On! Vs ZYN Nicotine Pouches: Flavors, Strengths & Ingredients
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
27 May, 2024
6 min

On! Vs ZYN Nicotine Pouches: Flavors, Strengths & Ingredients

ZYN is one of the biggest nicotine pouch brands in the US, while On! is a relatively new brand that promises quality, flavor, and more. We pitched On! vs ZYN to find out which brand offered the best products, flavors, and functionality. 

We also looked at factors like price, ingredients, and ease of use to find the best brand of nicotine pouches. Here's what we gathered in our ZYN vs On! nicotine pouch analysis:

  • ZYN has more diverse flavors compared to On!
  • On! is more affordable compared to ZYN
  • ZYN offers nicotine products for very experienced users
  • Strongest On! pouch has only 6 mg of nicotine per pouch

We'll look at the similarities and differences of these tobacco-free nicotine pouches in more detail below. 

On! vs ZYN Nicotine Pouches Overview

  ZYN Nicotine Pouches On! Nicotine Pouches
Parent Company Swedish Match Helix Innovations LLC
Flavors 12+ 12
Nicotine Strength Range 1.5 to 15 mg 3 to 9 mg
pH 6 to 7 6 to 7
Formats Slim, Mini Dry Mini Dry
Popular Product ZYN Black Cherry On! Mint
Price $4.89 $4.59

On! vs ZYN Ingredients

On! and ZYN are both remarkably similar in terms of ingredients. Both contain tobacco-free nicotine in copious amounts. ZYN synthesizes its nicotine from tobacco plants, while On! makes it entirely in a lab. Apart from this, both ZYN and On! have humectants, filler, flavorings, and other food-grade ingredients.

The ingredients for each flavor vary significantly, with each brand having a unique taste. The pH levels of both brands lie between 6 to 7, with ZYN having a more acidic feel. Both pouches are created with sustainable plant-based fibers, which sit easily under your lips. 

zyn vs on ingredients

On! vs ZYN Flavors

On! offers 12 different flavors, some of which are discontinued and recontinued occasionally. ZYN offers 12+ flavors, with some region-specific flavors that are only available in specific markets. Overall, both brands offer a great array of flavors that taste amazing in several situations.

In terms of overall experience, ZYN flavors are more intense and long-lasting. These flavors also linger in your mouth, leaving a sour, bitter, or sweet taste depending on the product that you've used. On! flavors are milder, but they do last long and feel spectacular. 

Best On and ZYN Flavors

Here are the best On! and ZYN flavors according to popularity:

ZYN Flavors On! Flavors
ZYN Black Cherry Mini Dry On! Mint Strong
ZYN Apple Mint Slim On! Lemon Berry
ZYN Lemon Spritz On! Grapefruit Spritz
ZYN Bellini Mini Dry On! Mint Mild
ZYN Cool Mint On! Tropical Spice
ZYN Spearmint Slim On! Spearmint
ZYN Espressino Mini Dry On! Spicy Margarity
ZYN Cucumber Lime Slim On! Smooth Mint
ZYN Citrus Slim On! Sweet Mint
ZYN Gold Mini Dry On! Coffee

This is a simple unranked list, that we made based on popularity. If you want a more specific list for ZYN, try our best ZYN flavors ranked. Fans of the latter brand can try our best On! nicotine pouch list. 

On! vs ZYN Strengths

ZYN offers nicotine pouches for a wider audience compared to On! nicopods. The nicotine levels in ZYN nicotine pouches varies between 1.5 mg to 15 mg. The 1.5 mg pouches are perfect for new but addicted smokers who want to quit cigarettes or vaping, without being too dependent on nicotine. 

ZYN pouches are divided into different strength categories by the number of dots on the cans. 4 dot cans are strong and only for experienced nicotine users. Most people use ZYN 3mg and 6mg pouches because they are enough to quit cigarettes and tobacco products. 

