:


  • You should brush your teeth at least two times per day.
  • Floss regularly to keep your teeth free from nasty remnants of food.
  • Eat healthy food, and if you're eating too many sweets, then make sure you brush twice or thrice.
  • Learn everything you need if you've recently done a wisdom extraction and want to use nicotine pouches.
  • Finally, please consider visiting a dentist every few months.

nicotine pouches and gum health example


Conclusion: Can Nicotine Pouches & ZYNs Cause Gum Disease?

Nicotine pouches and gum disease are not correlated like cigarettes, snuff, and other tobacco products are. There are no major studies that can conclusively say that nicotine pouches cause gum disease.

Nevertheless, long time and consistent use of nicotine pouches, could cause gum problems because of the artificial additives. The same applies to sweets and other foods with high-sweet content. Nevertheless, you can avoid these issues if you look after your teeth and follow good dental practices. 

The effects of nicotine pouches on gums are minimal. Overall, we can say that nicotine pouches are safe for your gums and well-being compared to alternatives like cigarettes, vapes, hookahs, and snus. 

That's all for now,

Take Care,