Looking for another way to stop smoking?
16 March, 2022

Looking for another way to stop smoking?

Stop smoking with nicotine pouches?  

Have you decided to stop smoking? Or have you failed to quit every time you try. This may be because you have chosen methods that have led to you being unable to manage your abstinence. When it comes to the success rate of quitting smoking, it's very individual. Some people may throw away their pack of cigarettes and never look at a cigarette again, while others fail despite trying every single method known to man for years. There are many strategies where you go from stopping immediately to slow de-escalations that lasts for months.  

I have no opinion on what is right or what is wrong. However, there is something that has been shown to have a good effect if you want to reduce your smoking and tobacco use significantly. Nicotine pouches have made a breakthrough with full force and have become both trendy and immensely popular. ‎This is a great opportunity for those who want to save their lungs from more damage while preventing abstinence from the lack of nicotine in the body. 

What are nicotine pouches

‎A dear child has many names, they can also be called npods, nicopods or even Swedish snus. They are small bags filled with a powder that contains nicotine and come in various flavorings. The products are placed under the upper lip and in connection with this, the body will absorb the nicotine found in the powder. The advantage of this is that no one around you notices anything or is affected by your nicotine intake. The bags are conveniently placed under your lip and you can have your nicotine cravings satisfied while enjoying flavors of mint, blueberries, watermelon, or whatever you want. Your environment will be satisfied and your lungs will rejoice. 

‎These nicotine pouches are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but countries such as the US, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are the major consumers. Your body avoids both tobacco and smoke, as this is a 100% tobacco-free non-smoking alternative to cigarettes. ‎ 


Stop smoking and follow the trend! 

‎The latest smoke-free alternative to cigarettes is nicopods. If you want to make an effort for your body and your environment, tobacco-free snus is the obvious choice. There are several nicotine pouches to choose from and you can combine flavors and strengths to whatever you want. Order a mix pack online and find your favorite. 

We ship nicotine pouches to the whole world. Pablo snus is one of our absolute bestsellers and also a good option for those who want to reduce their cigarette use. VELO snus is another option that we sell a lot of. Snusdaddy is your obvious choice for snus netherlands or nicotine pouches spain.