On! nicotine pouches come in 3, 6, and 9 mg pouches. The 3 mg pouches are for beginners, while the 9 mg pouches are for experienced users who want a more vivid nicotine experience. For further clarity, some nicotine pouches may feel stronger despite a mild nicotine content because of their flavors. 

zyn vs on strengths

Best ZYN and On! Products for Different Users

Here's a quick list of the best ZYN and On! products for different users with varying nicotine tolerances:

Nicotine User Level ZYN On!
Completely New Users ZYN Spearmint 1.5 mg Doesn't have lower than 3 mg pouches
Slightly Experienced Users ZYN Black Cherry 3 mg On! Mint 3 mg
Moderately Experienced Users ZYN Black Cherry 6 mg On! Lemon Berry 6 mg
Experienced Users ZYN Mini Dry Cool Mint 9 mg On! Mint 9 mg
Very Experienced Users ZYN Slim Cool Mint Extra Strong Doesn't offer pouches stronger than 9 mg

If you want a comprehensive list, try our list of the best ZYN pouches for beginners. It includes a complete list of ZYN pouches that offer a safe and enjoyable nicotine experience for new users. c

On! Vs ZYN Formats

One major difference between ZYN and On! is the format. ZYN pouches come in two different formats, Mini Dry and Slim, while On! nicotine pouches only come in a Mini Dry format. Here's the A2A on the different formats:

  • Mini Dry Formats: These pouches are dry and compact compared to the standard and slim format products. These products also have small cans that you can discreetly tuck in your coat or jeans pocket.
  • Slim Formats: These are thin pouches that carry the same energizing punch as standard pouches. You can place these pouches under your upper lip without much problems and no one will notice them.

The dry format pouches also produce less saliva, which makes them much more versatile. The slim format pouches are much more punchy and discreet. 

Which Format Should You Use?

You can use any format that you like based on your specific needs. Both the slim and mini dry formats are great for discreet situations because of their compact size. For more clarity, here's a simple guide to the different formats that you can use:

For Offices or Work Mini Dry or Slim Format
While Travelling Mini Dry or Slim Format
For Home Use Slim Format
For Easy Carrying Mini Dry Format
For a Full-Bodied Experience Slim Format

On! vs ZYN Nicotine Delivery

On! and ZYN have similar nicotine activation processes. When you place the nicotine pouch under your upper lip, the nicotine enters your blood stream through the mucous membranes. It then travels through your body and latches on to the Acetycholine Nicotinic Receptors.

We've covered the whole process of how nicotine pouches work in detail in another guide. Briefly put, your brain releases a number of endorphins, which leads to the elevated feeling called a nicotine buzz.

The difference between the two brands is the rate of the nicotine release and activation time. ZYN pouches have a much quicker nicotine release, which causes a faster nicotine rush. On! nicotine pouches are dry and have a delayed nicotine rush. 

On! vs ZYN Prices

On! nicotine pouches are cheaper than ZYN nicotine pouches. A single can of On! nicotine pouches cost $4.59, while ZYN pouches cost $4.89 per can. Both snus cans contain 20 nicotine pouches, which means you get more value with On! nicotine pouches.

Get Discounts on ZYN and On! Nicotine Pouches

You can get ZYN and On! nicotine pouches at more affordable rates by using special deals and discounts on Snusdaddy. For starters, you can get a discount of up to 25% on a 100-pack of On! or ZYN pouches. You can also get the products for dirt cheap prices in our special offers section.

on vs zyn prices

Our Take on ZYN vs On!

ZYNs and On! are both similar in terms of quality. Both brands offer a wide range of nicotine flavors and concentrations, although ZYN caters to a wider audience compared to On! nicotine pouches. Newbies will have a much easier time using ZYN.

Both of the brands offer a great, smokeless, and tobacco free experience. ZYN is a more popular nicotine pouch brand in the U.S thanks to their early entry and marketing. On! nicotine pouches have yet to make a significant impact in the U.S but is a great and affordable brand. 

You can buy nicotine pouches online from ZYN, On, and other popular brands like VELO from Snusdaddy. We offer the freshest and most affordable prices on the nicotine pouch market. Pick your side in the ZYN vs On! debate and enjoy various flavors today.