Best ZYNs for Beginners: Ranked By Strength & Popularity
Erik Rosengren - Snusexpert
29 April, 2024
7 min

Best ZYNs for Beginners: Ranked By Strength & Popularity

ZYN has a delightful variety of flavors, and each one offers a surreal nicotine and flavor release. Like every thoughtful brand, ZYN differentiates their products by the strength of nicotine pouches. Today, we'll look at the best ZYNs for beginners.

These pouches have a nicotine content between 1 mg and 5 mg. This much nicotine is enough to kick smoking or vaping, without causing problems. We'll look at the ZYN nicotine pouches for beginners and a secret way to get them for lower prices. 

Quick List of Best ZYNs for Beginners

Here's a quick list of the best ZYNs for beginners, their flavors, and strengths:

ZYN Nicotine Pouches Flavor Nicotine Per Pouch
ZYN Black Cherry Cherries, Berries, Vanilla 3 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Spearmint Spearmint, Menthol 1.5 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Bellini Fruit Tea, Peach, Grapes 3 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Citrus Sour Citrus 3 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Apple Mint Apple, Mint 3 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Espressino Roasted Nuts, Coffee 3 mg
ZYN Mini Dry Original No Flavor Only Nicotine 3 mg
ZYN Slim Fresh Mint Spearmint, Peppermint, Menthol 5.6 mg
ZYN Slim Cucumber Lime Lemon, Lime, Cucumber 5.6 mg
ZYN Slim Violet Licorice Licorice, Salmiak, Pepper  5.6 mg

We've listed these pouches based on their nicotine concentration and flavors. We've kept the best ZYN flavors ranked at the top, while the more exotic and selective flavors are at the bottom. 

How Do You Find ZYN Pouches for Beginners?

The best way to find a ZYN pouches for a beginner is to look at the nicotine concentration and your tolerance levels. For example, most ZYN users are seeking tobacco-free alternatives to smoking.

You absorb between 1.5 to 2 mg of nicotine from a cigarette. Ideally, you should look for a ZYN pouch that is around 3 mg of nicotine to keep your cravings at bay.

Other things that you can consider are:

  • Flavor: Having a flavor that you find delicious keeps you engaged and away from cigarettes or other harmful forms of nicotine. 
  • Drip: While most ZYN pouches do not produce saliva, some are a bit messier compared to others. Use mini dry pouches to avoid this.
  • Nicotine Buzz: Mint flavored pouches have a stronger perceived nicotine buzz compared to other pouches. 
  • Aftertaste: Different flavored pouches leave various aftertastes and breaths. Try different pouches to find the right one for you. 

Consider these factors and try out different nicotine experiences. It will help you find the best strength and flavor profile for your needs. 

Quick Note: Look at the Dots

A good way to find a ZYN pouch for beginners is the number of dots on the cans. A can with 2 or 3 filled dots is bearable for beginners. Avoid 4-dot products because they are a bit stronger. 

Best ZYN for Beginners: Based on Strength & Popularity

We took the best ZYN strengths and flavors and ranked them according to their compatibility with beginners.

Here's the complete list of the best ZYNs for beginners:

1. ZYN Black Cherry

ZYN Black Cherry is one of the most popular ZYN flavors, and we highly recommend trying it. This nicotine pouch is the best thing Swedish Match has ever produced. With 3 mg of nicotine per pouch, anyone can use ZYN Black Cherry. 

2. ZYN Mini Dry Spearmint

ZYN Spearmint is one of the best ZYN flavors. This mini dry pouch has only 1.5 mg of nicotine, which makes it perfect for most beginners. The nicotine content is just enough to keep your smoking habits away. 

3. ZYN Mini Dry Bellini

ZYN Bellini is a delightful affair of fruity flavors. The peach adds a bit of sweet & sour goodness, while the grapes add a tangy juiciness. This flavor is smoothened out by a 3 mg nicotine buzz, that's bearable for beginners and experienced users alike. 

4. ZYN Mini Dry Citrus

When you want something sour, try ZYN Mini Dry Citrus. It has a sour but enjoyable taste, that feels unreal and leaves a great aftertaste. The 3 mg nicotine content makes ZYN Citrus perfect for new and experienced nicotine lovers. 

5. ZYN Mini Dry Apple Mint

ZYN Apple Mint is a sweet and fresh combo, that is unlike any other nicotine product in the world. The soothing vibes of apple and the refreshing mint combine into an unreal harmony of flavors. It's a must-have nicopod for 

6. ZYN Mini Dry Espressino

Espressino is the perfect nicotine pouch for coffee lovers. While this pouch is slightly darker than other all-white nicotine products, it still doesn't stain your teeth. The rich creamy flavor and mild nicotine kick makes ZYN Espressino one of the nicotine pouches on the market. 

7. ZYN Mini Dry Original

ZYN Original is the world's first unflavored nicotine product. This unflavored ZYN product offers a pure nicotine buzz, free from all lingering flavors, and after breaths. Ironically, it's a new ZYN flavor and perfect for every nicotine user. 

8. ZYN Slim Fresh Mint

Fans of mint flavors will love this ZYN nicotine pouch. It doesn't create the sharp, uncomfortable sizzle under your lip like other mint flavored pouches. However, it offers the same fresh flavor and pleasant aftertaste. 

9. ZYN Slim Cucumber Lime

Cucumber Lime is a sour and intriguing mix of flavors that's entirely unique to ZYN. It has a lemon flavor with a tart twist, that some people love. We have to admit, the flavor is only for people who have a knack for enjoying something more exotic. 

10. ZYN Slim Violet Licorice

Violet Licorice is the pouch that either feels like a 100 or a 0. This unique ZYN nicotine pouch has the spicy prowess of salmiak and pepper with the fresh, refreshing flavor of mint. It has a nicotine strength of 3mg per pouch. 

How to Use the Best ZYN Pouches as a Beginner

Here's a quick guide on how to use ZYN nicotine pouches as a beginner:

  1. Order your pouches from Snusdaddy at low prices.
  2. Receive your order at your doorstep.
  3. Remove the lid from the can of ZYNs.
  4. Take out a pouch and check for tears.
  5. Place the pouch under your upper lip.
  6. Let the nicotine and flavor take over.
  7. Enjoy for 30 to 45 minutes.
  8. Remove the pouch and throw it into the trash can.

Store the can in a cool, dry place, to keep your nicotine pouches fresh. Always check the pouches for wear and tear to avoid leaking powder and problems. 

Other Notable ZYN Flavors for New ZYN Users

Being a beginner could also imply that you've been using nicotine pouches, but are new to ZYN. In this case, you already have a nicotine tolerance and don't need to worry about nicotine concentrations.

We've made a list of notable ZYN flavors and products for you:

  • ZYN Mini Dry GoldZYN Gold is the world's first tobacco-free nicotine pouch that tastes like tobacco. Snus and dip users will love this pouch because it's safer and has the same taste as their beloved products. 
  • ZYN Cool MintThis nicotine pouch feels like a swab of ice inside your mouth. The flavor is sharp, minty, and utterly exhilarating. It does have a high nicotine content that novices shouldn't try. 

If you have prior nicotine experience, you can try just about any ZYN flavor and product. We'd highly recommend trying ZYN Black Cherry and Bellini. These two taste like heaven and hit like outer space.

Nicotine Pouches to Avoid as a Beginner

Here are some nicotine pouches and brands that you should avoid as a beginner:

  1. Killa: This brand is well known for its strong nicotine concentration. Instead of 6mg, you get more than 30mgs of nicotine per pop. It can easily cause nicotine overdose for a novice.
  2. FEDRS: It's one of the strongest nicotine pouch brands in the world. The average nicotine concentration of FEDRS is around 63mg. It's beyond the standard extra strong pouches, and beginners should definitely avoid it. 
  3. Pablo: This brand is a bit too strong for beginners because the average nicotine strength exceeds 20mg. Brands like ZYN and VELO can't even come close to their strengths. 

Overall, we'd recommend avoiding any nicotine pouch included in our Don't Go There category. We'd also recommend reading up on the difference between ZYN 3mg and 6mg to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Get the Best ZYN for Beginners at Your Doorstep

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